Since its launch in 2005, on 14th February, YouTube provides a dias to your creative ideas and share among others through the video content. The website is displaying mainly video content and audio content also. The young generation found YouTube as the most influential platform to showcase their talents.

Now come to the female angle of perspective. If you do a small survey, you can get the results that females use the platform more than their male counterparts. And females are famous for showing their creativity in a makeup tutorial, clothing selection, cooking, fitness, travel, etc. In every genre, you will find the hottest females YouTubers dominate the dias.

Why are these female YouTubers so popular?

Well, the reason is simple. Females are more creative, regular, and fairly present their creativity on YouTube. One more reason is females are beautiful and gorgeous. Therefore, attracts more subscribers and gets support, and becomes famous within no time.

What I get after my research, let me share with you.

Girls of any age are more trendy and social media savvy. They prefer to sit with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube-like social sites and learn and follow their iconic modeler or celebrity persons. Generally, if you post a video on a girly issue, they will watch and share it with their group.

It is standard that girls or females have got various topics than males. And now females pound their feet on adventurous activities also which earlier was controlled by males.

Females are good teachers. Most of the tutorials are created by females on YouTube. The presentation style is unique in every female out there. It is one of the main reasons the best YouTubers are females.

The top 10 most popular female YouTubers

In every field, females are dominating and maintain a balance with their males. Top YouTubers around the world do similar activities. Let's check out the top 10 hottest female YouTubers in the world.

A die-hard dog lover Jenna Mourey known as Jenna Marbles keeps her YouTube channel name after her dog's name Mr. Marble. She started her journey as a YouTuber in 2010 with various activities with her pet. People welcome her fun-filled show on her channel, and she got a massive response as a subscriber list soon. Apart from her YouTube video, she appears in a TV show, 'Ridiculousness,' and designed dog toys for her cute pet. She posted her video every Wednesday. One of her videos got 1 billion views, and most of her other videos got 50+ million views. She has been categorized as top female YouTubers for her contribution to this platform.

Total subscribers: 20.1 Million

Her niche: How to take care of dogs, various home activities.

She has specifically posted comedy videos on YouTube since the beginning, creating a substantial crazy fan base. She's just 21 years old but became a YouTube sensation within a short span. People watch her and appreciate her sense of humor and timing.

Total subscribers: 17.7 Million

Her niche: Comedy show

Alia Maria, 26 years old, becomes a YouTube gamer and attracts a huge fan base. Her YouTube channel name is SSSniper wolf, which stands for sexy sexy sniper, a metal gear gun, and the boss in gaming called wolf. She is even a favorite among the boys also as she presents the game and online game-related stuff. She has the 159th most-watched female gamer on social media platforms and popular female YouTubers among the gaming category.

Total subscribers: 27.7 Million

Her niche: Social Media Gamer

Lilly Singh stands Third Richest female on YouTube, best known for her themed parody and humor bluster. She even featured in HBO's Fahrenheit 451, acclaimed by the watchers. In 2017, her first book was published, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life. She presents valuable tips and tricks on life in a humorous way.

Total subscribers: 14.9 Million

Her niche: Humours actress

Rachel Levin started her journey in 2010 and slowly made her foot strong on YouTube. Her shows depict Lifehacks challenges, beauty tips, and various DIY. she has nominated Teen awards and Streamy awards several times. She is just 22 years and collaborated with Google and other renowned brands for brand promotion and influence marketing.

Total subscribers: 14.6 Million

Her niche: Lifehacks challenge

Females have dominated the fashion and makeup world, and Nikkie presents her numerous makeup tips, skin treatment, haircare, skincare, etc., for her viewers. Nikkie De Jager, a Dutch makeup artist, started her YouTube journey with various makeup tricks and hacked to look radiant in 2015 after posting 'The power of makeup' video content on YouTube. She is a makeup celebrity among the teens and young generation with her valuable content on makeup.

Total Subscribers: 13.8 Million

Her Niche: Makeup & Fashion

She takes her viewers by serving delicious and mouth-watering dishes along with superb presentation and food decoration. Her YouTube identity Nerdy Nummies shows delicious recipes starts from unicorn macaroons to Lego-themed marshmallow pops. She posted her first recipe in 2011, published her cookbook, and created a great food lovers fan base for her channel. Her baking show considers as the best cooking channel on YouTube. She is the best female YouTuber in the cooking niche on this creative platform.

Total subscribers: 12.8 Million

Her niche: Cooking & Baking

Bunny Meyer started her YouTube career in 2010 with her paranormal experiences and several graveyards visiting video content. Currently, she posted content on fashion hacks, unboxing videos, and vlogs on various haunted places. The most amazing girl with high-level bravery, Bunny is famous among her fans for her daredevil roaming stunts in the nighttime at the graveyards.

Total subscribers: 8.22 Million

Her niche: Paranormal activities, fashion hacks

A celebrity trainer Ashley Conrad is famous in the tinsel town of Hollywood. She is a fitness coach and nutritionist by profession and a prominent female YouTuber since her first appearance on YouTube. Her first appearance on YouTube was in 2011 through the website, as she didn't have her own channel. Later in 2015, she created Clutch, where she started presenting different exercises, stretching, yoga, various postures that build muscle and give strength to your body. Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, and P.Diddy are the few celeb names she trained so far. Her name is quite familiar among fitness freaks, and people love to watch her body shaping show Clutch on YouTube.

Total subscriber: 5.41 Million

Her niche: Fitness & Nutritionist

An adventure lover and globetrotter lady Jellenna Elliana have already visited countries by her 1995 GMC Vandura van. She recorded and shoot all her journey and regularly posted on her YouTube channel, Jellenna, famous for living inside the van with her pet snake Alfredo. For the last few years, she traveled to various countries, explore the demography and natural scenic beauty, and posted all for her massive fan base to watch her experience. The YouTube solo vlogger is unique for her adventurous attitude and travel hacks with her pet snake. She broke the myth of travel by air or water carriage and integrated the van for living with all the facilities inside. She keeps visiting unknown sites and uploads precious content for her watchers.

Total subscribers: 2.47 Million

Her niche: Travel & Tourism


Best cook, best fitness coach, famous solo traveler, to top dog lovers, all these female YouTubers are doing outstanding content creators on YouTube. The most star-rated shows are makeup, fashion, DIY, travel, fitness, cooking, gaming, and daredevil performance, where female YouTubers made their stands strong and blew off the challenges, and made their fan base and subscribers. These YouTubers even earn millions of dollars through YouTube by posting content in their respective fields. Watchers get benefits by viewing their show, following their tips and tricks.