Since 2020 September, YouTube has brought lots of changes in the policies and terms. Since then, 8000 channels terminated due to violating the terms and conditions by not abiding by YouTube's community guidelines. Many more get the email notification to make changes, or their channel may get terminated.

Why did YouTube take such strict action against the channel creators?

The answer is YouTube is a mass platform to influence, control and convince people effectively. One cannot go beyond humanity and spread violence, greed, and hatred in society using the vast social media platform. That's the reason Google takes cautionary actions against those creators who violated the norms and used the platform for their personal benefits.

Since Google confirms the community guidelines of YouTube, the authority has changed policy on verification, monetization, and verification badge availability on your channel to make the social site more unbiased, clean, and free from the negative impact of human behavior and social manners.

The basic strategy to run the show on YouTube

When you start your YouTube channel, you have your prerequisite concepts and ideas on the content, who your target audience will be, and what your strategy will be on consistency. If you can visualize your concepts on running a YouTube channel, you have done your half job. Next, you must focus on your content and deliverability, consistency, and presentation style.

If all these norms you are following, you must focus on the marketing and promotion of your channel. Your channel's successful running ratio depends on how effectively you can promote your YouTube channel and outreach strategy. Once you jot down these two factors, you will get exemplary visitors. Again, you need quality and authoritative content to keep sticking your visitors in your channel. Remember, the content quality and how your visitors benefit from the range decide the watch hours and the number of subscriptions on your track.

If you sincerely follow these norms, then get 100k subscribers just a time game. You will soon get verification from the YouTube authority, and you can earn passive income flow from YouTube. You might be surprised to read the word 'Verification.' Let's know.

What is YouTube Verification?

If your channel is successfully running on YouTube and you have 100k subscribers, you will get verification from the YouTube authority. The confirmation is nothing but authentication marks from Google and YouTube, which open many business layers on YouTube. You have to apply for the verification by filling up a form provided by YouTube, and once the channel is verified, you will get the confirmation mail.

To get the verification confirmation, you need the following stuff to be ready:

  • Your channel has 100,000 subscribers
  • In the About section, you mention an individual YouTuber, company, or group of people.
  • The channel must have a unique name with content relevant
  • You must have a high-resolution profile pic, a logo if it’s a company
  • Mention authentic mail id to communicate
  • A clear indication that all the content you are going to post would be your own creation which will carry the authenticity of your social identity
  • You must be active regularly on your channel and consistently posted videos for your viewers

If you are maintaining the above-stated requirements, you can apply for the YouTube verification. YouTube verification has two benefits. First, your channel gets authentic approval from YouTube, which is also social recognition. Secondly, your channel gets the trust of your viewers, which will drive more traffic through like, comments, and share on various other social media handles.

But here, I want to mention that without having 100k subscribers YouTube started floating verification confirmation to few channels. Though they have specific parameters to reach out to the milestone, it's not impossible at all. Let's verify the criteria list to get the verification without reaching the 100k subscribers’ breakthrough.

Can you get verified on YouTube without 100k subscribers?

Since Jan 2020, YouTube has changed its policy norms. Now you do not have to reach the 100k subscribers' landmark to get the verification. But they impose specific criteria on getting the confirmation. What are those? Read below.

  • Suppose your channel posted videos on genuine issues and avoided any controversial topics. If watchers get actual benefits from your content, then YouTube considers your application of verification.
  • If you are the actual creator of the content you posted on your channel, and you do not copy-paste someone else's ideas and concepts.
  • If your channel information is complete, include profile picture, channel description, and regularly active on your channel.

Youtube always believes and trusts in the authentic and genuine presence of the content creator. If you completed all the required forms, but you are a little away from reaching the 100k subscribers club, YouTube will still consider your application and verify your channel.

How to verify your YouTube channel on mobile?

From mobile, you can submit your verification application. The process is simple and exact for Android and iPhone users. You need to follow the steps YouTube provides on your mobile screen, and your channel gets the verification. Let's read the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Google browser and type YouTube.com.

Step 2: Click on the avatar of your channel.

Step 3: On the address bar, type youtube.com/verify and click on the Go button

Step 4: On the page, click on the country option you are staying

Step 5: You will get two options, text message or automated call option. Click on the automatic call option as in some country the test message from youtube is restricted, and you will wait for long hours to get the verification.

Step 6: Check the automated call option and hit the continue button

Step 7: On-call You will get a code, paste the code on the bar and click on the Submit button again.

Step 8: Wait for a few seconds, and you will get the verification confirmation message.

Step 9: Go to the feature section, and you can see that verified is visible with your account.

Now your account is verified by YouTube. Let me tell you the benefits of the verification from mobile. Once your account is verified, you are eligible for:

  • Upload video longer than 15 minutes
  • You can upload a customized thumbnail
  • You can go for a live stream

But to avail of these benefits, you need to wait for 24hours after getting the verification confirmation.

Additional information

If you try to verify your account from mobile, let me tell you YouTube will accept one phone number for two accounts. In that case, if you have 3 or 4 YouTube accounts, you need two or three phone numbers to verify your account through mobile. It is needless to say that Google or YouTube will not sell your phone number to any third party. It will only use for the verification code.

How to keep your verification badge?

To keep your verification badge, you have to follow YouTube community guidelines apply. Or else sooner or later, if YouTube found you violated the rules, your account would get invalidated. Please maintain the below points to keep the verification badge stuck to your account.

  • Do not post biased political content
  • Do not spread hate speech through your content
  • Do not copy-paste someone else's content
  • Do not impersonate else's profile picture, company logo or channel description and even channel name
  • Do not change your YouTube channel name

If you strictly follow these above points, you are safe from the rules violation act and continue with your channel.


youTube provides the platform to showcase your creative essence, explore your hidden talent, and express yourself in front of a large audience. To maintain the standard and keep going on will mark your success story on YouTube. It would be best if you are strategic and complete a proof plan to run the show.