“What are some good gaming channel names for YouTube?”

To develop unique and cool YouTube names for gamers, you need to ascertain our tips, mistakes to avoid, and some of the best tools. Yes, a channel name that resonates with your entire brand doesn't come that handy. You need to do a little bit of gaming exercise to brainstorm better ideas effectively. The easiest way to get started with any of the YouTube channel names, especially when creating a personal brand, is to use your first and last name. Similarly, we'll help you brainstorm other creative ideas to develop the best gaming channel names for YouTube.

So, let’s begin with our expert tips as follows!

How to Pick a YouTube Gaming Channel Name?

“How do you come up with a gamer name?”

Yes, the names for your YouTube gaming channel can be associated with a gamers’ name. Apart from using name generators, here are some helpful tips for picking up good gaming channel names for YouTube.

Be it a talking point!

Whenever someone visits your gaming channel, they’d love to talk to it. It’s the best factor of any channel name to make it catchier and more attractive for the audience. You can see this talking factor as the best gamer tag as well. For this purpose, you can also consider the genre and names of other popular YouTube gamers.

Think of the entire branding!

The names for gaming channels, or be it any other channel, must correspond to your entire branding strategy on online platforms. So, you need not try too hard to check the availability of names on various social media platforms.

Avoid very long titles.

Avoid this situation of using very long names if you want to be attractive. Remember the name as the most crucial factor of any YouTube channel, which you should choose very purposely while avoiding hard-to-learn names. Thus, optimize the name at the same time to let the viewers find you easily.

The topic of your game

What kind of games would you love to project or play? The answer to this will be one of the factors for gaming channel names for YouTube. Remember not to take the topic as it is. That's not a unique idea! You have to include the gaming name that represents the content of your game. Or, you can combine your name with it.

Make it sticky and epic!

If you have ever wondered about cool YouTube names for gamers, they are pretty sticky and epic. Sticky here generally refers to making your gaming YouTube channel name memorable, easy to spell and pronounce. On the other hand, the epic YouTube channel names are unique and embark on the viewer to hit the Subscribe button.

Search on Google

Take the help of Google to search for familiar unique names. For instance, you can search for terms like mythology creatures, Greek mythology, goddess, or other weird kinds of words. It's a great tip to name your YouTube gaming channel in a unique way.

youtube channel name idea

Learn How Other YouTubers Name Their Gaming Channels

It is best represented by analyzing the names of gaming channels that are highly popular. So, let’s check out three such famous gaming YouTubers as follows!

The creator of this channel is Mark Edward Fischbach. Along with gaming content, the channel also features comedy videos. His gaming content mainly revolves around indie and horror games such as Surgeon Simulator or Slender: The Eight Pages. And, you will seldom see the content of mainstream games like Minecraft.

The channel was initially founded in May 2012 and is currently having more than 20 million subscribers. You can determine the name of the channel with the name of the creator very well. You can also refer to the word 'Plier' as 'Player,' represented in Mark's unique manner in his channel's name.

Jordan Maron created this Minecraft-themed channel in 2010. This avid gamer also produces content around parody music videos, animations, and other forms of content that combine comedy with gaming. Well, there's an interesting story behind his channel's name. The word 'CaptainSparklez' was a dare from one of his YouTuber friends, which Jordan first denied replacing with his previous YouTube channel name. And, it is how the word is prevalent till now!

It is another Let's Play Gaming channel by Jonathan Smith. His popular video gaming content revolves around Hitman, Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto, or Fortnite. The creator of this channel is also known as the part of the VanossGaming crew. Yet, the word H20Delirious is unique and catchy to worth considering. You can very well connect the word 'Delirious' with his weird and loud laughter, which also happens due to a bad microphone. But there isn't any availability of fact on selecting his word 'H20', which is also a scientific name of water.

Thus, that is how YouTubers name their gaming channels in a sudden situation or with strategic planning. You can analyze their names independently and take a hint of uniqueness required in your gaming YouTube channel.

20+ Cool YouTube Names for Gamers

To find out some cool YouTube names for gamers, we’d love to let you pass the journey of different types of games along with. They can offer you the best gaming channel name ideas particularly.

So, let’s begin without further ado!

1 – Adventure Games

Here, the style of gameplay is daring, as the name suggests. The players usually interact with other characters in the environment to solve puzzles with different clues. However, Adventure Games rarely include any action-oriented game elements. 

  • Crash with [Name]
  • Rusty Player
  • Guardian Track

2 – Action Games

As the name indicates, these games generally involve physical challenges. Here, the main character interacts with another character in virtue of winning over him/her. Thus, these games are highly action-centered, whether it's players or the corresponding environment.

  • Call of War with [Name]
  • Soulful War
  • Action World of [Name]

3 – Action-Adventure Games

These are combo-packed games involving both challenges and adventures. Here, you can conquer the obstacles using an item or tool collected. These games are further centered on exploration, discovering loot, or solving puzzles, etc.

  • The Way Tracked by [Name]
  • [Name] Action City
  • Unhinged Villain

4 – Simulation Games

These games depict a fictional reality or try to emulate an actual event. Its gameplay structure is fascinating and consists of various reality-oriented elements that may help you get ideas for real-life events.

  • [Name] Thunder Man
  • Simulate with [Name]
  • Reality Empire

5 – Sports Games

Sports games are commonly on football, basketball, soccer, golf, and baseball, etc. You can also categorize these into various Olympic sports events, namely skiing, pool, darts, etc. 

  • Rivaled Arch
  • [Name] Play Tour
  • Hunt Big Bucks with [Name]

6 – Role-Playing Games

These RPGs are commonly known as fantasy or medieval settings. You can further find them in various categories, including the MMORPG, Action RPG, Tactical RPG, First-Person Party-Based RPG, etc.

  • Hunt Monster World
  • Final Fantasy by [Name]
  • My War Shadow

7 – Strategy Games

Strategy games require the players to deploy the best strategies possible to access the world and its resources. The recent update in these games is transitioning from turn-based systems to real-time systems for responsive player feedback.

  • Let’s Go With [Name]
  • Endless Me
  • [Name’s] Sacrifice

8 – Puzzle Games

These are pretty logical games either played on multiple screens or single screen that also requires a player to solve a particular action or problem.

  • The [Name’s] Room
  • Hello Player with [Name]
  • The [Name’s] Eyes

9 – Idle Games

Idle games are unique kinds of games not confined to any specific game genre. The most common of these games include Programming Games, Party Games, Casual Games, Card Games, etc.

  • Player Capitalist [Name]
  • Creative Play Creatures
  • [Name] Time Ticker

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So, you must not ignore using an ideal YouTube video creator and considering other essential factors.


Lastly, we wish to tell you that if you use our suggestions mentioned above on gaming channel names for YouTube, you would have a great YouTube channel. But the truth is, it won't! Beforehand, you have to check their exclusivity on the platform. At the same time, you shouldn't overlook your creative side. We have tried to offer you the best tips and name suggestions possible but not by compromising your creativity. Check for the beautiful names that come to your mind, and thus you can only take a hint to modify them with our recommendations.