Nothing can replace creativity, and you should always consider it. No matter whether you’re running a personal YouTube presence or brand, having some creative stuff out there can grab the audience's attention. Along with checking for other YouTube growth factors, you should also dive into the overall design enhancement for your YouTube channel. We’ve devised this post keeping on how to change cover photo on YouTube, keeping in mind the design-related aspects of your YouTube online presence. We'll precisely jot down everything related to the YouTube cover photo in this guide, starting with the ultimate procedure to change the image of the YouTube cover photo.

So, let’s get started without further ado!

Part 1: How to Change Cover Photo on YouTube?

Let's look a bit at what YouTube cover art resembles! It's a big picture above your YouTube profile picture to include what your channel is all about in more specific detail. Thus, don't overlook the power of exploiting such spaces to your advantage. Put as on many effort as you can to make it extremely engaging with the right audience.

Scroll down below and know how to change cover photo on YouTube via the simple steps.

1. How to change the YouTube cover photo on a Desktop?

Step 1: Login to your YouTube channel

Go to the official YouTube platform; enter your account credentials to sign in to YouTube.

Step 2: Click Your Channel option

Tap your little profile picture given on the top-right corner and select the Your Channel option as shown below.

“click your channel”

It will let you enter the window where you can do all the editing.

Step 3: Customize Channel

Now, you have two options to change cover photos on YouTube. You can either click the Camera icon present in the YouTube cover photo space or select Customize Channel option, as shown below.

“customize channel”

You can change both the channel's logo and the channel's art, which is the profile picture and YouTube cover photo.

Step 4: Edit Channel Art

Click the edit icon for the channel cover photo and select the Edit Channel Art option.

“edit channel art”

Now, you can choose media to impart in your channel art. You have three options for the purpose. You can upload your photo from the Desktop, use the already uploaded image or select from YouTube's gallery.

“choose media”

Step 5: Adjust the size

If you haven't noticed the YouTube specifications for the cover photo beforehand, it’s time to crop and adjust the channel art. You can easily adjust as per Desktop, TV, and Mobile Screen.

“adjust youtube cover photo”

Click Adjust the Crop option if you want to make changes, and then hit the Select button after those modifications.

Ta-dah! Your channel art or YouTube cover photo got successfully updated. All your modifications done are automatically saved. If you think how to change the YouTube cover photo, then the steps are relatively identical.

2. How to change YouTube cover photo on mobile?

There's bad news for you guys! Unfortunately, YouTube's cover photo can't be uploaded right from the app unless you get it to interfere with browsing platforms such as Google Chrome.

Thus, you have first to browse YouTube via Google Chrome on mobile if you want to change the YouTube cover photo. After that, the process will be pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Go to

Open a web browser on your mobile phone and visit Once you enter the YouTube home page after entering the Login credentials, switch to the YouTube Desktop Version app.

Click your profile picture on the top-right corner and hold down the Desktop given below to open the tab in a new window.

“open youtube desktop version”

Step 2: Select Your Channel

Once you enter the YouTube desktop app version, click your profile picture and select the Your Channel option as shown below.

 “select your channel youtube”

Then, click the Customize Channel option to change the YouTube cover photo here on mobile.

Step 3: Edit Channel Art

Click the little edit icon in the channel cover photo on the top-right corner and select the Edit Channel Art option.

A popup will appear to upload your images from three options. For reference, we’ve selected the following option.

“upload youtube cover photo”

Step 4: Make changes

After you finish selecting the image, you can choose to crop it and make changes. Click Adjust the Crop and hit the Select button afterward.

Now, you completed all the things you need to set up your YouTube banner. It's all finished successfully, and now you can fuel your creativity with our next section on best examples and tips for YouTube cover photo.

3. Must Check: Resolution or Specification for the YouTube Cover Photo

The current acceptable size for the YouTube cover photo is 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall. However, it’s the minimum size! You can set your YouTube cover photo maximum size at 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels tall.

And, if we also exclude the space covered by the YouTube logo or profile picture, its minimum safety area is recommended at 1560 pixels wide and 423 pixels tall.

Before you know how to put a cover photo on YouTube, make sure to check out these specs and resolutions as well.

“youtube cover photo size”

Part 2: Best YouTube Cover Photo Examples

Let’s uncover some of the excellent YouTube cover photo examples in this section as follows!

1 – Adobe Creative Cloud

“adobe creative cloud”

Have you checked the creativity level of Adobe Creative Cloud? Well, they have to be phenomenal with the banner art because of their fantastic product. The use of different colors in a single cover and great pattern lines stands out among multiples.

2 – Refinery29


Refinery29 has got very wonderful channel art with a spice of simplicity. It has simple elements yet an attractive look. Also, the inclusion of women in most of the letters indicates uniqueness for this channel banner. We love the way they've chosen the theme and showed it with simplicity and the best attraction.

3 – Around The World 4K

“around the world 4k”

On this channel, everything is in 4K and an excellent 8K resolution. Just like the channel's content, the channel art resembles it as well. It resonates very perfectly with what is in each video of this YouTube channel. The scenic beauty and the tagline 'See the World in 8K' offer the required gist and attractiveness to the channel.

4 – Death Wish Coffee Company

“death wish coffee company”

The Death Wish Coffee Company recalls you of the most dangerous coffee-making scenario with its sign, Obvio! However, it is simply their uniqueness and creativity that help them stand better among others. The art is just fantastic with a unique design, even though not entirely straightforward.

5 – Tripadvisor B2B

“tripadvisor b2b”

It is a resource used by millions of travelers around the globe and discovers rate lodgings, restaurants, and much more about fabulous endless destinations. It also offers B2B services for hotels and property owners to make the most out of their site.

Part 3: Tips to Make a Beautiful YouTube Cover Photo

Let’s go a step further and consider what can make your YouTube cover photo pretty marvelous! So, follow these tips along with knowing how to change cover photo on YouTube.

Fits in your vision!

Always look for a layout that works perfectly according to your vision. Always think about what you need to keep on focus on the banner before setting it live. And, ask the question: Is it my vision?

Make it simple yet attractive

You shouldn't include too much, as we've already mentioned in the above sections. Even though your banner is simple, if it is attractive and contains the vision, that can do all the wonders. Overall, you shouldn't pack in too many elements in a single layout design.

Include the text if it can reflect you!

You can include text only if it syncs with your mission and vision. And, what you will add should be pretty creative as well. Also, don't forget about imparting the best font within it. The font should reflect what your mood is in each video content. Overall, it should state your channel's gist.

What’s your quality factor?

Are you using high-quality images, vectors, or design elements? Yes, you must check upon the quality factor as quickly as possible. Every aspect counts, and every mistake as well! No matter how good your text and layout are, the lousy quality can ruin all the shine.

Is there any CTA?

CTAs play a pretty phenomenal role in landing you the right target audience. It can be a button or phrase that asks your audience to follow you on different social media channels and helps nourish your marketing funnel.

Part 4: Bonus Tip: How to Make Videos for YouTube on Windows?

What tool are you using to make videos for YouTube? Ensure that you keep your foot in the most creative one! And, for that purpose, we'd like to recommend the most fantastic video creation tool by Wondershare, which is its latest update as Wondershare Filmii. It is a power-packed bundle of enthusiasm with ready-made video editing tools for go-to creators.

What tool are you using to make videos for YouTube? Ensure that you keep your foot in the most creative one! And, for that purpose, we'd like to recommend the most fantastic video creation tool by Wondershare, which is its latest update as Wondershare Filmii. It is a power-packed bundle of enthusiasm with ready-made video editing tools for go-to creators.

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Hopefully, you've checked our entire post to know how to change cover photos on YouTube. We've also discussed some of the excellent tips and examples to get the most done with little effort. Thus, ensure you follow all the information while framing or changing your YouTube cover photo to the attractive one. And, always remember that each factor counts, whether it's mistake or creativity.