Do you know how to reverse a sound on TikTok?

When you come online, you will see many people posting Tiktok videos with many filters and memes. But, have you asked how they manage to create all those sounds and videos? This article will pen down how you can reverse audios with software and Snapchat to create effects to your videos and attract many followers to one's profile. TikTok is another social media platform to pass your messages across, avoid boring videos, edit and design your videos in any way.

Part 1: Can I Reverse Audio or Sound on TikTok?

From the look of things, TikTok has become the latest media app with lots of followers. With the beautiful effects it gives on videos, you can create several videos, making people smile, and it's also user-friendly.

How to reverse a sound on Tiktok is a process near impossible but can be achievable using a third-party tool, Filmora from Wondershare.

Here, you have to import your video to Filmora, click on the clip-on timeline, select speed and duration. Check the reverse speed option in the custom speed window, then click on OK to save. Play the clip, and you will see both video and audio have been reversed simultaneously.

Part 2: How to Reverse Audio on TikTok

Let us look into third-party tools to portray an easy way how to reverse audio on Tiktok.

Most online creators use Tiktok to share their messages, and with its features, you create many excellent videos. The reverse effect is one of the new features that many followers use, pretty simple and easy to apply. Kapwing is a video editing free browser you can use to reverse audio and video.

  1. Enter the official Kapwing website on the browser and click on tools.
  2. Click on the reverse video option, and upload the video or paste a link to any Tiktok video
  3. Select speed and click on create to process your video.
  4. Click on the download option after your video has been reversed.


Do you have an idea to create short inspiring movies with Tiktok and have fun by making it go backward?

Then, Clideo is the best option that can not only reverse the TikTok video but with the audio as well. Being the reliable online video maker and video editor, you can also perform other operations like trim, resize, merge, cut, slow motion, and so on. Does it seem incredible?

Let's see how to reverse a sound on TikTok using Clideo

  1. Upload your TikTok video by clicking on the "Select File" option.
  2. Select the desired reverse speed like 1x, 1,5x, and so on.
  3. Reverse the video and hit the export button.
  4. Preview and download the reversed video with the "Export" button.


This online tool can be helpful to reverse video as well as reverse animated gifs. You can easily crop and resize and also add effects to your GIFs. You can upload your videos from 100MB size or paste the URL here, and this tool will quickly reverse your video. It supports MP4, MOV, and AVI formats.

It reverses videos that are more than 10 seconds long, so it's recommended to transfer video to a computer and use the online EZgif tool to switch it.

  1. First, transfer video to your computer, open the browser, and move to Ezgif.
  2. Upload video from your media or drive.
  3. Select the reverse sound to reverse both audio and video.
  4. Click on the reverse button and check the reversed video section to know if the reversed video is what you want.
  5. Click on download on the more options icon to save the reversed video.
  6. Upload it on your mobile phone and share the video on your Tiktok.

Part 3: How to Reverse TikTok Audio with Software

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool with outstanding video editing abilities. Suitable for both professional and newbie, Wondershare Filmora is the best companion for the inspired to create videos to be uploaded on various social media platforms. Along with special effects like retro, Hue, LUT, and so on, you can also make your video animated apart from the reverse effect to be uploaded on TikTok. Furthermore, with advanced color grading, you can impose or adjust color settings reliably with the Wondershare Filmora toolkit.


  • Exclusive and advanced video effects like filters, green screen, and so on.
  • Controls speed with the effective preview and timeline.
  • Offers video editing tools like trim, split, merge, detach audio, resize, mute, animation, and so on.
  • Track motion on videos hassle-free with the in-built motion tracking feature.
  • Perform advanced level of professional video editings like Jump-Cuts, audio ducking, and keyframing.

This software is one of the leading software in the field of video editing. With Adobe Premiere Pro software, you can easily edit large projects with ease. You can easily create polished and clean videos or films. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can focus on your storyline and be creative.

You can also edit videos in any format. Adobe Premiere Pro software is quite advanced and works with other apps to create incredible effects on your video.

You can easily film with your phone, edit, and share on other social media platforms.


  1. Easy and fast to use video editing application.
  2. It works together with other apps like Adobe After Effects and Elements.
  3. Apply advanced VFX effects, filters, overlays, and cool effects to the video.
  4. Automatically reformats a video to the expected aspect ratio required for the social media platforms.
  5. Edit video with the in-built video editor toolkit that consists of 10+ basic and advanced options.

Final Cut Pro from Apple is a powerful professional software used for advanced editing ability. In addition, it has an advanced learning tool that allows you to transform videos or projects from widescreen to customized.

It can share your media libraries with editors worldwide. Its high performance creates copies of your media in small sizes, and with the proxy engine, it makes a proxy-only copy of your media library so it can share locally or on the Cloud. When proxies aren't available, it displays original media. Final cut pro works at high speed, editing challenging projects and working with large frame size, frame rate, and significant effects.


  • A high working speed.
  • Improved performance on Mac computers and M1 chips.
  • Great audio and motion graphics.
  • Automatically crops video to any size.
  • Maximum color grading.

Part 4: How to Reverse a TikTok Sound on Snapchat?

Do you know you can flip a Tiktok sound on Snapchat? You can rely on Snapchat to reverse the audio and sound for you. Let's look at the steps in reversing a sound on Tiktok using Snapchat.

Step 1: Download the Snapchat app

Go to the Google Play Store, download, and install the snapshot app.

download snapchat app

Step 2: Sign in

After downloading the app from Playstore, open it, and sign in to your account or create one.

Step 3: Access Camera

Click on the icon by the right below the record button to access your camera, then open the Tiktok video you want to reverse.

Step 4: Edit video

To edit the video, click on the icon at the right of the record button.

Step 5: Upload Video

Click on the more options button, then click on upload to upload your video.

Step 6: Reverse Video

Once the video has uploaded, swipe left towards the filter until you get the reverse filter with arrows pointing backward and select it.

reverse tiktok video

Step 7: Save video

Next, click on the download button to save your reverse Tiktok video on your device.


Right now, we have been able to show the unique editing tools you can use to unravel how to reverse audio on Tiktok.

With the clues mentioned in the article on how to reverse Tiktok audio, you can now pass your message to your audience, and it's vital to use significant effects to build more engagement and visibility. Also, consider using fun tricks to create a lasting impression. Thus, you might want to consider using the Wondershare Filmora video editor.