The rise in acceptance of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram led to an increase in fraud and scam accounts but, thanks to the blocking feature that helped curb this menace. Do you need to block or protect your Facebook profile from unwanted access? Facebook has options to secure your profile picture and data from public accounts hence providing you a complete sense of online security. Now, put yourself in a context where you have blocked a person who was your childhood friend by mistake.

What would you do? With no second option, you would rush to your Facebook account and try to unblock them. There is another situation where you would have been communicating with a friend on Facebook messenger or group chat yesterday. Still, suddenly you are unable to find their account anywhere on Facebook today. What would you expect the reason to be- Are you blocked, or your friend deleted the account permanently? Whatever the situation could be, if you are puzzled about how to find blocked people on Facebook or you need to know how to see who blocked you on Facebook, we have an answer that you will explore through our today's article.

Part 1: How to find the list of blocked contacts on Facebook?

So, first, let's look at how to see blocked people on Facebook. Yes, you might have blocked certain people for threatening or due to indiscipline activities while some during a friendly or ego fight. When you wish to interact with them again, you might search for the blocked list. Hence, we like to make it simple for you here by providing a guide on how to find blocked people on Facebook on web/mobile applications.

Method 1.

On Mobile application

Step 1: On your mobile Facebook app, tap the three-lined icon from the options present on the bottom.

Step 2: Now, execute "Settings> Account Settings> Blocking."

Step 3: You can now see the list of people you have blocked on your Facebook account.

list of blocked people on facebook

Method 2.

On computer or web-browser

If you are using Facebook on your computer as a website, you can use the below step manual.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook ID, and from the top menu bar, hit the inverted triangle icon. From the drop-down, choose "Settings."

Step 2: On the proceeding window, choose the "Blocking" option from the left side menu.

block settings on facebook

Step 3: Under the "Block Users" section, you can view the contacts or people blocked from your Facebook account.

block list on facebook computer


Part 2: Easy ways to see who blocked you on Facebook

Do you suspect that someone has blocked you on Facebook? Need to find out who is it? We have piled up some suitable ways with which you can come to know how to see who blocked you on Facebook. While some techniques work out, still 100% of success isn’t guaranteed.

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Facebook Search Results

Yes, a Facebook search result is one of the first best ways to find whether your friend or a particular account has blocked you. Just log in to your Facebook and enter the person or account name you suspect has blocked you. Switch or navigate to the "People" section and lookup for the person's profile as the "All" tab might show the blocked accounts at times. If you can find it, tap on it to view the profile, and if not, the person would have deleted their account or blocked you else updated the privacy settings that keep them hidden on the search results.


Failed tagging actions

On Facebook, when you wish a person for a birthday or tag them in any post, meme or comment, you will likely get name suggestions suited from your friend list. That, in turn, notifies the person or account when they log into Facebook.

If a person blocked you, when you try to tag that particular account in any post or comment, you will not get any name suggestions from Facebook. This idea has reverse effects where you can tag an unfriended account, too, depending on their privacy settings.


Mutual friends list check

Is the person you suspect is a mutual friend, and any other contact on your list known him? Then, checking their friend's list can help out. To do so, login to your Facebook, search for your friend's profile, and go to the "Friends" tab on the page. Search for the person's account on the search box provided, and if you find the name, hurray! You aren't blocked. If not, deactivation of their account can be a cause too!


Facebook Messages

Another idea to find whether you are blocked is to use the Messenger session on the Facebook app or website. It is because the Messenger app can still show blocked accounts.

In the Facebook website or app, navigate the messages, and select the conversation with the blocked contact. If you could still reply to the messages, luckily, you aren't blocked and vice-versa. Unfortunately, it happens the same when the owner deletes the account.


Block the person's account

When viewed as an overview, this tip or idea might seem like revenge, but it isn't because you cannot block someone who has blocked you. To execute this method, on your profile, execute "Settings> Blocking> Block Users> Enter the person name." If you can find the name on the list, you aren't blocked.


Contact the person directly- 100% works

While all the above-discussed methods on seeing who blocked you on Facebook are just ideas, this idea of contacting the respective person works 100%. Especially if you wish to salvage the relationship, it is worth trying it.


Hence, if you wondered how to find blocked people on Facebook, we have given the possible ways to look at the blocked list on mobile/PC applications. When it is about how to see who blocked you on Facebook, we have listed down the potential ways. But to be 100% sure on whether you are blocked, contacting the person is the best idea!