You've probably come across a video post on LinkedIn and loved it so much to want it directly saved to your phone. If that's the case, you're at the right place! LinkedIn is a free social platform that connects employers and employees across the globe. It ranks as one of the top 30 most visited websites globally, with millions of people signed up on the platform. With LinkedIn, you can view many different job posts, expose yourself to learning opportunities, and maybe land an interview! However, LinkedIn is not just about write-ups; people also use videos to tell their brand stories, run ads campaigns, and share their inspiring success stories. Whatever the scenario, we sometimes love to have these amazing videos on our phones for our viewing pleasure, anytime, any day. Before you go ahead to download a video from LinkedIn, you need a platform, app, or software that can enable you to do just that; this is precisely where a LinkedIn video downloader comes into play.

Thus, let's delve into the world of LinkedIn video.

ExpertsPHP is one of the top 10 LinkedIn downloaders out there. You can use this free online LinkedIn video downloader on your Android, iOS, tablet, desktop, laptop, or PC. With ExpertsPHP, you don't need to download anything at all except, of course, your LinkedIn video. To do this, copy-paste the URL of the LinkedIn video you want to download into the input field and hit Download. You can then select the format in which you'd like your LinkedIn video to be saved. That's all!

This is another free LinkedIn video downloader that allows you to download LinkedIn videos to your phone directly. All you need to carry out this operation is the URL of the LinkedIn video, a browser, and of course, Internet connectivity. You do not require any application or software to use this free online platform to download and share your favorite LinkedIn videos. With this online platform, you can download videos from LinkedIn anytime and anywhere. You can download the video in very high-quality video formats such as MP4 and MPV.

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Expertstool is a free online LinkedIn video downloader platform. With Expertstool, LinkedIn video download is possible and straightforward. If you have the URL of your choice LinkedIn video, then you're halfway through! The platform does not require any special plugins, apps, or software to download videos from LinkedIn. With your smartphone, PC, tablet, desktop, or laptop, you can access the website and download LinkedIn videos for free in MP4 format.


Keep Flick also makes the list of the top 10 LinkedIn video downloaders of 2021. The platform is free and has its features entirely online. With Keep Flick, you no longer have to worry about losing any LinkedIn video as the platform allows you to download videos from LinkedIn in a high-quality format, including MP4. LinkedIn video download has never been easier and faster with no distracting ads and a well-organized platform. So, you know, Keep Flick works perfectly fine across Android and iOS devices.

Hitutorials is a great online tool that makes LinkedIn video download possible, fast, and straightforward. The tool comes in handy if you want to download LinkedIn videos directly on your device. Whether you're using an Android or iOS-enabled device, you're sure to get your LinkedIn video in your phone's media library before you know it. You do not have to worry about a video with poor video or sound quality as Hitutorials ensures that your LinkedIn videos are in HD format. What do you need to use Hitutorials? Your phone, Internet connection, and the video URL.


Keepvid is a fast, intelligent, effective, and reliable online LinkedIn video downloader. Little wonder it is called Keepvid. This platform makes it super easy to download videos from LinkedIn and have them saved on your media library. Go to LinkedIn, copy the video link you want to download, paste it on the input field, select the video format you like, and then hit Download on your screen. Anyone can use this online tool to download LinkedIn videos as it does not require any special access, knowledge, software, or 3rd-party application.

SaveVideo is not just a LinkedIn video downloader; it can also help you backup your LinkedIn videos. Pasting the URL of the LinkedIn video you want to download is all you need to download LinkedIn videos as this brings up different popular and unpopular video formats from which you can then choose your desired format. Its advanced search algorithm makes it possible to download any LinkedIn video you want quickly and hassle-free.

As the name goes, with this free online LinkedIn video downloader, you can download, share and watch your LinkedIn videos offline for free without any stress. There are zero hidden charges, and anyone can use it as it is super easy to use. Keepoffline offers you various download options to choose from, including MPV, MP4, and MP3. With no downloading bugs, charges, and limitless LinkedIn video download, you're just at the right spot!

This is one of the effortless ways to download videos from LinkedIn; it is no wonder it made the top 10 LinkedIn video downloaders of 2021. LinkedIn Video Downloader allows you to download LinkedIn videos directly from LinkedIn in just a click. With this tool extension, there's a download button added beside every LinkedIn video; clicking that button downloads your LinkedIn video immediately.

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Video Downloader for LinkedIn

This is one of the 1st apps to be developed that allows you to download and save LinkedIn videos to your media library. The app does not need any signup or log in details. It means that you can have your LinkedIn videos on your gallery for your viewing pleasure in just a few simple steps. What is more? You can share these LinkedIn videos on your social media platforms. LinkedIn video download via this app is pretty straightforward, fast, smooth, and effective. Your LinkedIn video downloaded will be in high-quality video format.


You see, it's pretty easy to download LinkedIn videos with a video URL, a strong Internet connection, and finally, a LinkedIn video downloader. With these, you can download videos from LinkedIn and have them saved on your local media library for your use anytime, any day, and anywhere.