In the sparking era of social media and the internet, there is no specific platform to consume audio or video content, there are a lot of options like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. In the last few years, people have started vlogging on Facebook too, vlog on Facebook is something unconventional but still, an exciting audience is there to engage. For a Facebook video creator, it's super important that videos are timely uploaded and edited with the finest video editor. In this article, we are going to talk about some Facebook video editors that are best in their work and could yield some good results on Facebook vlogs.

Best 10 Facebook Video Editors to Vlog on Facebook

Facebook has not upgraded its video editors for a long time now and it would be wise to call it a featureless video editor where you only can trim or turn the sound on/off respectively. Well, this is not enough and today the audience is looking for something crispy and enticing to capture their attention with intro music. Not all the platforms are the same but yes, no doubt Facebook should work on it to keep up the good work.

To bridge the gap, we will be taking care of the people who are looking for a video editor to edit their vlogs on Facebook and create wonderful videos with these tools.


WeVideo works nothing less than a miracle for the people who are into the social video sharing & vlogging niche. Nothing more to say, it supports 4k video making and editing and all the features that a vlogger would need are already there so you just name it. It’s a web app-based solution that could be used on any platform or device without using any app or installation. You can easily make your video go viral by logging into the account and upload the video on the dashboard and share directly on Facebook after making certain changes according to your wish.


Animaker is a free tool that you could use to make delighted facebook videos with a lot of editing and color correction tools. This tool has one of the best templates to choose from and then you can add a lot of effects to your videos. You only need to drag and drop the features to create entirely new video content and the best part is that its compatible with all the devices that people are using these days. The best part about this tool is the custom animator that would help you create any character for your video.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe needs no introduction as it's one of the highly recognized professional video editing tools used by pro geeks. No matter what you want to do in your video, it can still put a smile on a rude face with its effects and other features. The tool is compatible with Windows and macOS and this tool makes it simple to edit videos as you need to import the video that you want to edit and then it’s all yours.


Magisto is another AI-based video editing app that is compatible with Android and iOS. This app has a lot of other video makings as well as editing tools that you enjoy depending on the monthly subscription that you have chosen. In just 3 steps you can create an astonishing video that your audience will like, upload your video or photos, choose the social media style on the app and leave it up to the app as it would automatically give you the best output.


iMovie is a dedicated video editing software that is developed by Apple for its iOS devices. This tool works wonders on apple devices as all the features are configured keeping the apple features in mind. You can simply drag your videos and edit with the effects and transitions that it provides in the app and share it with your friends on social media channels.


As the name suggests, an open shot is an open-source video editor that is free and once can download it with the latest updates from the official website. This tool is compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows and that makes it even more powerful. If you are looking for creating videos for Facebook then download this tool and import the video to make use of some wonderful features that this tool has.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is another free video editing tool for Windows users and it has some great features that you can make use of. Import the file on the dashboard and cut, merge, add audio, add effects, and much more with this free video editing tool. You can also convert one audio format to another if you need to.


Avidemux is a free video editing and transcoding tool that is not old in the market but yes with its free version, it has captured the market by storm and it would be a great alternative for newbie video editors. The software is new in the market so you can download it and test for any bugs as it’s compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, and BSD.

Conclusion-Ready to Get Your Facebook Video Editor?

So, if you are thinking of making a vlog on Facebook and share it without using the less effective Facebook video editor then there are a lot of freemium as well as paid tools in this list. There is a lot of Facebook video maker in the market but it's difficult to choose the best so we have sorted that for you and this guide will help you to decide on the video editor to help you vlog on Facebook. We are pretty sure you would like any of these tools because there are some free as well as a new tool that could attract your attention. If you like any of these tools then do let us know in the comment section and the best feature of that tool.