The world of social networking has grown immensely due to the invention of several social networking applications where users can make and upload all types of videos and photos. In recent times, Vimeo video downloader has become one of the best streaming sites that provide a wonderful interface for the users to upload and download all types of videos and photos. However, there are many types of applications that you can use to create and upload or download Vimeo private video from the streaming site. In this short article, you will get to know about the best Vimeo video downloader as well as how to use Vimeo video downloader online.

Part 1: Best 3 Vimeo Downloaders for Your PC

If you want a simple yet useful downloader for downloading all types of Vimeo videos, then your best option is downloading the All video downloader. It is an excellent private Vimeo video downloader that has wonderful features of accessing content from many types of sources including Vimeo. You can stream and watch as well as download the videos from the Vimeo network and download them easily in multiple formats. Moreover, the time taken for downloading a file of medium size is super fast if you have a steady internet connection. Further, there is also another wonderful file sorting option in the downloader. You can sort and organize all your files and videos and save them accordingly for easy access using this video Vimeo downloader.


Freemake Video Downloader

If you are looking for a Vimeo video downloader that works, the best on any computer or laptop then look no further and download the Freemake video downloader. It has been in the market for several years and millions of people regularly use the app to download videos from Vimeo. The private Vimeo video downloader can not only download Vimeo videos and it can access and download videos from around 10000 sites easily. Moreover, you can download the videos in any format including high definition, and play them on all types of devices including smartphones.

freemake vimeo video downloader



If you are new to the world of Vimeo and are not accustomed to using lots of digital applications, then YTD is the perfect Vimeo downloader for you. It has the easiest user interface and any person can easily use the app to access Vimeo and download any video they want. One special feature of YTD is that it allows the users to create playlists to store videos on many types of mobile devices like iPhones and Kindle. You can download the videos in several formats like .mp4, .mov, .mp3, .wmv as well as .avi. There is also an in-built video player for this app where you can play instantly all the videos that you have downloaded on your device.

Part 2: Top 3 Vimeo Video Downloaders Online



If you are tired of downloading multiple apps on your computer or mobile phone and want to use an online Vimeo video downloader then you can simply use the brilliant website called savethevideo.com. You can use this Vimeo video downloader online to download videos from Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, and many other sites. If you want to download any video then you just have to go to the downloader website and enter the link of the website or video that you want to download. You can also edit or crop the video before it downloads and after it finishes downloading you will get the link that you can use to save the video on your computer or mobile.

savethevideo vimeo downloader



If you want to download any Vimeo video using an online Vimeo video downloader in mp4 format, then you can try savevideo.me as it instantly gets the link to any Vimeo video files. You just have to enter the URL of the video you want to download and savevideo.me will find out the direct download link for the video. This Vimeo video downloader online also lets you download videos from other social sites like Facebook videos, Dailymotion, and lots more.



The KeepVid is an online private Vimeo video downloader that can download videos and audio from more than 9000 websites. You just have to find the URL of the video and enter it in this Vimeo video downloader online and the app will do the rest. You can save the videos in multiple file formats and you can also specify the video quality in this Vimeo video downloader online before the downloading starts.

private vimeo video downloader

Part 3: Best 3 Vimeo Video Downloader Extensions

If you want to use a Vimeo video downloader extension, then you can try the video downloader for Vimeo as it simply adds a download button to the Vimeo videos. This is a great Vimeo downloader extension that is simple yet super effective. You do not have to go to any lengths to download any extra app and the extension lets you download any video from Video with just a single click.


Simple Vimeo Downloader

If you want to download Vimeo private video easily then just add the extension of Simple Vimeo Downloader to your internet browser and the application will let you download any Vimeo video. You can also use this private Vimeo video downloader to download the videos in multiple formats. If you see several download options besides the same video on Vimeo then it means the videos are of different qualities.


Video Downloader Professional

If you are an avid Vimeo user, then you need a good Vimeo downloader extension that can quickly download all types of videos and video downloader professional is one such app that allows quick downloads. You can use the application to download Vimeo private video in any format you want as the app can convert your video after downloading. You can also utilize this private Vimeo video downloader extension to save the videos to watch while in offline mode.

vimeo video downloader extension

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Part 4: How to Download Vimeo Private Videos?

Many people do not use any trusted private Vimeo video downloader and instead, they use all kinds of spam downloaders that cause lots of problems in the computer or mobiles. There is a spam Vimeo video downloader online and if you use them then your computer can get infected with viruses that can corrupt important data on your computer. So, you should always use a trusted private Vimeo video downloader so that you will not have to face any virus or security problems. If you want to download Vimeo private video, then you can follow these steps:

download vimeo private video

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  • Select the inspect option from the Vimeo webpage.
  • Select the sources option and find the numbered file which consists of 9 digits.
  • Enlarge the player.vimeo.com and the video page.
  • Then simply right-click on the given link and use the Save option to save the file as .txt.
  • After that, you have to search for the video quality that you want and enter the URL that ends with the .mp4 format.
  • Paste the link on your internet browser and after that use the save video option.
  • The video will be downloaded on your computer or mobile storage.


So, you can use the listed Vimeo Downloader to download any video from Vimeo without any trouble. You will find Vimeo video downloader online and several Vimeo downloader extensions that do not need any extra storage space on your computer or mobile and you can use them if you are short on storage space. Thus, use the above-mentioned Vimeo downloader and download any video that you want from Vimeo.