“How do you post a picture with music on Facebook?”

In recent years, Facebook has entirely updated itself by including unique features for the users. One of those features is in respect to how to make a slideshow with music on Facebook. This phrase grabs a lot more attention on Google, where people are constantly looking for a quick slideshow maker. Yes, there are specific quick solutions available, and you will find excellent effectiveness in each of them. Before we jumpstart the procedures and scenarios on how to make a video on Facebook with pictures and music, it's essential to remark some tips for creating attractive slideshows.

  • Keep them short and sweet.
  • Try to match music with the slideshow content
  • Add Quotes
  • Select an easy yet professional slideshow maker
  • Do not overlook the ready-made slideshow templates

Let's now begin with the different scenarios of the slideshow in the following section!

Part 1: What are slideshows used for on Facebook?

There are many instances to use in this video marketing concept for Facebook business as well. A video that gets 135% more organic reach than images is not a joke but worth considering. We've devised this section to let you know the various purposes behind carving out a beautiful piece in Facebook slideshow maker.

To Narrate a Story

When you want to narrate a story angle over your Facebook page or personal account, there isn't a better option than making a slideshow. This adventurous visual story can be up to 10 slides. However, you can include motivation, uplift, notability, and education to quickly grab viewers' attention.

For Product Demos & Instructional Videos

If you're selling a product or service, there is a high demand for people to know how to use a product or service. And that all comes within the package of creating product demos and instructional videos. At the same time, this task injects excellent value even if they're your regular customers.

Make a collection

Making a collection is a usual aspect of slideshows. The slideshow feature of Facebook is highly admiring even if you want to represent top moments or reviews of your brand.

To Tease a New Product

The anticipation of a new service or product is what needs an attractive slideshow. It allows your followers or subscribers to have a sneak peek of your offerings in a bit of detail. Thus, you can explore the production process, photo shoots behind the scenes, and detailed shots of any product or service.

Part 2: How to make the slideshow on Facebook with music?

Given below is a detailed tutorial on how to make a slideshow on Facebook with music.

Create a Facebook slideshow on desktop

Step 1: Go to Facebook Ads Manager and select Page Posts under the Business Tools icon as shown below.

facebook ads manager


Step 2: Hit the Create Post> Photo/Video tab.

create post on facebook


Step 3: Select Create Slideshow among different options as depicted below.

create slideshow facebook


Step 4: Select slideshow elements such as duration, aspect ratio, transition, or music addition.

select slideshow elements


There is a separate Music tab to select among various options.

select music facebook slideshow


Step 5: Upload slideshow media by clicking the plus icon and Upload Photo or Take Photo button. Check the settings once and hit the Create Slideshow tab after you finish.

create facebook slideshow

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

Step 6: Preview and hit the Share Now button.

share now facebook slideshow

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

Create a Facebook slideshow on the mobile app

Step 1: Open the Facebook app and Sign In with your Login ID and Password. Also, it’s essential to update the Facebook app.

Step 2: Tap the What’s on Your Mind tab as shown below.

facebook whats on your mind

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

facebook whats on your mind

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

Step 4: Here, you can add the desired photos to create a slideshow and hit the Next tab after you complete.

add photos facebook

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

Step 5: You’re now asked to select the Music and Title as shown below.

select music facebook

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

select title facebook

Source: sociallysorted.com.au

Hit the Next button to confirm the creation of the slideshow.

Part 3: How to make the slideshow with music for Facebook with templates?

Our last yet highly effective section of how to make a video on Facebook with pictures and music is here. And that's also called a slideshow! So, what is it that can take you to the next level super quickly? It is none other than the updated software version of Wondershare Filmii. This high-end video editor by Wondershare keeps explicitly in mind the needs and preferences of young creators.

It is an excellent tool for complete customization from ready-made templates. It is the only element needed to create a slideshow without putting in any extra effort quickly. You can then download this slideshow to upload over Facebook.

So, let's study Wondershare Filmii in a bit of detail via its key specs below!

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Key Features of Wondershare Filmii

  • Advanced Editing mode
  • Auto-Creation Mode
  • List of Ready-made templates as per different social media platforms
  • Full customization
  • Stickers, Title Editor, Motion Elements, and Filters, and royalty-free stock library

Steps on how to make the slideshow with music on Facebook via Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Login Wondershare Filmii

After you launch the Wondershare Filmii on your Windows device, by clicking the 'Try it Free' tab, you need to log in.

Step 2: Select template

After selecting your desired template, hit the Use this Template tab as shown below.

select template filmii for fb slideshow

Now, you need to select the Auto-Create tab to create a slideshow. Also, make sure that you’ve set the aspect ratio for Facebook beforehand.

Step 3: Import Images

Click the Import Media tab to upload images.

You’re required to upload at least three images to make an attractive slideshow out of it. Then, hit the Auto-Create button as follows.

create slideshow filmii

Wait a few seconds to let the magic happens. Given below is a screenshot of your slideshow created within seconds. You can add music you want from the Filmii video editor's inbuilt library by tapping the music icon from the left panel.


Thus, we come to an end of our ultimate guide on how to make a slideshow with music on Facebook, and now it's time to report the concluding statements. The best final help we can give you is by assisting you select an easy yet professional slideshow maker. By easy, we generally mean using inbuilt editing tools such as templates, music editor, text editor, and so on. There's no need to squander your precious time learning high-end software that may not be even important in such basic tasks in this busy life. Instead, go for the ideal tools, like Filmii, specifically made to suit your needs.