TikTok is now ruling social media with more than a billion downloads so far. Earlier, it was just an excellent application for youngsters, but later it got extended to support business. This platform has improved so much that the audience keeps increasing. So, with all these benefits in place, we will provide you the best TikTok ideas for beginners and business people to grow followers and boost your business.

Part 1: Top TikTok Ideas for Beginners

If you are new to TikTok and wanted to become famous with more followers, then look at our top TikTok ideas for beginners, which will help you achieve your goal.

1. Social Media Challenge

You could find prevalent challenges rolling on TikTok, one of which was the "Up" challenge. Of course, doing a popular challenge will eventually lead you to get more likes and followers, and it is a good Tiktok idea to go viral. If not, you could create your challenge, hoping that it goes viral.

social media challenge

2. Imitation of Songs

Lip syncing of popular videos and pulling out an act that projects your acting skills will get you a lot of views. Also, recreating a scene from the original video will be an add-on to increase your views and followers.

3. Dialogue Reenactments

Just as like lip-syncing for songs, you could do the same with famous movie dialogue. The comedic side of exposing the conversation is one of the funny TikTok ideas which will grab attention.

4. Life in Quarantine

As the whole world went under lockdown, many were affected by mental illness due to the pandemic. Sharing your daily routine in a pandemic will help those affected people to overcome it.

5. Videos Based on Trending Hashtags

If doing what others have done is not your style, then create a video with your skills relating to the Hashtags, which is in trend. It eventually will lead you to get more views and likes, and followers.

hashtag challenge

6. Science Experiments

Loved participating in a science exhibition with your invention? Then try recreating the same experiment to share in TikTok, which those with the same interest will like.

7. Makeover Videos

As the name says, makeover videos like tying up hair with different styles, wardrobe change, applying makeup, or something else. Among the trending videos, this style can be one of the best Tiktok ideas for beginners.

8. Workout Videos

As showcasing your interests will increase likes in TikTok, uploading your secret to maintain fitness could drag more followers towards you. So, your workout videos will be streaming throughout as it is always in trend.

9. Freeze-frame Videos

Freeze-frame videos have gained popularity recently in TikTok, wherein you can freeze the action and use it as a background to enhance your video's creativity. This idea can help you project your creativity and gain popularity.

10. Dance Videos

Many dance videos can be found in TikTok, as dancers use this platform to showcase their talents and moves. If you are one among them, create a video with simple steps and trending music background.

dance videos

11. Videos of your Daily Life

You can post small videos about what is happening in your life. These types of videos are called vlogs. For example, you can post your hobbies, the way you carry out your life, and much more.

12. Satisfying videos

Another trending style of the TikTok video is a satisfying video. Examples of lovely videos are the flowing of colors across a whiteboard, random cake or clay cutting videos, etc.

13. Cutting videos

One of TikTok video ideas involves posting different styles of vegetable/fruit cutting videos. These videos teach viewers techniques that are satisfying to watch.

14. Collaborating videos

These types of videos help you to collaborate with influencers. In addition, you can attract the followers of the influencer as well if they agree to be featured in your videos.

15. Tutorials

Tutorial videos are more prevalent on all social platforms. Tutorials are short videos showing all steps of a process. For example, tutorials can be about makeup, art, and craft, etc.

Part 2: TikTok Video Ideas for Small Business

If you want to use this social media platform as entertainment and gain money out of it, then good TikTok ideas to go viral are displayed here.

1. Introduce Yourself

The very first TikTok video for launching your small business is to introduce yourself. In it, share your name, fun facts about yourself, and a little note on your business that will let people know about you.

2. Workspace Tour

Well, your customers may want to know your workplace to see where their products are being produced. It could be your home, a retail place, a table where you create your art or a workspace where you make the products.

3. Success Story

Now you can share your achievement as a company or any accomplishment that you are proud of. In addition, it gives a sense of trust to your customers and leads you to lure more customers.

4. Meet the Team

If it is not only you who is working, then introduce your team who help you to create products to keep your business running. Your team could be your family, or friends, or the ones who helped you to take the initiative.

5. About Your Business Name

You'll have a business name that will brand your products. Coming up with the company's name can have a small story behind it. So why not share it with your customers? You can share the meaning of the company name along with the background information.

6. Community Service

You might be interested in supporting your local community apart from doing business. You can share what you are doing to help your local community help your customers understand your passion.

7. Packaging Orders

Some common TikTok video ideas include sharing how you pack your orders. Customers may love to see the packaging stage, and you can impress people to bag more orders.

8. Organizing Inventory

Inventory is inevitable in a product-based business. So, you can brag a little bit about how you store your list. This move can also inspire other business people to become your potential customers.

9. Your Inspiration

Sharing your inspiration with your customers is another good TikTok idea to go viral. Your inspiration can be another business owner, family or society, and much more. Share your reason for starting this business and why you want to keep going.

10. Product Displays

If you have products in your physical location, share a display of your products. Sharing this display will impress your customers, an excellent idea for baking, boutique collection, or jewelry businesses.

product displays

Part 3: TikTok Account Ideas Without Showing Face

Wanted to know TikTok account ideas without showing face? Then here's a list of few ideas which could make you viral without revealing your identity.

1. Unboxing and Product Review

Buying technological gadgets or any other products by online shopping and unboxing them to display their look can be posted in TikTok. You could also comment on its features and working ability.

2. Drawing Tips

Artists can post clips to draw a simple picture that is the best trick or Tiktok account idea without showing face. You could also post the materials used to create professional art or a painting to eventually attract followers who are interested in art.

3. Comedy

If you have a good sense of humor and a little knowledge of the technical side, you can develop funny TikTok ideas like creating a short clip by combining scenes from different events with a suitable BGM.

4. Cooking Ideas

Are you an expert in cooking? Then why don't you share your recipe with others which will boost their skills in increasing the flavor in foods? It will get you more views and followers.

5. DIY

In this world, reuse or recycle is encouraged to ensure environmental protection. If you are good at it, then recording and uploading such videos will make people recognize you for your work.

6. Health Tips

As fast foods at present rule the world, many are worried about their diet control. TikTok videos for health tips to nurture skin, hair, and face, along with tips to have fat in control, would be a great help.

7. Pet

Do you take good care of your pet? You can share tips on TikTok and any other exciting activities of your pets, like playing with toys, their cute looks, and much more.

pet videos

8. Prank on Friends or Family

What is fun to watch? Yes, it is pulling out a prank on your family or friends. You can post those videos on TikTok, which will make others laugh, and a few may trend the hashtag you created that is one of the funny Tiktok ideas.


Well, now you know great TikTok video ideas to create trending videos with catchy hashtags. So, with the help of the above-discussed good Tiktok ideas to go viral, create an account, and start to make trendy videos.