Ever wondered what a YouTube banner is or possible YouTube banner makers out there?

Well, we've got you! A YouTube banner is usually the 1st thing a visitor sees when they visit your YouTube channel. YouTube banners usually stretch out from left to right across a YouTube channel page. They communicate your business personality and brand and give them life through visual representations. YouTube banner makers or YouTube channel art makers are tools that allow you to create these images for your YouTube channel pages. So, whether you're looking to create a banner or channel art that aptly describes your brand goals and objectives, a YouTube banner maker is the best option! Before we delve into the world of YouTube channel art makers, let us first consider what a YouTube channel banner is and then how you can design one for yourself with little to no expertise.

Part 1: What is a YouTube Banner?

Home pages are for websites, cover images for Facebook, and channel art/banner for YouTube! A YouTube banner is an image that defines your brand personality in an instant. These images tend to convey a lot of information about your YouTube channel and what visitors can get from hanging around. They help you make that 1st impression! Some people argue that these images are the most vital part of your channel, so it is indispensable to ensure that your logo, texts, colors, and every other element of your channel art represent your brand in the strongest possible terms.
It is best practice to keep your organization's logo and name at the center of your YouTube banner so that people do not miss out on that. Ensure to keep your supporting texts as short and straight to the point as possible; this is not the time to mumble things. Also, remember that people would be viewing your channel from different screens, including mobile phones, etc. It should help you responsively design your banners. 2560 × 1440 px is the optimal dimension for your YouTube banner. The minimum extent for upload is 2048 x 1152 px, with the file size not exceeding 4MB. You want to make sure that your YouTube channel art displays good image quality even on larger screens.
Let's now look at the top 10 YouTube banner makers of 2021.

Part 2: Top 10 YouTube Banner Makers

If you're considering a YouTube banner maker for your channel page, then any of these top 10 best YouTube channel art makers would do the trick.



This graphic design tool kit offers you a YouTube banner maker free service. With its tools and in-built templates, just anyone can make professional-looking banners within a short time frame. It comes with millions of royalty-free images as well as thousands of fonts and colors to choose from. Just sign up on Canva, browse through the different templates, choose one that suits your style, and go ahead to customize it.

canva youtube banner maker

Source: canva.com



With Venngage YouTube banner maker, you can make a stunning and professional YouTube banner that conveys your brand's image in the strongest possible terms. Anyone can use Venngage because of its user-friendly interface. The tool comes with background templates professionally designed to meet your needs. With Venngage, you can add logos, brand colors, and supporting texts to your YouTube banner. Download this app and have access to thousands of illustrations, stock photos, and icons.

venngage youtube banner maker templates

Source: venngage.com

Even though iMovie is far from being the most powerful video editing app you can use on a Mac, it still enables you to create trailers for a YouTube channel quickly. You don’t even need an advanced set of video editing skills in order to make a Hollywood-like trailer with iMovie.

While creating a new project, you just have to select the Trailer option and then choose the type of trailer you want to create. After you select one out of 14 available templates you can proceed to import the footage create the opening titles or the end credits and name the trailer you’re creating. When done, you can preview the results and export the project in the resolution you choose.


Adobe Spark

With Adobe Spark, you can create custom-looking youtube banners that are attention-grabbing while also telling and promoting your brand story. This YouTube channel art maker offers you the templates you need to make just any YouTube banner, with its fonts, colors, logos, layouts, and illustrations. It is easy for both newbies and pros alike. This YouTube banner maker for free graphic tool allows you to alter themes, layouts, and texts to give you just what you need.

adobe spark youtube banner maker template

Source: adobe.com



This YouTube channel art maker allows you to create YouTube banners with its pool of design options. You do not need to have design skills to use this tool effectively. Its customizable YouTube banner templates make it possible to create a banner that suits your brand voice easily. With multiple styles and themes to choose from, Fotor is just the right YouTube banner maker for you. Just select any of the templates and get started!

fotor youtube banner maker template

Source: fotor.com



With this YouTube channel art maker, you don't necessarily have to start from scratch to create compelling YouTube banners. Pick any one of the in-built templates, customize and create your own unique YouTube banner. One exciting feature of Creatopy is that it has choices of many different typographies presets. It also comes with a host of high-quality stock images that you can add to give your YouTube banner that pro look.

creatopy youtube banner maker template

Source: creatopy.com



This YouTube banner maker for free tool equips you with many design options to create that fantastic YouTube banner. You can choose to use any of the YouTube banner templates, professionally designed to suit different brand messages. Visme YouTube channel art maker allows you to upload and customize images from your local media library. You can change fonts, colors, shapes, icons, and design arts while using this YouTube banner maker.

visme youtube banner maker

Source: visme.com



With PicMonkey YouTube banner maker for free tool, you can create a suitable YouTube banner for your organization and tell your brand story effortlessly. You can readily use its free graphics, text effects, and templates to make a YouTube banner in simple steps. This channel art maker allows you to replace template photos with yours as well as customize texts. What is more? It also comes with stock videos, and you can easily export your banner to different platforms.

picmonkey youtube banner maker

Source: picmoney.com



The simple YouTube banner maker allows you to make YouTube channel arts in just a few clicks. Biteable has many templates, colors, font styles, and themes that you can work around to create engaging YouTube banners. It is simple yokes and allows list anyone to make a good impression with their YouTube banners. Biteable offers you a YouTube banner maker for free service, so you don't have to bother about hidden charges.

biteable youtube banner maker

Source: biteable.com



This simple yet powerful YouTube banner maker free tool is one with which you can create trendy YouTube banners in just simple steps. And yes, it is entirely free. With over 25000 professionally designed templates, Crello presents itself as an incredible youtube channel art maker. Its simple to use drag-and-drop technology feature makes it even easier and faster for just anyone to use. You don't need to be a graphics designer to be able to use this YouTube banner maker.

crello youtube banner maker

Source: crello.com



With Befunky, you can create eye-catching YouTube banners in elementary steps. With its customizable YouTube banner templates, you can make your channel arts look professional and engaging. This YouTube channel art maker is fun and straightforward to use as you can experiment with the different texts, fonts, and colors while trying which best suits your brand's theme. Its simple drag-and-drop feature and over a million stock photos mean that an impressive-looking Youtube banner is just a few clicks away.

befunky youtube channel art maker

Source: befunky.com

Part 3: Tips to Make a Stunning YouTube Banner

Let's now briefly consider some tips to bear in mind to make a good YouTube banner:

  1. Ensure that the vital branding elements such as logos, headlines, and taglines be in the center.

    vital branding element yt banner

  2. Keep your design elements at a minimal level. Be simply simple!
  3. Your banner should be consistent with your brand's theme.
  4. Include a tagline that is short and apt!
  5. Use the right font size, style, and color.
  6. Avoid the use of images with low quality and resolution.


Now that you know what a YouTube banner is and how you can make one, you should seriously be considering making one for yourself, if you haven't any, or making some adjustments to yours. Thus, with today's write-up, we hope you can now make informed choices when you need to settle for a YouTube banner maker.