TikTok is a social platform where you could create and upload short videos. You could showcase your talents and creativity using this platform within a time of 15 seconds to 1 minute, which may go viral, leaving you with a lot of likes and followers, making you a social media celebrity. You could find memes on different genres, of which one is funny TikTok memes. Creating memes on TikTok is easy with the software and applications provided here, along with a list of few best TikTok memes.

Part 1: Top 20 Memes on TikTok

There are memes on TikTok which had gone viral. We have gathered the top list of memes available on TikTok, and we provide you with it so you may be aware of the social trend.

1. I'm Already Tracer

"I'm Already Tracer" meme is a duet series that allows you to record your video by lip-synching to the lyrics from the song "No Mercy."

im already traser

2. Wipe It Down

One of the biggest TikTok meme challenges that happened was "Wipe It Down." Users recorded themselves in a mirror and changed their appearance as they cleaned it.

wipe it down

3. Dame Tu Cosita

"Dame Tu Cosita," one of the funny TikTok memes, became viral wherein you could imitate the dance moves of a green alien. It reached its peak among children.

dame tu cosita

4. Hand Gesture

This popular meme displays a set of hand signs available under emoji, and you will have to make those gestures correctly within the time limit.

hand gesture

5. People Doing Fascinating Jobs

Well, there are plentiful weird and wonderful jobs that we may not know. Here they showcase people doing those jobs which will amaze you.

6. Pet Dress-ups

Wanted to create a funny and adorable video with your pet? Then you can join this community wherein people dress up their pets and take few shots to compile a video.

pet dress ups

7. "Say So" Dance

One of the best TikTok memes that had seized video streaming was the "Say so" dance, as it was launched soon after its release and due to its simple steps.

8. Subway Time Warp

This TikTok meme is famous in China as it allows you to record a video wherein you will be in a different world when you step out of a train carriage.

9. Nala, the Cat

Ever wondered about a cat being famous on social media? Nala, the cat, holds a Guinness World Record for the most famous cat on Instagram. She also has many fans on TikTok.

10. Shoe Change Challenge

There are plenty of popular memes on TikTok, which include "Shoe change challenge." In this meme, the TikTokers change their outfits as the tune changes that evolved from changing shoes.

11. Trendy Grandparents

Well, everyone has their chance, so are grandparents. TikTok meme of grandparents, of childish videos, went viral making others wish they had grandparents like them.

12. Time Warp Scan

Many creators use this feature to freeze an image in a place as the blue line moves. TikTokers had created many videos which were funny, creative, and illusional.

13. Cosplay

Cosplay is the abbreviation of "costume play," in which you can wear costumes along with accessories to depict a specific character in anime, manga, or video games.


14. Duets

Duets are pretty standard in TikTok. This meme is done by choosing another person's video and performing for the same song, creating a new meme video.

15. Stair Shuffle Dance Challenge

This challenge became famous in TikTok, wherein users exposed their dance moves by shuffling their legs to move up the stairs. The way they glide up the stairs is delightful to see.

stair shuffle

16. Gummy Bear Adele

In this meme, a single gummy bear sings the first word of the chorus in "Someone like you" then, the audience, a crowd of gummy bears, sings the rest of the choir.

17. Headbanging Dog

This TikTok meme of headbanging dogs has stolen tons of hearts, and it will also make your day if you are having an off day.

18. The Ultimate Friend Zone

This meme was created by Dominic Toliver, which has stolen several likes, as it was one of the funny TikTok memes and had a perfect blend of comedy and music.

19. #Prankwars

TikTokers have mastered the art of pulling out a perfect prank on their parents, friends, and relatives within a time of 15 seconds which the viewers enjoy.

20. Everything is Cake

Looks may deceive you. This meme is the same as that wherein you see a daily use product until it was cut using a knife, revealing that it was a cake.

everything is cake

Part 2: How to Create Memes for TikTok?

Listed here are the software packages that will help you create the best Tiktok memes in video with catchy effects.



Filmii is a product developed by Wondershare. It has many features which allow you to personalize the video with a creative template, which will fit into the upcoming event of your friends, family or you could do it for fun as well. Filmii allows video editing according to the social platform like vertical videos for TikTok meme, horizontal videos for YouTube, and square videos for Instagram. You could add, remove, and adjust clips with more flexibility than any other software. Adding effects like animation, stickers, and texts to improvise your video memes for social media is possible.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  1. Allows personalizing of videos with creative templates in a snap.
  2. Instantly style videos for events with Filmii.
  3. Editing of video according to your flexibility is possible.
  4. Filter realistic videos with stylized filters and overlays.
  5. Adding stickers and motion elements to videos are supported.


Clideo, a software package, allows creating memes for your social platform. Its interface allows you to choose a template with or without borders, add text and adjust parameters on one screen. You could choose any file type to create the best TikTok memes. Adding of texts can be with 12 different font styles. This software is applicable on all devices like Android, iOS, and Windows, and Mac computers. Editing videos with tools like merge, compress, flip, loop, and the reverse is possible.


  1. Allows creating memes online using videos, images, and GIFs.
  2. It is a fast meme video online maker.
  3. Provides support of 12 different font styles.
  4. Supports and works on any file format like JPEG, BMP, etc.
  5. Applicable to any mobile devices and operating systems.


Kapwing allows many tools like a studio, video editor, subtitler, and much more, along with a meme generator. Adding texts is possible. You could select the total time for the generated meme to be displayed. Insert multiple clips and add background music, shapes to your video by using this software. If you want to record a live video to edit, it can be done as well. You can download plugins to enhance the effects of your video. Once done, it supports both exporting and uploading of a meme.


  1. Editing of video and creating of content can be online.
  2. Managing assets is possible as all of them are in one workplace.
  3. Collaboration of work done is allowed in real-time.
  4. A suitable platform with the best templates to create videos faster.
  5. It is simple to use and easily accessible on all devices.

Movavi video editor

Movavi Video Editor Plus is software that you can download freely to create videos quickly and easily. Apply effects like slow motion, reverse, and others to your videos, use animated titles, ready-made intros, and stickers while creating a vlog. Change the background of your videos via the chroma key. Add filters, titles, transitions, and other options to your video by this software. It also provides another package that allows movie editing.


  1. Allows working with multimedia anywhere.
  2. Supports screen recording, which could be in Skype calls.
  3. Video and Audio editing is possible on a timeline.
  4. Conversion of video to the format needed is possible.
  5. Editing and resizing of pictures can be done.

Clipmax video meme maker

Clipmax is an exciting meme maker application that helps you create a video from just typing a text and adding an emoji. Video meme maker suggests TV show, cartoon clips related to the words you typed. You can choose the video you like, and there it is, a funny and entertaining video meme related to your content. Not only that, you can share the memes on TikTok and other social media platforms.



  1. Allows conversion of texts and emojis typed into a video.
  2. Automatically chooses funny videos for the background.
  3. Could add cool background music for memes created.
  4. Effects like zoom, repeat, reverse, and slow-motion are possible.
  5. Provides tons of funny video templates along with emotional reactions.

Meta Meme

Meta Meme is a mobile application specially designed for "Apple" users to create impressive videos, pictures, and memes. It comes with image editing tools, and the cutting edge of video, enabling the users to create stunning memes. Use templates to add additional effect to your video is possible, and label images. It also allows its users to download videos from other social media to create the best meme. Memes created using these will lead to many followers.

meta meme


  1. Supports using videos/images from other social media while creating video.
  2. Allows tracking of objects in videos and allows attaching of labels to them.
  3. Unlimited use of images and text to create a meme is possible.
  4. Search and trim videos to create a meme with Meta Meme.
  5. Provides a lot of different templates to its users to create a meme.


Thus, now you know the best memes on TikTok and ways to create the best TikTok memes. So, go on, and create a stunning meme by letting your creativity flow through TikTok memes.