It is easy as countless Facebook meme generators would line up on the Google search results, promising you to help create funny memes. Facebook is a popular social media platform, is the place to share events, memories, videos, and photos, and is a crazy entertainment field making you laugh and think with funny Facebook memes. Widely related to the sensational news feed or common topics, several memes get posted and shared by thousands of people daily on Facebook.

While some are just for fun, certain memes help create awareness of the incidents or events globally. Recently, the Facebook jail meme is backing up popularity among the users. So, what is this new trend, and how to get yourself into it? The solution is relatively easy – Scroll through our post to find more about it!

Part 1: What does the term Facebook jail imply?

When you attempt a phishing attack or if the Facebook team detects any suspicious attempt on your Facebook account, your account gets temporarily locked or blocked from any further activities. Facebook Jail is for such Facebook account suspends due to violation or breaking of the Facebook Community Standards.

If Facebook suspects spam behavior, violations, or suspicious logins, it locks the particular account for a period of a couple of hours or up to 21 days. Concerned to Combat Hate and Extremism actions to ensure authenticity, privacy, and safety of the community users, Facebook took such measures.

facebook jail

Don't panic if you end up in a Facebook jail. Luckily you aren't the only one, as there are countless personal and business pages on the locked list. Getting out of the Facebook jail is accessible after the 7-day probation period. Based on this Facebook action, many created certain memes, now famous as Facebook jail memes.

facebook jail memes

Part 2: Top Facebook meme generators of 2021

In this session, you can get to know the best 10 Facebook meme generators we have for you, both online and mobile apps.

1. Imgflip

Imgflip is our first Facebook meme generator that is an online tool operating in HTML canvas. Offering options to add customizable images and text, you can resize/move text boxes as desired, customize font, outline color, rotate/flip actions, and so on. With Imgflip, you can also add stickers like speech bubbles, scumbag hats, and sunglasses. Additionally, you can also create meme chains and access options like opacity, draw, scribble tools.

imgflip meme generator

2. Canva

Canva is our following online tool to create funny Facebook memes for free, where all you need is to pick a reliable customizable template to proceed. With drag-and-drop ability, you are allowed with zero restrictions in Canva. Yes, there is no watermark, no font restrictions making it the best choice to create a stunning Facebook jail meme. Local upload, rotation, infinite text boxes, font changes, color options, and format selection are some of the incredible features of Canva.

canva meme generator

3. Kapwing

There are surplus reasons why you should try Kapwing's Facebook meme generator just because of its comprehensive support to videos, GIFs, emojis, shapes, music, and text. With no application installation, you can access Kapwing anywhere on your desktop or mobile. With no prior web skill required, Kapwing is easy to use with visual dimensions.

kapwing meme generator

4. Clideo

Next comes Clideo, an online video creator tool to create a Facebook jail meme in just seconds. Providing three kinds of upload options like a local drive, Dropbox, URL, and Google Drive, you can create nostalgic, philosophical, and funny Facebook memes with Clideo. Offering other actions like merge, crop, cut, resize, compress, subtitles, loop, filters, and so on.

clideo meme generator

5. Lumen5

Lumen5 helps you create unique memes online that you can share on all sorts of social media channels easily. If you are exhausted of the typical old memes, upgrade to the next generation with Lumen5 that offers excellent interface support, comprehensive format compatibility, secure encryption, and convenient features. With Lumen5, you can create a meme with images, GIFs and personalize them with a crop, brightness adjustments, and font customization.

lumen5 meme maker

6. Adobe Spark

Spark from Adobe is our next Facebook meme generator that helps you to create memes in just minutes. With no design skills you can create eye-catching memes with a creative template and stock photo library. With instant results, you can also access themes, alignments, text, images, and color schemes on Spark from Adobe.

adobe spark meme maker

7. InVideo

Reviewed by Capterra and G2, InVideo is a meme creator as well that is known to create funny Facebook memes of the desired format through your selected image. In InVideo, unlike Adobe Spark, you can access the stock-free photos, colors, and text boxes library. Providing tips and the ultimate guide to proceed with meme creation, InVideo is the best choice for beginners.

invideo meme generator

8. PicMonkey

It is not just the name, "PicMonkey," that is unique, but the tool is as well. With designer-crafted templates that are super cool, creating and customizing memes on the PicMonkey platform is easy. Millions of authentic stock photos, superb graphics, minimal learning curve, high-powered extensive feature set, and low subscription price make PicMonkey a preferable choice!

picmonkey meme maker

9. Mematic

If you use an iPhone or an iPad and are looking for a compatible Facebook jail meme maker, we have Mematic for you. With 10 million app downloads, it is the most popular tool that allows you to create an extensive meme collection with new layouts, inspirational quotes, short stories, comments, frames, filters, collages, and captions. Along with privacy actions, Mematic is ad-free!

mematic meme creator

10. Meme Generator Free

Introduced from ZomboDroid, here is Meme Generator Free, designed especially for Android users. With this app from Google Store, you can deep fry your memes with funny effects, create weekly community content updates, breaking news memes, and use more than 1000 high-resolution templates that are in stock. Sixty font styles, no watermark, and dank meme format are the other add-ons!

meme generator free


So, did you find a way to create a Facebook jail meme on your own? Although getting out of the Facebook jail is damn simple, it isn't easy to get out of the Facebook jail meme trend. So, why are you waiting? Thus, pick up a Facebook meme generator and start creating funny Facebook memes so that the world can see your thoughts as well!