Most YouTube Vloggers focus on a specific niche to reach out to the target audience overall. It is impossible to become famous as a Vlogger overnight. It involves a lot of long-term processes to establish your impact on viewers. Initially, you must create an attractive channel cover to impress the viewers and then make your profile public. Trigger the audience with exciting personal facts related to the selected niche. To start with you must include a welcoming video that gives glimpses about your channel worldwide. You must work on certain technical aspects during the video shoot and editing process. Create high-quality video and organize the content in the form of series. Innovatively convey your thoughts for easy reach to the desired audience.

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Part 1: The Highest-Paid YouTube Vloggers Review

The YouTube Vloggers build a reputation among the viewers and earn a lot of subscriptions and likes which would ultimately lead to good revenue.  It is the right time to look at the famous YouTube Vloggers getting the highest pay and listed as top 10 on the Forbes website. These data will be an inspiration for the newbie Vloggers to begin their career in this field without any hesitation.


Ryan Kaji

ryan youtube vlogger

Age: 9

Revenue: $26 million

Channel Type: Unboxing toys and clothing products

Subscribers: 27.1 million

Channel Features: It creates excitement in viewers while revealing new products through child-like descriptions. Most videos attract kids and toddlers worldwide.


Dude Perfect

dude perfect youtube vlogger

Age: 30

Revenue: $20 million

Channel Type: Play sports, perform stunts, and breaks Guinness records in their videos

Subscribers: 54.1 million

Channel Features: The shots are risky, difficult, insane, and ridiculous. The basic theme of the videos is based on their love of sports.


Anastasia Radzinskaya

nasty youtube vlogger

Age: 6

Revenue: $18 million

Channel Type: She records videos acting short plays with her father, displaying her everyday lifestyle, etc.

Subscribers: 64 million

Channel Features: The innocent and child-like speech attracts the viewers. The realistic performance persuades the kids.


Rhett and Link

rhette youtube vlogger

Age: 42

Revenue: $17.5 million

Channel Type: Eat foods and sing with stars. There are four comedy genres YouTube channels, podcasts, and books.

Subscribers: 4.96 million

Channel Features: Random lively videos with the title series. The bond and timing coordination between the friends while making the videos is notable.


Jeffree Star

jeff youtube vlogger

Age: 34

Revenue: $17 million

Channel Type: Makeup tutorials

Subscribers: 17 million

Channel Features: Accompanies the beauty tutorial along with music and mesmerizing songs.


Preston (Preston Arsement)

preston youtube vlogger

Age:  26

Revenue: $14 million

Channel Type: Gaming content specifically ‘Minecraft’.

Subscribers: 15.2 million

Channel Features: Guiding and friendly communication while displaying gaming content like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, etc.


PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)

pewdiepie youtube vlogger

Age: 30

Revenue: $13 million

Channel Type: Comedy videos, playing and commenting the video games

Subscriber: 107 million

Channel Features: The timely humor sense while recording the video content attracts the subscribers.


Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

mark youtube vlogger

Age: 31

Revenue: $13 million

Channel Type: Promote video gaming and related content

Subscribers: 27.3 million

Channel Features: The voice tone of this commentator is stunning.


DanTDM (Daniel Middleton)

dan youtube vlogger

Age: 28

Revenue: $12 million

Channel Type: Videos playing Minecraft and Fortnite

Subscriber: 24 million

Channel Features: The content resonates with young viewers. The lively gaming tutorials trigger excitement in kids, teens, and the middle-aged generation.


VanossGaming (Evan Fong)

vanoss youtube vlogger

Age: 28

Revenue: $11.5 million

Channel Type: Video gaming Commenter

Subscribers: 25.3 million

Channel Features: Collaborate with other players and solve tricky and funny gaming situations. His comic comments about the gaming videos engage the audience.

Part 2:  Best YouTube Vloggers in Different Niches

To become a successful YouTube Vlogger, you need to choose an interesting and trending niche to persuade the viewers. Depending on your target audience, you can develop informative and funny content.

Travel Vlogger— FunForLouis

travel youtube vlogger

The 37-year-old Louis John Cole, a British nationality YouTube Vlogger posts regular videos in this channel titles ‘FunForLouis’. He creates breathtaking adventurous trips, fun-filled holiday spots, and a compilation of his travel around the globe in an engaging way. In the year 2009, he builds another YouTube channel focusing on vegan food varieties worldwide. This YouTube has the title FoodForLouis.

Beauty Vlogger— NikkieTutorials

beauty vlogger

Nikkie is a Dutch-based YouTube Vlogger posts makeup tutorials and beauty related video content. She is a 26-year-old young and charming vlogger who emphasizes the importance of makeup in her informative videos. The transformation of the faces before makeup and after makeup brings a wow feeling in the viewers. Nikkie is one of the best YouTube Vloggers inspiring more than 13.5 million subscribers around the globe.

Family Vlogger—The ACE Family

family youtube vlogger

It is the family-based vlogging platform where Austin, Catherine, and their three children play pranks and funny events with each other in their family. The entire video contains the day to day life activities in their family. Austin posts the videos regularly and in the year 2019, they announced a small break in their Vlogging activities as they were focusing on the development of Apps.

Food Vlogger—AllasYummyFood

food youtube vlogger

Alla, the young cook inspiring the foodies across boundaries through her food-based Vlogging. Apart from YouTube, she has extended her social networking activities to Facebook, the official website and Instagram, etc. She connects with the positive minds and teaches baking and easy international recipes for the food lovers. She is a serial learner and provides access to more than 500 recipes and virtual cooking classes for beginners.

Comedy vlogger—Ally Law

comedy youtube vlogger

The British based YouTube Vlogger Alistair Law inspires 3.17 million subscribers worldwide through his comic and stunt type videos. He does overnight challenges and uploads videos like climbing buildings in multiple locations like Melbourne, Dubai, and Bangkok, etc. He makes great fun with his friends at the top of the buildings. In the year 2018, he was given a criminal behavior order for 5 years to avoid trespassing on public and private buildings in England, North Wales, and Ireland.

Fashion Vlogger—Zoe Sugg

fashion vlogger

The English YouTube Vlogger initially focused on the beauty products niche and later on expanded her perspectives on homeware products. The Vlogging videos had a great reach to the target audience thereby triggering the sales rate of their business. There are more than 11.2 million subscribers inspired by the Zoe Elizabeth Sugg YouTube videos. The Vlog ‘Zoella’ was launched in the year 2009 and it is active till today persuading the viewers.

Tech Review Vlogger—Marques Brownlee

techview vlogger

The Marques, an American-based Vlogger who graduated from Stevens Institute of technology posts videos and podcasts related to the technical field. His initial launch began in the year 2008 emphasizing the technical related content. The subscriber's count crosses more than 11.6 million. In his videos and podcasts, he talks about a wide range of technical topics like Cloud storage like insync, screencasting techniques, freeware, and hardware, etc.

Gaming Vlogger—PewDiePie

gaming vlogger

The 30-year-old Felix is one of the top vloggers who post videos related to gaming tutorials. He is an English based Swedish Vlogger passionate about video games develops engaging how to play guiding videos on trending interesting games to persuade young minds worldwide. More than 106 million subscribers are looking forward to his video updates regularly.


Finally, it is time to end the discussion on YouTube Vloggers. If you are a newbie Vlogger then this article serves you as inspirational content. Give a good start at the YouTube platform using the creative ideas and innovative concepts of the successful Vloggers. Become a persuading and consistent Vlogger through a unique approach to reaching the target audience. Stay connected with this article to explore a lot in Vlogging techniques. Leave your valuable comments and suggestion about this article.

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