Instagram is one of the most popular applications used by vloggers for sharing interesting and creative content with people all over the world. They make use of Instagram hashtags to sort and direct the contents to a specific audience.

Instagram hashtags are very important as it allows Instagram videos or stories to reach a wide audience. More audience results in more share and likes which in turn increases the popularity of the user.

Instagram hashtags can be seen as a way of branding, promoting, and increasing the visibility of one vlog. Hence it is very important to choose the top and trending Instagram hashtags while posting something.

Part 1: Why Use Hashtags on Instagram?

The main reason people use Instagram hashtags is to increase the reach of their posts or to direct their posts to a certain set of people. For example, when people add travel hashtags or fitness hashtags, they intend to make their post reach that section of people who loves traveling or fitness.

Posting something on Instagram with hashtags is found to reach more audiences than simply posting it without any hashtags. Vloggers use a variety of hashtags in order to increase their audience. More audience results in more likes and shares. As the popularity of a post increases, its reach also keeps on increasing.

Part 2: How Hashtags Work on Instagram?

Like on Twitter and other similar social platforms, hashtags work similarly on Instagram. When you add a post on Instagram with a hashtag, that post will be visible on the hashtag page as well, which many users will be following. For example, traveling hashtag

Since the main idea of the hashtags is to make the content discoverable, the use of proper hashtags will put you in the front seat of the targeted audience even if they have never been in contact with your before.

Note: In order to increase the reach of your posts using hashtags, your account must be a public or business account.

Part 3: How to Find Trending Hashtags on Instagram

Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not publicize a list of trending hashtags. But there are ways in which you find some of the trending ones.

  • You can scroll through some of the very popular Instagram posts and compare each of them and take note of the common hashtags in them. You can then use the same hashtags in your posts to increase the audience.
  • The other option is to search for certain hashtags related to your posts in the search bar on Instagram. While doing so you will be able to see how many times that certain hashtag has been used and also similar hashtags. This will help you choose the most used hashtags for your post.

Search Instagram Hashtag

Part 4: 25 Trending Instagram Hashtags for Your Vlogs

Depending upon the genre of videos you wish to post on Instagram, different trending hashtags can be given to your vlogs to increase their reach. Here we will discuss some of the most commonly used and trending hashtags on Instagram and why they are used.

For Travel Vlogs

A large section of people around the world loves traveling. They love to see travel-related posts to enjoy the beauty of different places as well as make plans for their next trip.

Travel Vlog Hashtag

      • #travellingthroughtheworld – this hashtag means the vlog is about traveling through different countries and people always like to see a beautiful video of places they haven’t visited.
      • #travellingtheworld – vlog consists of beautiful places from different countries. People get to see the places they hope to visit one day
      • #travellingram – this shows the vlogs of a person who likes traveling a lot
      • #travellingindonesia – vlogs from their visit to Indonesia
      • #travellingwithkids – the cheerful faces of the kids and the places you and your kids both can enjoy alike

For Makeup Vlogs

People are always in search of ways to enhance their beauty, and hence makeup related hashtags have a huge following.

Makeup Vlog Hashtag

      • #makupartist – usually as a promotional post to inform the audience that you are a good makeup artist
      • #makeuptutorial – to teach the audience an easy way to apply makeup
      • #makeupaddict – to let people know that you know a lot about makeups and always use them
      • #makeuplover – makeup related posts and increase awareness
      • #makupjunkie – to display your extra love for applying makeups

For Food Vlogs

The love for food is something that can’t be explained. A huge number of people love to try out different foods, know about hotels providing tasty food, etc. hence food-related hashtags have a huge fan following

Food Vlog Hashtag

      • #foodporn – attractive and appetizing images of a variety of foods
      • #foodie – to show that you love eating and that love is displayed in the vlogs
      • #foodstagram – an account of a foodie and posts regular vlogs of food-related videos
      • #foodphotography – photography of food done in the best and most craving manner
      • #foodgasm – food love and craving

For Fitness Vlogs

Many people around the world are body conscious and are in search of good fitness tips and workout methods to live a fit and healthy life, so the audience for fitness-related hashtags are huge.

Fitness Vlog Hashtag

      • #fitnessmotivation – vlogs that motivate you to stay fit and regularly exercise
      • #fitnessmodel – to show that you have an amazing body structure or how that can be attained
      • #fitnessaddict – vlogs that show one’s love for fitness
      • #fitnessgirl – exercises and tips for women to stay fit
      • #fitnessjourney – mostly consists of a video of body transformation

For Family Vlogs

Family vlogs usually are entertaining to watch a big-time pass for a lot of people. It usually shows fun vents, productive time spending, games, holiday time together, etc.

Family Vlog Hashtag

      • #familytime – time spent with the family and kids
      • #familyfirst – the importance of family and its priority
      • #family – the fun events taking place when you are with your family
      • #familygoals – proud moments of being a family person
      • #familyphotography – photos of you and your family and the times spent together

Part 5: 10 Highly Recommended Instagram Hashtags

There are some top Instagram hashtags that people use generally just to increase the audience of their posts and hence increase the likes and followers they get. Let’s have a look at them

      • #photooftheday – to highlight to people that it is one of the best pictures they will be seeing on Instagram that day
      • #instagood - feel good vlogs or photos
      • #nofilter – to let the audience know that natural beauty is displayed and no artificial effects or filters are used
      • #tbt – means Throwback Thursday, usually used to post about past happy and fun events
      • #igers - meaning Instagrammers, focus on people who use and loves Instagram a lot
      • #picoftheday – a beautiful picture
      • #love – love for a place or person is displayed in the post
      • #nature – nature-related posts – sea, sunset, mountains, waterfall, etc.
      • #swag – certain style or set of skills
      • #lifeisgood – used to display the positive aspects of a life or a happy life


Using Instagram hashtags is the best way to become popular on this social platform. The use of trending hashtags will increase the reach for your Instagram vlogs and will gather a huge fan following.

You can also limit or direct your content towards a section of people with the use of certain hashtags. Some of the most popular and best hashtags used on Instagram have been listed above for you. You can use them to become a popular Instagram vlogger. So see to it that you make use of these hashtags next time you post something on Instagram. Thank you.