No matter what niche you find yourself operating in, be it a more long-term commitment or a mere hobby, your name is often the essential thing people notice. Streaming games on Twitch is not unlike.

Making a solid Twitch following, like everything else, needs pushing out attractive and compelling content almost regularly. And if you're a fresher, perhaps a Twitchname generator can help.

Currently, there are around 9.2 million-plus Twitch active streamers.

How is another streamer going to stand out? – you might wonder.

Going up with a unique name can be challenging, especially if you fight with brainstorming new content ideas.

To that end, we'll list and review the Top 10 Twitch username generators that you can consider in 2021. To top it off, we'll also list extra free resources to strengthen your Twitch strategy further.

Part 1: Top 10 Twitch Name Generators

Experts reveal that Twitch's name plays an essential role in the overall growth of the channel. Hence, it is necessary to search for a good Twitch name online. Given below are the top 10 Twitch streamer name generators you can try out for best in 2021.

1 – Screen Name Generator

This screen name generator works by showing adjectives. You will add the words/names to the end or at the beginning of the adjective. We found this a very efficient way to generate great Twitch usernames because you can select names/words that define yourself and then produce adjectives until you obtain the perfect adjective to explain the name/word you have chosen. For instance, you could add your name to this Twitch username generator and produce names like MagnificentMike or MellowMike if your name is Mike.


  • Works with adjectives
  • Easy to use
  • Fast

2 – Name Generator Fun

name generator fun

Need a different approach in your life? Need a unique name for Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube? Then make an edgy new alias with this streamer name generator! It is excellent for making awesome screen names that will grasp the attention and summon up a sense of badass, punky style. So, if you're gaming, hanging out on social media, or just focusing on beginning a new YouTube channel, we can offer you what you are required to stand out from the crowd.


  • Great user interface
  • For various social channels
  • Different styles

3 – Cool Twitch Name Generator

cool twitch name generator

This Twitch name generator can produce cool names for Twitch. Almost every social media needs us to suggest a username or nickname. An ideal username or nickname can help you develop into more famous, specifically crucial for personal media such as YouTube or Facebook platforms.

A good nickname should apply to what you want to act. So, when someone sees your username and gets some info you want to express, the username is thriving.


  • For various other social channels
  • Easy user interface
  • With required info

4 – Spin – Xo


This intelligent Twitch name generator lets you make lots of customized name ideas. Over random name ideas enable you to produce social media handles based on your nickname or mere name or any words you use to define yourself or what you consider.

Linked keywords are added unless you check the Exact Words option. To produce fun names, be sure to try out the Rhyming Words aspect once you've put in some name ideas. Enter the Spin button as many times as you would like to make a unique set of random names.


  • Random name ideas
  • Spin mechanism
  • Based on nicknames also

5 – Rum & Monkey

rum and monkey

Rum and Monkey were introduced back in 2002 and have since developed into a famous site for visitors to search out what they would be known as a vampire, a secret ninja, a superhero, and the list goes continues! Rum and Monkey also provide fun quizzes, humorous and peculiar videos, and ridiculous anecdotes.

Enjoy navigating your new section, and feel free to connect with your quiz results and amusing articles with your mates!


  • Fast and responsive
  • Simple to use
  • Various styles

6 – Fantasy Meme Generators

Few people haven't heard of Fantasy Name Generator, the particularly famous generator released in 2009 as a bit of indie game, and sustained to conquer this niche across genres and platforms. Today it lies at the top of the most sold place of all time with 176 million sold copies, 6 million more than Tetris, which puts the 66 million more than GTA V and number 2 spot, who has the number 3 spot (as of May 2019).


  • Based on fantasy
  • Popular
  • Easy to use

7 – GeneratorMix


Twitch is a famous place for gamers to live stream their gameplay. However, it has 15 million-plus active users, which means it can be risky to find a good name.

With this best Twitch name generator, your username cannot be longer than 25 characters letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 with the exemption of underscores.


  • Famous
  • Easy user interface
  • Fast generation

8 – Jimpix

A regular random username generator lets you produce lists of usernames made up of words chosen from the categories list.

Yet, most of the time, folks need a unique username, which means something to them.

With this program, enter your word, select from the list of categories to generate usernames built of your typed and random words from the username category you have chosen- or choose any random word if you set the type to Random Category.


  • Random name generation
  • Based on nicknames also
  • Fast generation

9 – NGenerators

NGenerator can produce fantastic twitch names. However, several Twitch names are available in this program; you can get a lot of ideas.

In this generator, you will search for some tips on selecting the best names and the famous sources that can assist you in producing a name for your Twitch channel.

This generator provides many twitch names, which are interesting, cool, and unique. It's simple to find the right one but refresh to get unique Twitch ideas if you don't.


  • Fantastic names production
  • Based on the selection mechanism
  • Also include tips

10 – Online Name Generator

This name generator is a one-person hobby project that began ten years ago.

Now, I have established time to modernize and update both the name generators and the entire tech behind them.

The online name generators are dependent upon a keep it simple philosophy from the intuitive user interface and one-click name generation to the vanilla JavaScript laying underneath. It further makes it easy for users to use and maintain.

The basis of it all is, of course, to offer some cool and fun and cool nicknames for your online life.


  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Easy to generate funny names

Part 2: Tips to Choose the Best Twitch Name

Crafting an eye-catchy name for viewers' minds is the first step in being a popular Twitch streamer. So, let's begin to make a cool Twitch name before we start streaming with the following Twitch name ideas.

1 – Make it an ideal length

When we consider the length of the Twitch channel name, the very utmost factor to make sure is that it must be easy to say, short, and concise. You can go through the list of inactive names released by Twitch to ensure that you've selected a good name.

2 – Be Creative & Personal

If you do not have a cool name for Twitch, try making a name linking with your things, rather than making a variation of an already present Twitch username. You can also use it with your favorite car, pent name, hobbies etc.

3 – Check the Trends

It is not ideal for making usernames as per current trends because they may fade away with time. The outdated names can let your business fall in the future. Instead, it is better to go with culture and tradition and continue with something to preserve its notion for years ahead.

4 – Be Original

Once you have selected a Twitch name, make sure that it hasn't been utilized by any other Twitch broadcasters or related online platforms. Being exclusive is very vital if you wish to overcome heights.

5 – Avoid Numeric Symbols

Try your best not to use quantitative symbols in the name. Numeric characters are difficult to remember and diminish the sense of originality. Even if you are using numbers, ensure that you use them in a manner that is easy and eye-catching to memorize.

Part 3: How to Edit Twitch Video

Wondershare Filmii, as the name signifies, is one of the most commanding video editing software from Wondershare and across the creative niche industry overall. It is packed with advanced features and add-ons that you can download or expand from Wondershare's database. The Wondershare Filmii is our first best recommendation to edit your Twitch channel content. This sister brand of Wondershare Filmora is made especially for beginner-level video editors. Even though the editor doesn't need a high learning curve, its editing area is impressive with original and ready-to-use video editing templates.

Filmii Video Editor

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Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  • Inbuilt fully editable video editing templates
  • A custom title editing process
  • Advanced timeline editor
  • Automated editing with Auto-Create
  • Different presets for social media platforms


So, among this massive list of Twitch name generators, you can select anyone that matches your vibe. Most of these websites can produce new and attractive usernames for your Twitch channel. You can prefer to choose something that can symbolize your brand for years. These Twitch username generators are helpful for all those interested in making a bright future in online game streaming.