TikTok has introduced the voice on its text-to-speech TikTok function; just weeks after an actor filed a lawsuit while claiming it to be her original voice. Yet, she never agreed to be featured in TikTok.

The new voice has been showing in TikTok videos— often in scenes of folks commenting on the trending change. It feels a bit lively and upbeat, creating a unique vibe from the previous voices' funny monotone. The function allows TikTok users to enter text and then read aloud over the video, which is often considered a narrator.

Part 1: What is Text to Speech TikTok All About?

Several folks have been using the text to voice feature on TikTok. Yet, they will be experienced by a new voice now. This feature became a part of TikTok in the late 2020s.

Currently, TikTok has modified the text-to-speech feature following a lawsuit from the original voice actor, as already discussed in the above section.

The new voice used in the text to speech TikTok featured voice actor Bev Standing, who sued TikTok as they used her voice even without her permission.

In 2021, you will notice a modification of TikTok's text to speech feature with a different woman's voice.

After comparing this new voice of TikTok with the Barbie and Grammarly commercials, TikTok users say the voice has an accent of Valley Girl.

Thus, the feature is present on TikTok yet with a modified version!

Part 2: How to do Text to Speech on TikTok?

In this section, we'll talk in detail about how to do text to speech TikTok via the step-by-step guide. So, let's preview the guide below without any further ado!

Unluckily, the inbuilt text-to-speech feature of TikTok presents only one voice now. Apart from what you might've considered about changing Siri's voice in your Language settings or standard settings, nothing will modify this TikTok's voice feature.

Step 1: Update your TikTok to the latest version and start recording video

Keep in mind beforehand what you say and a rough idea of how instantly you'd like it to be read — the text to speech entry can only be as lengthy as your TikTok video. Once you have done the video recording, hit the checkmark on the lower right-hand corner of the app's screen.

Now, select the text icon at the screen bottom, type the text you'd like to be read aloud, and hit the Done button in the top right corner. It will put in a custom text box over the specified TikTok video.

enter text tiktok

Source: cdn.nerdschalk.com

Step 2: Select text to speech TikTok

After entering the text into the TikTok video, tap the Textbox and present yourself with three options: Set Duration, Text-to-Speech, and Edit. Select Text-to-Speech to use inbuilt text-to-speech AI and read out text aloud over your video.

select text to speech tiktok

Source: cdn.nerdschalk.com

Step 3: Save Video

Once your TikTok is done, save it locally on your phone device. Make sure you Save the Video on the Device and post it privately if you want to know how to change the text to speech voice on TikTok.

save video tiktok

Part 3: How to Change the Text to Speech Voice on TikTok?

The section below guides you on how to change the text to speech voice on TikTok with easy steps.

  1. Visit the website Uberduck.ai.
  2. Enter the text you want to put into the Speech to synthesize
  3. Choose a voice.
  4. Download it as an MP3 file.
  5. Upload that MP3 file to any video editor you have and let the video align.
  6. Save and upload this video on TikTok.

Also, there are other text-to-speech websites, like tts.mp3.com and voicegenerator.io are available.

Given below are the exact steps on how you can use the video editing app.

Note: These steps are an extension of the steps mentioned above on how to do text to speech on TikTok.

Step 1: Download video editor with voice modifiers

Download any video editing app with voice modifiers. Adding ‘Video' into the search bar alongside ‘Voice Modifier' or ‘Voice Changer' will bring up a list of options. For reference, we've used Voicemod Clips to create custom TikTok with a modified text-to-speech voice.

Step 2: Edit and Resave Video

Once done with selecting your video editor app, launch it and import your saved TikTok video.

Here you can edit the audio like any other video, and voice- modifiers are applicable if the video editor you select has them. Apply different effects you'd like and then resave the new and modified TikTok video.

Step 3: Upload video to TikTok

Now that you have the edited and new TikTok as a singular video, please open and upload the Video directly, without any edits. You'll get, for all intents and purposes, a TikTok with a customized Text-to-Speech voice.

It's likely to change the Text-to-Speech Voice on TikTok, so we're not complaining too much.

Part 4: Bonus Tip – Best TikTok Video Maker

As we have discussed finding the best video editor, it is the right time to reveal our top pick by Wondershare. And, the tool is none other than Wondershare Filmii if you want to be a bit more creative and stand out better among others.

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Wondershare Filmii is a video editing application intended for beginners. Although it is for beginners, it is excellent for editing professional quality content, just like any other tool or app usually used by professionals.

The application carries the AI technology and thus able to edit automatically if the user wants. Yet, this software also provides a manual editing procedure where the user can go through the standard steps of video editing.


  • Availability of different innovative templates to automatically create videos.
  • Dedicated editing options compatible with the social media app you choose.
  • Lots of effects, stickers, filters, motion elements, and other transitions for ready use.
  • Various advanced editing options, including voiceover recording and automatic editing.
  • Pre-made presets for different social media handles.

Step 1: Select video template

Filmii includes different themed templates. Various video types and moods inspire these templates, so you can select the one that helps you convey yourself best.

After selecting a video template, you'll import the TikTok video you want to use and place it in order.

Step 2: Quick Edit Text

The editable templates allow cuts and improve video in addition to applying effects, filters, and music.

After you create a video with a template, you will have a chance to open either Advanced Editing or Quick Edit to make changes before you export.

Within advanced editing, the features are a bit enhanced to explore.

Step 3: Go for advanced editing and export

You can create a video project in Advanced Editing or switch into Advanced Editing after you've already made a template video to develop adjustments.

advanced editing after auto creation


So, this was all about our understanding of text to speech TikTok. We've discussed almost everything related to this aspect, including how to do text to speech on TikTok, how to change the text to speech voice on TikTok, and more.

The ultimate thing that every one of you will require is a video editor as the inbuilt text to speech TikTok is not adjustable as per your text or voice.

For the best companion, you can always consider beginner-friendly yet creative video editing software Wondershare Filmii.