In usage by 800 million in 70 different countries, Facebook Marketplace has got massive popularity in the past few years since 2016, the year came into existence. Prevalently known as an online garage sale by Facebook users, it is one such platform to sell and buy used or new products directly from potential customers or sellers throughout the Facebook circle. While this is just a glimpse on Facebook Marketplace, selling on the Facebook marketplace is easy, but only when you are well-informed on the entire process. Discussed here are a few tips for trading on the Facebook marketplace to help you pick up sales on this big garage sale! Join us to explore more.

Part 1: Why use Facebook Marketplace?

As its name suggests, Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange platform where users can buy/sell pre-owned/new items. With complete freedom to list the products for sale and access other products on the listing, you can browse through the entire marketplace, categories, and check-in groups.

As per your likes and interest on Facebook, tailored products get brought to your notice. Developed to be a peer-to-peer platform, Facebook Marketplace is secure as every purchase is through Messenger. Notably, Facebook adds other attractive functionalities where sellers can connect to the payment processors like BigCommerce and Shopify.

Following "Commerce Policies," when you sell something on the marketplace, the items appear on News Feed, search results, and other Facebook places.

Part 2: How to sell on the Facebook marketplace?

So, how to sell on the Facebook marketplace or proceed with it? Here is a manual to reveal to you the steps behind selling on the Facebook marketplace.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account, and tap the Marketplace icon from the left panel. On the following window, tap the "+ Sell Something" option.

sell something on fb marketplace

Based on the item to be showcased on the marketplace, choose listing, for example, "Item for Sale."

Step 2: Now, create the actual listing for the product, unlike category, price, location, description, and related images.

create actual listing

Once the listing is complete, tap the "Post" option.

Part 3: Tips for selling on the Facebook marketplace

The session you have eagerly waiting for is finally here. Are you wondering about what I am mentioning here? It is none other than tips for selling on the Facebook marketplace. Yes, we have listed ten tips or tricks that you can use in hitting sales on this big garage marketplace.

Provide relevant or great photos of the product

The better the images and their clear depiction, the greater is the engagement among the audience. Hence, capture the shot with accurate color, multiple angles, and damage details (if any) to be easy for the customer to view the product.

Treat customers the way you want to get treated

It is the golden rule when you sell in Facebook Marketplace. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Be responsive to all the customers, polite, honest, and negotiable.

Keep your products discoverable

Although discovering brands on Facebook isn't difficult as it is a popular social tool, to boost visibility, you need to categorize the product accordingly on the marketplace.

make products discoverable

Set the price reasonable

There are times where similar products take place on categories, and usually, customers compare their prices to choose the reliable one. Although quality is the prime factor, selecting the cost-effective one matters as well.

Build trust with the viewers

While there are surplus online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart, why should you shop products from the Facebook Marketplace? It is just because of its unique characteristics, Messenger affiliation, and trust with customers! So, build on that.

Add related tags

To make your products easily accessible, it is always a better idea to add search tags or hashtags. For example, if your product is related to the dining table, you can add tags like "dining," "wood," and "table."

Keep track of "Top Picks"

Another better way to know the customers is by creating a Facebook ad. To create ads wisely, you can surf through the categories to find the best-selling products till now.

track of best-sellers

Be patient

While it isn't the same time for all the products on the marketplace, you have to be patient awhile to sell your product to the right customer. If it delays, you can renew the listing, change the price and photos.

Reveal & test new products

If you are about to launch a new product of your brand or business, Facebook Marketplace is the best platform to be preferred. Along with an attractive discount offer, you can promote products too.

Target local delivery first

This tip works out best for the furniture products as they are bulk assets that require a reliable way to transport them safer. So, based on your item, target local delivery or circle as much as possible.

Part 4: Bonus tip - Engage your followers on Facebook with wonderful videos

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So, this was our today's post on how to sell on the Facebook marketplace. Have a product to be sold out on your Facebook circle at the moment? With no prior skill required, try out this new shopping or garage sale with the discussed tips for selling on the Facebook marketplace. With the potential of creating videos for Facebook Marketplace and cover, Filmii from Wondershare is the best choice!