Whether it’s WhatsApp or any other social media platform stickers, they play a significant role in communication. It multiplies the joy of communicating with your loved ones innovatively. Yes, it will be super creative and exciting to make custom animated stickers for WhatsApp by yourself. It is what this guide is going to discuss in different sections.

Stay tuned and know several ways of making video stickers for WhatsApp quickly!

Part 1: How to Create Custom Animated WhatsApp Stickers?

Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial to create custom animated stickers for WhatsApp. The steps let you complete the journey by saving the file in the last.

Without further ado, let's begin with Step 1! Ensure you have two smartphone devices before you get started.

Step 1: Find the sticker content and convert it into a sticker format.

Firstly, you have to find the content you want to make a sticker of. This content can be in the format of GIF, WebP, or an MP4 file.

Then, visit this site https://ezgif.com/webp-maker to upload your GIF and convert it into sticker format. So, hit the Upload button and check the ‘Don’t Stack Frames’ tab if your GIF contains a transparent background, as in this case. Then, hit the Make WebP tab as shown below.

convert video sticker whatsapp

Please scroll below and hit the Resize Image tab to enter their Width and Height as 512.

video stickers resize image

Then, hit Resize Image to confirm. Right-click the GIF image and save it. Copy this image to your phone. On the other hand, you can merely long-press and download the image if you have used the mobile device itself.

Step 2: Ask your friend or send a WhatsApp sticker from another phone.

Now, you are required to ask your friend to send a WhatsApp sticker on your phone that you don’t already have. You can also do it from another phone.

Step 3: Replace recent sticker file with new sticker file

For this purpose, open File Manager on your recent phone. Go to Storage and open WhatsApp Media> WhatsApp Stickers. Sort all the sticker files by date so that the recent one comes on top.

Long-press the sticker file and click ‘Rename’ to copy the entire name.

replace video stickers

Then, find your custom animated sticker and rename the file with the text you have just copied.

Copy this custom sticker and paste it to WhatsApp Media> WhatsApp Stickers.

Step 4: Close WhatsApp and clear cache

Close WhatsApp from the background. Long-press the app and select ‘App Info’ to ‘Clear Cache.'

close whatsapp clear cache

Step 5: Save the new sticker

Open the WhatsApp conversation with your friend. You can now see that the updated previous sticker with the latest custom animated stickers for WhatsApp. You can add it to Favorites now to send to other conversations.

Part 2: How to Convert Video to WhatsApp Stickers?

Here are simple steps to convert video to WhatsApp stickers!

Step 1: Find MP4 video to convert to animated stickers for WhatsApp.

Firstly, you have to locate the MP4 video in your phone’s internal storage to convert it to animated stickers for WhatsApp.

Step 2: Convert to WebP

Visit the official site https://ezgif.com/webp-maker and upload this MP4 media there.

Tap Upload Video when done and then click Convert to WebP.

convert stickers to webp

At last, you need to save and download the file to your mobile device.

Step 3: Replace it with any other animated WhatsApp sticker.

Copy the downloaded stickers file to WhatsApp Media> WhatsApp Stickers on your mobile device. After you paste the sticker into WhatsApp Stickers, copy the name of any other animated sticker file. Then, delete the sticker file, the name of which you have just copied.

Paste this name into the Rename tab of your custom animated sticker.

replace animated whatsapp sticker

Wherever the deleted sticker file is used, you can see the update with the newly made custom animated stickers for WhatsApp. You can add it to favorites as well.

Part 3: How to Import Stickers to WhatsApp without Third-Party Tools?

Well, you really can’t import stickers to WhatsApp without using any of the third-party tools. Even while creating video stickers for WhatsApp or animated stickers for WhatsApp, you have to visit the GIF maker website EZGIF.

Even if you go to WhatsApp, you have to import additional stickers from Google Play Store. Let’s review how the process looks below!

Open WhatsApp and head to Stickers as given below.

open whatsapp sticker

Click the + icon given at the top-right corner of the Stickers menu. Scroll up to the end in the All Stickers tab. There, you can see the Get More Stickers with the Google Play icon.

get more whatsapp stickers

As you click the tab, you will get directed to different animated sticker apps on Google Play Store. So, there is no way to import without using a third-party tool.

Yet, you can create your video stickers for WhatsApp, as already discussed in the above sections. And, there is one more memorable way to add stickers to video with innovative editing software. The following section talks about that!

Bonus Tips: Add Stickers to Videos Easily with Filmii

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It's now super easy to unleash your creativity by adding versatile stickers to a video. You can convert these hand-made videos further to animated stickers for WhatsApp using the procedures mentioned above.

So, let's reveal the secret of doing so with the most intelligent video editing software by Wondershare. It's none other than Wondershare Filmii, made explicitly for young-blooded and enthusiastic content creators. This Windows-compatible software is quite interesting with a minimalistic user interface. It is further known to quickly edit videos using inbuilt innovative templates containing funny and other versatile stickers. It includes every professional video editing element that you need for stunning project creation.

Given below are vital specs of Wondershare Filmii worth considering.

Key Features of Wondershare Filmii

  • Smart User Interface

Due to the quick and location of editing tools, we call it one of the most innovative video editors by Wondershare.

  • Smart Video Templates

Don’t have the time to undertake long editing? Use Filmii’s innovative video templates and edit your project on Auto-Creation Mode.

  • Advanced Editing Mode

You can manually edit video projects using its advanced editing timeline mode containing various tools defined as follows.

  • Audio
  • Titles
  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Stickers

Let's review its stickers in a bit of detail to create your video stickers for WhatsApp!

  • Stickers

Not just 1, but you have 15+ categories of stickers readily available within the software. It has various types, including Travel, City, Props, Cartoon, Pets, Nature, Hand-Drawn, etc.

For your reference, we have edited a video using at most three sticker elements, as shown below.

filmii video stickers


Thus, this was all about the addition of video stickers for WhatsApp. We have discussed almost every way to create animated stickers for WhatsApp, including the video editing manner with Wondershare Filmii. Also, your query of importing stickers to WhatsApp without third-party tools is solved.