From status downloaders for WhatsApp to YouTube video downloaders, there are surplus video downloaders of specific functionality on the Internet. But, are there any unique video downloaders for Facebook? Yes, of course, there is. More than you could imagine, there are separate FB video downloaders online, PC, and for your smartphone as well. Does it sound amazing? Yes, you can now download your favorite FB videos for free of high-resolution with Facebook video downloader HD. Need to download any videos on Facebook at the instance? You are on the right page where our today’s article all about Facebook private video downloader is waiting for you.

Part 1: Best Facebook video downloader for PC/Online

First, let’s discuss some of the Facebook video downloaders for PC and online here.

1. Facebook video downloader extension for PC

There are times where we expect that having a Facebook video downloader for PC would be great, isn’t it? Hence, we have taken up 3 Google Chrome extensions to make your task worry-free without any other software installations.


Chrome extension – Video Downloader for Facebook

Offered by Konimatoan, Video Downloader for Facebook is our first Google Chrome extension with 20 000+ users. It supports both Mac and Windows and comes for free with additional download abilities supporting Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram. You can download videos at both SD and HD resolution super-fast with a Video Downloader for Facebook with no complex steps required.

Extension link:

video downloader for facebook


Extension and online – Video Downloader Pro

If you are looking for a two-in-one option of being online and an extension, Video Downloader Pro is the ultimate choice. It is a FB video downloader online that allows you to download your favorite music & video through an URL in one click. Video Downloader Pro is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and opera, supporting video download from sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

extension link:

video downloader pro


Chrome extension- Video Downloader Plus

With 2M active users, here is Video Downloader Plus as our next Facebook video downloader for PC that allows the download of videos from streaming websites like Vimeo, Twitch, and Dailymotion apart from Facebook. Offered completely free-to-use, you can download multiple videos simultaneously, detect & save media type of any format (WMV, FLV, MP3, 3GP), and record video online. Video Downloader Plus is entirely secure as it doesn’t support adult content, illegal content, and YouTube videos. Importantly, you can download videos with no limits and ads!


video downloader plus

2. FB video downloader online

For instant results and video downloads without software or extension affiliation, FB video downloader online is the best solution to go! Explore a few from here.



It is super-fast where you need to paste the link on the search box and hit go! Puzzled about what am I speaking about here? It is none other than Keepvid, an FB video downloader online that downloads FB videos faster in just seconds directly from FB CDN. With options to customize the video download size and action to convert them to MP3, Keepvid supports 100+ sites. Offering other features like an online video converter, TikTok video downloader, and so on, Keepvid is the best online choice indeed!


keepvid video downloader


Bigbangram Facebook video downloader

While it is a popular fact that Facebook doesn’t offer an option to download videos directly within the platform except for saving them onto the playlist, Bigbangram is the best online choice. Being a cloud-based option to download FB videos, Bigbangram is secure that operates on laptops, PCs, smartphones (iPhone, Android) without any restriction. In Bigbangram, just open the video link, paste it, and tap download.


bigbangram video downloader



Like Video Downloader Pro, here is another tool Getfvid that comes online and as a Chrome extension. Apart from video download, you can convert videos to MP4 and MP3 directly for free. Reliable on tablets, computers, and mobile devices, using Getfvid requires no registration or software installation. In Getfvid, all you need to do is, paste the FB video link, tap the download option, and save the video on SD or HD resolution.


getfvid fb video downloader


iDownloader is our last Facebook video downloader HD that is the best tool to save FB videos online, download them and save them as MP4 directly. It is a web-based application that allows you to keep your favorite Facebook videos anywhere on mobile devices, PC or laptop, Mac, and Linux. Compatible with web browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, you can download videos from groups, pages, and posts.


idownloader fb video downloader

Part 2: FB video downloader apps



FastVid is our first FB video downloader app that is one of the easiest ways to download videos from Facebook on devices using a link or URL. With a secure built-in browser, FastVid allows you to log in, browse through the videos, download, and share them on your gallery or other apps with no privacy issues. With the latest improvements like speed enhancements, HD videos download, and so on, FastVid allows video download with or without login.


fastvid fb video downloader


HD video downloader for Facebook

If you are looking out for a Facebook video downloader HD for your Android device, then, HD video downloader for Facebook is the best choice. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, this FB video downloader app from Phela Apps provides video download to different resolutions like HD, 1080P, 2160P, and so on. Apart from just video download, you can also send/share videos through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Bluetooth with this app. Graphical assets sourced from icons8 are a robust, fast tool with a friendly UI where you can easily save the videos to an external SD card directly.


hd video downloader for facebook


So, finally, we are here at the end of our discussion over various Facebook private video downloaders. Not interested in time-consuming installation? FB video downloader online tools like Keepvid and Getfvid are here for you. Else, need a FB video downloader app for your Android device? We have listed FastVid for you. Try them today and share them anywhere!