When it comes to posts on Instagram for your business, a new startup, talent show-up like crafts and designs, rather than the regular posts or feed, it's always a good idea to think something out of the box. In such a case, puzzle feed Instagram is the best choice to post a grid-type appearance and continuity. Recognized to be one of the popular trends on Instagram, you would have seen some posts in accounts like makeup artists, photographers, and fashion pages. The posts might seem realistic and straightforward, but it's a lot of work and needs intermediate-level design skills. Here Instagram puzzle template free download options can help you ease up things. Thus, in today's post, get to know about a complete guide and Instagram puzzle feed ideas for your next grid post!

Part 1: What is the Puzzle Feed on Instagram?

Among countless Instagram feed themes like color block, minimalist, Flatlay, monotreme, squares, and so on, puzzle feed Instagram stands unique on the line known for making curated and gorgeous posts. In a puzzle feed, every image is posted to interact or get interconnected to get one beautiful picture. Often known as Instagram Grids, a post of 9 or 12 is possible and is in usage by Instagrammers at present. While creating such a puzzle feed Instagram was freaky in the past; it is made easy now with ready-made templates. Some popular Instagram puzzle feed ideas to be admired include posts from Instagram accounts - @sparklepriestess, @caseyevansco, @thecreativeboss, @frikymama.

puzzle feed instagram

Source: ivorymix.com

Part 2: Best 12 Instagram Puzzle Template Free Download

There are surplus Instagram puzzle feed ideas, and to make them work, we have a few Instagram puzzle template free downloads that can help you.

1. Instagram Puzzle Template – Nature

If your business or brand is related to nature or gardening, then the below puzzle feed template is the best choice that is readily editable in Photoshop. Being a fully layered PSD file, it has 12 grids or tiles to be customized.

nature – puzzle feed template

2. Glittery Gold Soft Pastel Template

Offered by Easil, the below Glittery Gold Soft Pastels template is designed especially for your adventure-based feed. With this gorgeous template, you can accommodate 3 weeks post with 21 spaces.

glittery gold soft pastel template

3. Best Day Puzzle Feed Template

Downloadable from Freepik, this EPS vector-based Instagram puzzle template free download can fulfill your best day requirement. Offering other theme-based layouts for fashion, travel, sale, and so on, Freepik is the best bet!

best day puzzle feed template

Source: freepik.com

4. Fashion Style Puzzle Feed Template

Is your puzzle feed Instagram based on the latest fashion style? Then, the following high-res 1080*Pixel 12-post grid template can showcase your fashion designs and branded apparel.

fashion style puzzle feed template

Source: theme-junkie.com

5. Summer Sale Puzzle Feed template

The summer sale is the best idea to get customers to your brand, and you can get the power of a 9-grided puzzle feed template from Easil. Highly recommended for startups, this 21-spaced grid is overwhelming!

summer sale template

Source: easil.com


6. Social Media Puzzle Feed Template

Is your Instagram profile based on fashion brands or products? Then, this customizable PSD-layered social media Instagram puzzle template free download from ThemeJunkie can beautify your profile.

social media feed template

Source: theme-junkie.com

7. Pastel Splash Brush Stroke Template

In Instagram, an image or photo is not the only decisive factor, but the captions are also. Without a doubt, this captioned stunning Pastel Splash Brush Stroke template from Easil is a well-planned 21-spaced option for you.

pastel splash brush stroke template

Source: easil.com

8. Sales Puzzle Feed Template

To promote sales for your brand or design, sharing great posts in the form of a puzzle feed is mandatory! This bundled beautiful sales template with a 12-post slice is the best way to promote your product sales.

sales feed template

9. Recipe Puzzle Feed Template – Mighty Mini

Own a restaurant or a café? Then, it's time to change the fashion a bit with an all-new Mighty Mini Recipe-based puzzle feed template. Rather than a standard block design, this 3*2 grid template is quite different that gives a seamless color palette look.

recipe mighty mini template

10. Lifestyle Blogger Puzzle Feed Template

How about a new colorful look to your lifestyle Instagram account? To accomplish your task uniquely and creatively, this colorful ready-to-be customized template from ThemeJunkie is ready to wow your followers.

lifestyle blogger template

11. Blue Hues Instagram Puzzle Feed Template

Are you a blue theme lover? Then, this Blue Hues puzzle template from Easil is definitely for you. With 21-image slices of different dimensions, a core color palette with icons, strokes, dots, hearts, and blue background is the best!

blue hues puzzle template

12. Aura Instagram Puzzle Template

As our last Instagram puzzle template free download, we have a beautiful Aura-themed option from ThemeJunkie. Additionally, it is a multipurpose design template well suited for promoting nature and travel posts with unique customization abilities.

aura instagram puzzle template

Part 3: Instagram Puzzle Feed Ideas or Examples

If you are looking for some Instagram puzzle feed ideas or tips, the first one would be to get creative. Yes, you can add hand-lettering, color, brand's font, illustrations, and so on. The perfect example to learn this trick is from JuniperOats, the queen of puzzle feed Instagram. With advanced planning and slicing, an ideal "puzzle" effect is created where each tile goes related to the surrounding.

juniperoats instagram

Source: smarterqueue.com

Second, concentrate on the posting method as you need to start from the last or theme's bottom and move from right to left. The best puzzle intact would be to post three images at once close together. If you wish to fill it with 12 tiles incorporating big ideas for making announcements or launching campaigns, then the following example of @Anderson._Paak is eye-candy.

anderson_paak instagram

Source: plannthat.com

As puzzle feed helps create the first best impression to your profile visitors, you can also try out some sophisticated posts, like the one @riverburn.official that rocked the floor the first time.

riverburn.official instagram

Source: socialhead.io

Part 4: How to Make Puzzle Feed Instagram Online / Mobile?

To make the task easier for you, we have picked two tools to create a puzzle feed on Instagram online with a smartphone and a manual guide.

1. How to Create Puzzle Feed Instagram Online Using Canva?

Canva is an online tool intended to design, collaborate, and share your work anywhere. Well suited to make a presentation, video, Instagram post, poster, Facebook post, logo, flyer, resume, certificates, YouTube thumbnail, and a Facebook cover, Canva is the complete one-stop platform for business, social media, office, and marketing.


Loaded with countless high-quality templates to choose from, team folders, built-in comments, and real-time collaboration abilities, Canva is the right choice to headstart and bring your work to life. There are dedicated puzzle feed Instagram Canva templates to work with when it comes to puzzle feed, and here is a manual to make a puzzle feed at ease.

Step 1: Select grid style

As the first phase, select or choose the gird style to accommodate all the images you wish to bring in the puzzle or a grid. To do so, you need to go to "Create a design > Custom Design."

As per the desired number of posts, choose the grid style grid from the Elements session.

select grid-style

Step 2: Make a puzzle template

Canva makes it simple by placing grids for each line element or image to be inserted that can be deleted finally.

make puzzle template

The actual creative phase starts now. Yes, when it comes to the puzzle feed Instagram, an image blends into another, and hence, this is where you decide the image for each grid or, simply put- start and the finishing point.

For inspiration, you can choose a gird template and start the design. You can also add Canva elements for further enhancement.

puzzle template

Step 3: Splitting the puzzle

As this is just a piece of a puzzle in the form of an image, you need to split the puzzle before uploading it to Instagram. First, delete the grid lines, and download the designed puzzle.

Use an online tool like Pine Tools to split the image into desired blocks in vertical and horizontal aspects. Once done, download them and start posting them from the last square. Else, the puzzle will assemble wrongly.

2. How to Make Puzzle Feed for Instagram on Mobile?

Not just online, but you can also make a puzzle feed for Instagram right from your smartphone that is possible with PuzzleStar- Puzzle Collage template for Instagram. Available on Google Playstore for Android users, you can create a personalized puzzle feed with the bundles of Instagram layout templates available on PuzzleStar of all looks (3*3, 6-post puzzle). With high-resolution Instagram templates of 1080Pixel, PuzzleStar is easy-to-use with styling features, user-friendly interface making it recommended for influencers and marketers. Additionally, you can reuse each template for a longer feed, in-app preview, adjust the font and size of the layout.


To use PuzzleStar isn't a complex task but easy in just 3 following steps:

Step 1: Choose Instagram puzzle template

Download, install and open the PuzzleStar application. Choose the desired puzzle template, and Tap "Next" to proceed.

Step 2: Edit template

Now, edit the template by pasting the image or aligning the photos to be placed on the puzzle. Once done, preview the layout with an in-app preview option.

Step 3: Split and Post

Download the finalized template, and split it into equal blocks, following which, with the guide provided by PuzzleStar, upload the images correctly.

instagram puzzle feed in puzzlestar


Finally, I hope you have got an idea about puzzle feed Instagram, a few examples, tips, and ideas to start. Besides, the discussed or mentioned Instagram puzzle template free download from top websites can be of great help for your next Instagram post. Now, give the puzzle feed tools a try and let the game going!