A Twitch live streamer must have considered the significance of the overlay, for the excellent overlay graphics will assist you in defining your personality and standing out from the competition.

Yet, sometimes you don't know how to do twitch overlay or can't find the best twitch overlay makers. In this scenario, you can make your overlays more intuitive to help you stand out from the competition. Then you will require the best Twitch overlay creators.

Don't worry! In this guidepost, we have found the eight best Twitch stream overlay makers, which allows you to make free Twitch streaming overlay.

Part 1: What is a Twitch Overlay?

A Twitch overlay includes various graphics that show along with your gameplay footage during a stream. Typical examples include bar or ticker overlays, webcam frames, stream screens, stream alerts, transitions (or stingers), event lists, and more.

Generally, a stream overlay is a transparent (PNG) image laid on top of Livestream game content. These graphics are located around the screen edges. However, the exact positioning of twitch overlay will always depend on your stream's specific layout and the game you are playing.

Part 2: 8 Best Twitch Overlay Creators

Want to make a professional twitch overlay? Here are the eight best twitch overlay makers to help you craft a fantastic overlay that best suits your gaming live streams.

nerd or die

Nerd or Die's superior overlay maker is only available within the StreamLabs application. So, if you're not using StreamLabs, you'll have to use one of the other incredible programs on this list to make your overlay.

The tool is super easy and great to use. Whether you're an experienced or beginner streamer, you will be fine using their Twitch overlay maker. Everything is fully personalized if making sure the elements of your stream overlay suit your brand.


  • Various gaming compatible overlays for different social platforms.
  • Custom designs, free products, along with the tutorials.
  • Lots of inbuilt Twitch overlay templates.
  • Free twitch alerts, widgets, panels, stream deck icon packs, and more.
  • Exclusive social media popup animation.

adobe spark

Adobe Spark is a recent app for the Adobe team that makes gorgeous, immersive one-page websites easy and the best graphic designing.

While initially intended to activate the creation of high-quality and magazine-style web stories, these single-page creations can easily be used as a separate website. Adobe Spark also comes packed with a social media graphics creator and a great platform to produce amazing animated videos. When creating graphics with Adobe Spark, you add your text, pick your image, and choose the design filters so that your final picture or overlay catches your visitors' eyes.


  • Lots of professional graphic designing templates.
  • Free templates for logos and Twitch banners.
  • Inbuilt text editor with a variety of design filters.
  • Fully customizable, editable, and shareable templates.
  • Simple yet easy-to-use blank canvas editor.


If you are an incredible gamer, you will most likely be noticed while you are broadcasting! Even when you are just a fresher, you can brand your channel like a pro right from the beginning. Have your design stand out by showing your custom edits as well as a fantastic Twitch overlay! You can customize your account using the Twitch Overlay Maker tool and Placeit's online design templates, all on a budget! You're only required to select the Twitch Overlay that best matches your streaming personality and style.


  • Tons of Streams overlay maker
  • Fully customizable designs with colors and text editing elements.
  • Downloadable twitch templates.
  • High-quality design and layout elements.
  • Reasonable monthly subscription offer.

If you aren't a graphic designer and want to find an ideal way of creating your overlay template, then Stream Maker could be perfect for you. The interface couldn't be most accessible. However, you only need to follow the steps, and in a few clicks, you'll have a great-looking twitch stream overlay.

The overlay's end quality is quite remarkable for such a simple platform, but it has to be said that there are a finite number of templates available.


  • Simple tool to create fully custom graphic design templates.
  • Stream overlay maker with various configurable themes.
  • Fast, responsive, accountable, and reasonable graphics.
  • Wait screens, planning, banners, and more to enhance your twitch overlay.
  • Easy, an intuitive tool with drag-and-drop selection mechanism.


Strexm was available with only one primary goal in mind: to make streaming more beautiful and accessible. Creating stunning graphics consumes time, money, and creative touch. , not everyone has that; thus, Strexm is a free and pioneering platform that helps you choose from a vast bundle of designs and manage them through a single, simple, intuitive, and online dashboard. You can even conceal the elements you don't want and edit your stream without the requirement of any graphics software.


  • Handcrafted, beautiful, optimized creative overlays as per your brand.
  • Entirely modular with a bundle of elements that are simple to use.
  • Dynamic streaming content with accessible online content.
  • Selection of overlays that suits best your gaming live stream channels.
  • Various presets for different social media platforms.



OWN3D Pro is a one-stop solution for Streamers and provides the opportunity for OBS users to enter a creative world of high-end Alerts and Overlays. Along with this, the free Designs and alerts, for a small fee, you gain access to around 200 plus products. This helps you customize your stream more than ever before and shock your community with designs that suit your mood, game, or even the year of the season.


  • Access to 300+ alerts and overlays for OBS.
  • One-tap installation program mechanism.
  • High-quality alerts and designs.
  • A reasonable subscription fee to get access to their 200+ products.
  • 24/7 Friendly Customer Support.


StreamLabs is a free desktop streaming application designed for professional streamers. It consists of hundreds of free design elements and themes you can install directly into your editor with a single click. You can choose from both animated and static themes.

You can rapidly sort by features such as theme color, included scenes (Be Right Back, Offline, Live, and Stream Sharing, and theme categories (such as action, first-person shooter, simulation, sports, and more).


  • Simple & Feature-packed streaming software for various social channels.
  • Personalized streams with professional overlay elements.
  • 46+ more apps to enhance your twitch streams.
  • Bundle of tools for logo vector assets.
  • 100+ fully customizable themes.

Ovrstream is another great stream overlay maker, animated alert, overlay, and graphics desktop app that provides free animated scenes and Twitch overlays (followers, webcam frame, host alert, BRB screens, and more).

The Ovrstream platform is a bit complex than some other platforms on this list, but it does provide some great options and functionality to create your streams as best, so it's worth your time getting to use the tool.


  • 3D animations and motion graphics for your twitch stream overlays.
  • Editable and adjustable elements that matches your channel vibe.
  • Automatic display of Twitch alerts for twitch subscriptions, followers, and hosts.
  • Alerts automation for Streamlabs donation, twitch cheers, and chat triggers.
  • 130+ transitions and effects from their inbuilt stock media library.

Part 3: Best Twitch Overlays to Learn From

Unable to decide on the specifics of twitch overlay makers? Here is a brief list of some best twitch overlay designs by twitch overlay creators you can check for now as a reference!


No Man's Sky Overlay

no mans sky overlay

No Man's Sky Overlay Theme MegaPack was initially designed for the stream No Man's Sky. The download displays .png files that can be inside of your video or streaming production software.


Dark Matter

The Dark Matter overlay is another astounding Strexm's typical ranges. It features a black and red color scheme that doesn't consume too much of your valuable window space while using a playful font, which, although the casual look, is easy to read.



orbitron overlay

The Orbitron design features resplendent with a red and gray color scheme. It features modular elements, making it very easy to personify the free Twitch overlay however you like.


Bitter Jungle

As its name suggests, Bitter Jungle is a green-themed overlay design taken from their full-stream bundle. There is enough space to add your streamer's name, as well as areas for thanking your recent donations and followers.



fuskare overlay

Fuskare is packed with a mix of social media headers, anime headers, free twitch overlays, and Valorant headers.

Yes, Fuskare is just one of many graphic designers and twitch overlay creators who have designed these beautiful and free Twitch overlays.


The list consists of some free options, more high-tech options, and everything in between, so we're sure one of the elements will offer what you need for your twitch stream.

Enjoy designing! Oh, and if you have any queries, comments, or have more recommendations for other remarkable stream overlay makers, leave a comment below!