“Can you edit a YouTube video after uploading?”

Yes, it's possible to edit YouTube videos after upload. We've ourselves went through many instances of the same. And, there could be same reasons for you that you want to re-edit your YouTube videos. Well, those reasons are like you came up with any mistakes done on your part in the previously edited video, and now you're looking to improve over that. It's the most common reason people look to edit YouTube videos after upload. And, it's great too! It's because you get to change a lot while you re-edit YouTube videos, which will surely be a growth factor in your content creation strategy. Also, ideally, you should go for red-editing YouTube videos rather than making new ones to improve inevitable mistakes. However, you can create new video content if the changes to be done are significant.

Part 1: Can you edit a YouTube video after uploading?

As already mentioned in the synopsis, it's definite that you can edit a YouTube video even after upload. We'll talk about the same in this whole article. So, make sure you hang out until the end to reach the best possible solutions and tips on editing YouTube videos after upload. We can truly understand your trouble right now where you're very helpless after noticing an error in your YouTube video after it got up there, i.e., it's already uploaded!

After the situation happens, your first reaction would probably be a panic one where you could be thinking of deleting that video or re-uploading the new one. That can be the solution as well, but not without certain limitations!

Suppose you delete the video or re-upload the new one. In that case, you could lose some vital stats that you gained in the previous video, and any embeds of that video would lead your followers to the image given below.

“youtube video unavailable”

So, why not follow a better solution than losing all the engagement?

In the section given below, we've discussed the ultimate steps on editing YouTube video after upload, and that's also without losing any engagement data.

Part 2: How to edit YouTube video after upload?

Now, it’s the real war when you can do tons of editing in the existing YouTube video. You can trim your video, make changes to the audio, add screens and blur sections, and so on within a single screen.

So, let’s start ahead without any further delay!

There may be instances when you want to trim certain sections of your video in the beginning, end, or last section. Cutting a video generally helps in live streaming and to improve another similar video content.

Steps to edit YouTube video after upload [Trim Video]

Step 1: Sign In to your YouTube ID account.

Step 2: Click your profile picture and select YouTube (beta).

Step 3: If you're using an older version, click Beta Studio under the Creator Studio tab.

Step 4: Select the Videos tab from the left-side menu.

Step 5: Select the video's thumbnail you'd like to edit and select the Editor from the top-left menu.

Step 6: You can now select to trim the initial and end parts of the video inside the YouTube editor.

Click the Trim button and let the blue bar guide you forward in trimming the video.

 “click trim button”

Source: www.online-tech-tips.com

Hover the mouse over this blue bar and adjust your trimming as shown below.

“trim youtube video”

Source: www.online-tech-tips.com

The section will come in darker color after you select to remove that section.

Step 7: You can now tap the preview button to see the changes done.

Step 8: Make more edits by clicking the Edit Trim tab.

Step 9: Tap the Save button after you’re over with your edits and wait for them to get processed in the background.

You can follow a similar process to split the sections of the video.

Step 10: After you find the video you’d like to remove, click the Trim button and tap on the Split tab.

A white line will appear on the split section, which you can drag onto the video where you want to start again.

“split youtube video”

Source: www.online-tech-tips.com

Remember not to click the X part as it will remove the selected section,

“do not click x”

Source: www.online-tech-tips.com

Steps to edit YouTube video after upload

Let’s suppose you want to add an audio or change the music file, given below the simple steps. Before that, let’s consider this scenario!

  • You want to edit audio because you're looking to add some background music, maybe into the live streaming video.
  • YouTube has blocked your music track as it was violating the copyrights.
  • Maybe there is a content ID claim placed on your video that's restricting viewers from seeing video content. However, it will not count as a copyright strike because of the content ID claim.

Step 1: Start from the same editor screen and check for the music note. Click the drop-down list given next to it.

Step 2: It will take you to a new window after clicking the blue audio button, as shown below.

“blue audio youtube”

step 3: Select the audio track you’d like to impart into the video according to mood, genre, and duration.

Click Add to video after selection and hit the Save button.

So, this was how you could edit YouTube videos after upload. The following section will take you through the journey of some best YouTube editing tips.

Part 3: Tips for editing a YouTube video effectively

What factors you should look for while editing a YouTube video are discussed in this section. Have a look below!

Embark organization as much as possible

It's the foremost factor you've to look at before you even go for editing the video. A video made of random clips though lots of them can drive you up the wall. Make sure you label your footage correctly, each content dropped within their respective folders, and properly organize the tracks. Yes, this kind of organization will also help you find the content easily and a bit quickly.

Set Realistic Goals

Do not do editing on a super-high level unless you commit to that level of editing later on. Let's say you've shot a 4K video, and now you're looking to edit it awesomely as much as possible. Do you have matching system requirements to edit such high-resolution videos? If the answer is a no, then think of setting realistic goals that you can achieve.

Consider colors

The editor’s job isn’t over at organizing things and setting goals. It’s far away from that! How horrible it looks when someone notices a clear difference in their camera color. It’s highly crucial to get the right colors in your video editing process. Check twice on various color adjustments such as saturation, LUT, contrast, and other similar factors to match the right set of colors within a video.

Make it simple yet effective

Yes, simplicity is the key to every practical thing. Effects and transitions are exciting. But, you should also look for what kind of videos you're editing while trying to add these different effects. Do they even suit your video content? If no, then it's not a hard and fast rule to apply transitions and other kinds of filters in every video.

Cut it Short!

Cut it short here means to customize your keyboard as per the quick editing needs. If you have that keyboard that already comes with nifty keyboard shortcuts listed, your job is halfway through already! Do you know why powerful Editors make it so quick? It's because they don't fumble around clicking the mouse again and again.

Part 4: How to make and edit videos for YouTube?

As we have done loads of discussion on how to edit YouTube video after upload, we'd now like to ask a simple question from you? What are you using to edit your YouTube videos? You're on the right path if your answer is Wondershare Filmii, as it's the most demanding software for video editing purposes. Firstly, we'd like to mention that the recent launch of Wondershare software products and successful comes up as their most rewarding product. With Wondershare Filmii, you can perfectly customize each video imparting their functional editing elements within the editing interface.

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Features of Wondershare Filmii

  • To edit videos quickly, you’re only required to select from the ready-made list of its video editing templates.
  • It has tons of personalized video editing tools that allow users to remove, add, and adjust clips with a bit more flexibility than other editors out there.
  • While editing your videos, you can exploit its custom title editor, filters, stickers and tie them all together for a wonderful project.
  • To further ease the process, you should count for its ready-made presets for different social media platforms, including YouTube.
  • And, if you still get stuck in this video editing process, go and check out various online tutorials available for Wondershare Filmii both on its website and over YouTube as well.


So, this was all regarding how you can edit YouTube videos after upload. We've discussed every aspect of editing, whether it's the post uploading stage or the pre-uploading stage. And, lastly, we've managed to introduce you to a beautiful video editing tool by Wondershare, i.e., Filmii. It made up the whole process a bit easier whenever we edited our videos, and that's also with extra creative injection.