In this digital era, everyone uses different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others to grow their business. They advertise their product through these platforms and give information about their business so that customers can reach them. Advertisement plays a vital role in growing companies. It helps a business to earn a profit and promote its sales and product. Thus, if you are promoting your business on Facebook, or Instagram, then Facebook carousel ads are the most acceptable advertisement methods.

So, let us start with learning what Facebook carousel ads are and how they help.

Part 1: What and why use Facebook carousel ads?

Facebook carousel ads are an impressive and stylish ad format that allows you to displace up to 10 images, videos, and GIFs. Now, these ads are viral and a favorite among e-commerce advertisers. These ads are beneficial for the prospect to interact with your ad.

If you have ten unique pictures or videos, you get ten chances to capture new customers for your business. According to Facebook, single-image link ads have less chance of getting clicks by the prospect than carousel ads.

Benefits of Facebook carousel ads

With the help of these carousel ads, you will get more traffic to your business, by which you can promote your brand and earn profit. These ads will give you multiple opportunities to display your product from different angles, positions and in a compelling format. Each carousel cards include additional information, including several features about your brand. Online marketing is competitive; therefore, you have to try unique and lead-generating methods.

Part 2: How to create carousel ads on Facebook using Ads Manager?

You can present two or more images, videos in your single ad, and each with stylish headlines, descriptions, links, photos, and designs. Here are some Facebook carousel ad specs.

Facebook carousel ad size and specifications:

  • Minimum Images: 2
  • Maximum Images: 10
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 (square)
  • Image size or resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Image format: jpg and png
  • Maximum Image file size: 30MB
  • Maximum video file size: 4GB
  • Video time: up to 240 minutes
  • Aspect ratio tolerance: 3% for Facebook only

How to create a carousel ad using ads manager?

  1. Jump to Ads Manager, and click the "+" icon in the top left-hand corner.

creating carousel ad


  1. Choose an object that assists the carousel format, and add your campaign details, campaign budget optimization, and then click "Next."

selecting object

  1. Organize your schedule, Budget, Audience Placements, Optimization, and delivery information, and then click the next button.

organize budget

  1. Choose the Facebook Page you wish to use for your carousel ad in the Identity section

using identity section

  1. Now, you have to select Carousel in the Ad setup section.

preparing ad setup section

  1. Choose your images and links in the Ad creative section.

adding links

Part 3: Best examples and practices of Facebook carousel ads

There are seven objectives in which Facebook carousel ads are available, and each one is crucial. These objectives are traffic, brand awareness, reach, app installs, lead generation, catalog sales, and conversions.


Best Facebook carousel ads examples

Show multiple products or services

Carousel ads are a fantastic opportunity to display to your audience the uniqueness and variety of your product service. You have to make different landing pages and designs and permanently link the pages to the card.

sliding the images

Highlight one product, features, and service

Highlight your every product or part by applying bright backgrounds or in a unique context. Your quality and product should be eye-catching.

setting up an ad

Promote your business or event

Start telling about your business, course, event, training, conference, or any other program. Share the informational details with your viewers, such as venue, time, date, location, or relevant information about your business.

promote your business

Present the benefit to attract your targeted audience

As you know, Facebook carousel ads allow you to displace up to 10 images or videos on your business website. One of the essential factors to catch your audience is to show more benefits to your event. You must mention these mentioned in your events.

Clarify a process

When your audience starts taking an interest in your post, they click on the link to view the entire explanation. Therefore, you should mention your event details in a clear format. Start your process with product details, then images, short videos about service, and finally give a brief explanation about your entire event.

process clarification


Best tips to create Facebook carousel ads

Tell a story through your event image or video: Usually, images and videos capture user attention. You have to develop a narrative story through images and videos. Also, include a proper headline, description, and context.

Develop creative ideas: You have to be creative always. Create an amazing style of images, lightings, colors, and your overall composition has to be creative. Unique things always attract people towards them.

Show your brand identity: Always use a different caption with each image and video. Demonstrate your brand identity and try to use creativity to define your brand. Replace the lowest-performing cards to improve your campaign performance.

Utilize all ad components: You should utilize all your ad components for better user attention. It will generate huge traffic in your business and capture new customers. You have to use ad components like images, videos, headlines, text, context, and description properly.

Make scroll stopping content: Your every image and video should be in a different manner. The user always pays attention to them. Try to make scroll-stopping content, which should be like by the user. Maintain your consistency and perfection in your work.

Part 4: The best tool to create Facebook carousel ads

There are several best tools to create carousel ads, such as Filmii, Filmora X, Creatopy, and many more. However, Filmii from Wondershare is a tool that broadly helps create Facebook carousel ads.

Filmii is one of the most valuable tools to create and edit a video for all your social media platforms. It is also beneficial for creating TikTok or YouTube videos. You can personalize your video by adding content, text, clips, and various kinds of effects. This tool also has multiple templates to create your video in a fashionable format.

Filmii Video Editor

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Various customizable titles for social media

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Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Key features

  • Advanced editing, and have an auto-create mode.
  • Lots of media sources.
  • Motion elements, filters, and stylish titles.
  • Perfect editing features.
  • Easy to use and simple to understand.


Thus, we learned that for every business, advertisement is essential. In Facebook, there are many intelligent advertisement modes, and Facebook carousel ads are just one of them. Finally, with discussion over a few concepts like benefits, Facebook carousel ads examples, and Filmii that would help you create your ads as per Facebook carousel ads specs, we have reached the end of our today's article!