We cannot deny the fact that YouTube is one of the most engaging platforms in terms of entertainment. There are so many content creators using the YouTube platform for gaining a maximum number of viewers for their Channel. If you also prefer online work then YouTube is the best option for you to earn a good amount of money. Many creators are managing to gain lot more views on their YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.

Herewith below the article, we will have a look at the most subscribed YouTube channel which creates amazing content. Check out the list of most subscribed YouTube channels too.

Top 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel Worth Following

The most subscribed YouTube channels often belong to a variety of categories such as gaming, music, comedy, cooking, education, etc. Those creators are also ordinary people like us who have some creativity to showcase and entertaining others.

Now let's find out what is the most subscribed YouTube channel.

1. PewDiePie

This YouTube channel is having currently nearly 110 million subscribers and it is managed by Felix Kjellberg who is a Swedish Youtuber and gamer who started his channel in 2010. He firstly started with the gameplay videos and within three years his channel became the most subscribed YouTube channel and currently among the list of most subscribed YouTube channels.

Here the reason behind the success is the effective gaming video quality and specifically, viewers are mad behind the graphics quality and music tunes too.

2. HolaSoyGerman

Germán Garmendia is having a YouTube channel which has 42.7 million subscribers and among the list of most subscribed YouTube channel too. If we talk about his content then he mainly comes up with comedy and humorous videos. The level of fun and entertainment he provides is very effective and the out of the blue ideas impress the audience for the first time only.

3. Felipe Neto

He is a Brazilian Youtuber and this channel is included among the list of the most subscribed channel. It has nearly 42.4 million subscribers. Also if we talk about his achievements then he was the first Youtuber from Brazil among the most subscribed YouTube channel. He usually talks about celebrities, different movies, daily routine activities, gameplays, etc. The reason behind the topmost subscribed channel is a dialogue delivery at right time.

4. Fernanfloo

This channel is of Luis Fernando who comes from El Salvador and one most interesting fact that the number of subscribers to his channel is far higher than the country he belongs to. He has currently 42.3 million subscribers to the channel and the main key area, oh is gaming videos. The unique thing is that rather than relying upon too much editing he keeps the content real.

5. WWE:

WWE is not at all an unknown name and that tells you about the popularity of this channel. It has currently 78.4 million subscribers and is a part of the list of most subscribed YouTube channels. World wrestling entertainment Inc. is a USA-based Entertainment Company majorly focusing on professional wrestling and undoubtedly entertain us.

6. 5-Minute Crafts

This is the most popular YouTube channel and there is no doubt of this channel being part of the most subscribed YouTube channel list. You would get surprised to know that this channel has 72.7 million subscribers to the channel. The reason behind such popularity is the theme of the content which is so appealing and attractive. It showcases some basic and simple life hacks which you could follow and make your life easier at no cost.

7. Canal KondZilla

This YouTube channel belongs to Brazilian director and screenwriter Konrad Dantas. Canal KondZilla YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing in terms of gaining subscribers. He produces, direct, screenwriter on his own and that is a major attraction. He has approximately 64.4 million subscribers and more than 1800 videos on his channel.

8. Zee Music Company

It is one of the leading television media and entertainment companies in India. Zee Music Company has 74.1 million subscribers on its channel and by far the part of the most subscribed YouTube channel. This company delivers Hindi music videos in over 171 countries with a total of 1 billion viewership around the world.

9. Like Nastya

This YouTube channel is managed by a little girl Anastasia Radzinskaya and her parents. Like Nastya channel has 74.7 million subscribers and part of the most subscribed YouTube channel too. They deliver content for kids such as dancing, singing, colors, shapes, habits, etc.

10. T series

It is one the largest music and media studio believes in delivering the best music to the viewers. T-series has 185 million subscribers and the most subscribed Youtube channel. It comes with appealing music tracks and with highly qualifies singers which never fails to impress us. T-series is in the music industry for three decades covering various languages of India.

11. Kids Diana show

Here the name of the channel itself makes us guess easily the content theme of this channel. It is the kid's YouTube channel managed by a girl named Diana and her father. This channel has 80 million subscribers and she showcased how interesting and creative a childhood could be.

12. James Charles

This channel is one of the most famous beauty YouTube channels across the platform. It has 25.2 million subscribers to the channel and very famous in the world of beauty vlogs. The reason behind that many subscribers is that the content is very entertaining and appealing. If you are also planning to be a part of beauty Youtubers then it is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels is the best option of yours.

13. Dude perfect

If you are a fan of sports, then this YouTube channel Dude perfect is for you. It is part of the list of most subscribed YouTube channels having 56.3 million subscribers. It began with a group of friends posting trick shoot videos and currently they are delivering aesthetic challenges which are exciting to the viewers.

14. Cocomelon- nursery rhymes

This YouTube channel is again focused on kids and their goal is to educate preschool kids most entertainingly. Cocomelon has 113 million subscribers on YouTube and engages with family and kids all together. This channel delivers learning of letters, various rhymes, alphabets, animal sounds, etc. content and helps parents in educating their kids.

15. Mr.beast

This is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels having 63.8 million subscribers currently. The creator of this channel Jimmy Donaldson started it in 2012 and it's the best entertaining YouTube channel now because of the on-point content delivery and madness of the video.

16. Ryan's World

You would not believe but this channel currently has 29.9 million subscribers and one of the richest YouTubers. Here a kid named Ryan pretends to play games, do some science experiments, DIY crafts, and many more. For your kids, it is one of the trending Youtube channels you can ever look for.

17. Good Mythical Morning

It is one the fastest growing YouTube channel and most subscribed YouTube channels. It has 17.1 million subscribers and never failed to impress the audience with the content. It talks about some unbelievable things, surprising new products, implements various experiments most comically.

18. Logan Paul

He is a 24 years old American YouTube personality having 23.2 million subscribers to his channel. He started in 2013 by sketching about vine application and with that he got famous. The major attraction towards his content is the creative part.

19. Jacksepticeye

He is one of the famous Irish Youtubers who started with gaming videos and was later introduced to even vlogs, various reaction videos, etc. This channel has subscribers near 27.2 million at this moment. Also, his channel is the most subscribed Irish channel till now and the reason behind that is the fun and comedy vlogs.

20. Aaj Tak

If you are wondering what the most subscribed YouTube channel is then the Aaj Tak news channel is on that list. It has nearly 46.7 million subscribers which make it one of the most powerful news channel in India. One of the leading news channels covers political, sport, media, and films, business, etc. related news across India.


YouTube is the platform where you can get famous and paid altogether with the right quality content. Here above mentioned is the list of the most subscribed YouTube channel which you could go through and come up with the most exciting content on your own.

Good Luck!