There is no doubt that in the world of streaming twitch has become the interrupted leader for sure. Twitch streamers come with high-quality videos with the help of various sound effects to create fun, entertainment or just to share their favorite tune with the audience. Many times it happens that creators use some music and without knowing to have permission to use that or not. There is much commercial music having copyrights which means some person or organization has rights of use for the song. Thus for creators, it is important to look for some non copyrighted music for twitch.

This article will be talking about ways to get copyright-free music for twitch and along with that some basic information about twitch music rules.

Part 1: Can I Play Copyright-free Music on Twitch?

To understand what kind of music is allowed for your content on twitch here following are some guidelines regarding copyright-free music on twitch.

  1. You are allowed to upload the music owned by yourself in the twitch streams if you use and if you don't use music owned by you it is permitted by law.
  2. One should know that buying music or subscribing to any music streaming service does not give you the right to share music on twitch. Such purchase gives personal licenses to access that music for personal or private playback.
  3. Streamers can use music owned by them, music licensed to them or music streamed using soundtrack by twitch.

Thus streamers always need to have copyright-free music for twitch or find royalty-free music for twitch.

Part 2: What Happens if I Play Copyrighted Music on Twitch?

If one play continuously copyrighted music on twitch for the long term, then there are the following three-strike policy for DMCA takedowns:

  1. First offense results in a 24-hour ban.
  2. A second offense would get 24 hours 7 days ban.
  3. The third offense would be an indefinite or permanent ban on twitch.

Usually whenever you get banned one you have 90 days probationary period, but DMCA ban remains part of your profile in perpetuity.

Part 3: How do I Get Permission to Use Copyrighted Music?

Being a streamer, it is very important to prior check content detailed before using it. Also while adding music effects, you may find some royalty-free music for twitch or non copyrighted music for twitch.

Following steps are required for getting permission to use copyright free music for twitch:

Step 1: Firstly check if permission is required.

Step 2: Then identify the owner.

Step 3: Now check that any rights are needed.

Step 4: It is time to contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required or not.

Step 5: At last, get your permission agreement in writing and now you are allowed to use copyrighted music on twitch and don't need to look for royalty-free music for twitch.

Part 4: Where to Get Twitch DMCA Music?

If you are wondering where to find twitch dmca music, then the following are the places online to find royalty-free music for twitch. Here you can easily find music to stream freely without any kind of DMCA takedowns worry.


Epidemic sound

This platform has more than 30,000 royalty-free music for a twitch in several genres and compatible with Spotify. It allows you to download some specific part of the playlist separately if you wish. Also, all the plans are very affordable for streamers to purchase and allows 30 days of the free trial too. If we talk about the genre it has a wide range of soundtracks for beats, hip-hop, pop, acoustic, etc. All of the soundtracks are unique and adds new tracks on weekly basis too. So if you are looking for non-copyrighted music for twitch then this is the right choice for you.

Here you just need to have a subscription and there will no copyright issue using any soundtracks of Epidemic sound.


OWN3D Music

This is the most popular platform for the streamer to find the best copyright-free music for twitch. It has the most professional soundtracks specially designed for streamers. It has more than 200 Lo-fi soundtracks to use completely freely. One best thing is about it is that it keeps adding new sounds periodically so you won't get bored with the same ones again and again. Thus it is the best platform to get royalty-free music for twitch and it would not disappoint you at all.


Envato Elements

It is the one-stop destination for your all branding needs. This platform has a range of 72000 royalty-free music for twitch streamers. Here you can take the help of filters to find the right soundtrack for the twitch channel. Once you find the right soundtrack you can easily download that or add it to your playlist. You can add or delete the soundtrack from your playlist. For new streamers finding non-copyrighted music for twitch is very easy and effective with Envato elements. Here the subscription will not only give you royalty-free music for twitch but also gives you a variety of stock video, video templates, graphic/social media templates, etc. Thus for streamers, this platform is the quick and most effective option.


Comma Music

This platform not only offers thousands of soundtracks of various genres but also provides royalty-free music for twitch library to offer a student plan. Here creating a sound playlist is very easy with Comma music. Many talented composers are working with this platform to come up with high-quality soundtracks and to entertain viewers. You can choose the subscription plan for your channel depending upon your goals. Also, many well-known brands have used their soundtracks too.


Thus, if you are a new twitch streamer finding out the right music track and which is good or bad for your channel is not at all easy. As mentioned above one could only use noncopyrighted music for twitch to stream on their channel and attract viewers. Finding royalty-free music for twitch and twitch DMCA music would be easy for you with the above-mentioned sources. To provide the best quality copyrighted soundtrack to your viewers and grow your channel effectively.