It is hard to maintain your Facebook page for business without advertising. You have an open platform, yet the algorithms keep you in check. Effective marketing isn't always about the best post. It is also about the best time to post on Facebook. Thus, it will help if you find a way to stand up among the thousands of pages on Facebook. So, let us discuss some strategies regarding the best time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure without any delay.

Part 1: When is the best time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure?

If time isn't the most crucial factor in your business, we wouldn't be discussing this topic. With Facebook algorithms pushing down the brands by more than 50 percent in 18 months, it's critical to know your time slot for the next post.

People turn to social media when their work-life gets hectic. The best day to post on Facebook is any of the weekdays. Weekends, especially Sundays, hit the lowest viewers. Ideally, mid-week (Wednesday, Thursday) gathers maximum activity on Facebook.

The best time to post on the Facebook marketplace is between 9 am – 3 pm, ideally between 11 am-1 pm on Wednesdays. You can also look for other weekdays but never on weekends and not after 5 pm.

If you have to choose Sunday, the best time to post on Facebook is between 9 am – 3 pm.

Understand your target audience

The time zones you are hitting with your next post will also affect you. Finding the optimal time for your business also varies with the industry you are dealing with. Social media engagement varies with different sectors.

Business-to-Consumer brands:

B2C brands tend to have high activity on Wednesdays. The best time to post will be 11 am – 1 pm and 4-5 pm. It's ideal to choose a time interval that coincides with worker's breaks. Other than Wednesday, Friday or Thursday also show high engagement.

Business-to-Business brands

Weekdays are the best time to post on the Facebook marketplace as they show peak activity. However, the time interval between 9-10 am or 3-4 pm is the best.

Media brands

Media brands have a different engagement pattern compared to others. Their peak activity is during news bulletins. Tuesday-Thursday is found to be the best for Facebook engagement. The best time to post on Facebook on Sunday might differ as the media activity is different on weekends.

Healthcare brands

Healthcare brands have a pattern of activity that peaks early in the morning. So, the best time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure is before 9 am ideally.

Educational brands

Educational brands have an activity pattern that peaks in the early morning and during breaks between classroom sessions. Early morning before 9 am, lunch break hours, and after 3 pm show the best results. Weekdays are better than weekends for a post.

Tech brands

Wednesdays are the best weekday, preferably around 10 am. Posts that coincide with evening and night hours don't do well.

Part 2: How to find the best time to post on Facebook?

Before you decide the time slot for your next Facebook post, here are different ways to find it.


Using Facebook Page Insights

This is an inbuilt feature of Facebook that can help you assess your posts on Facebook.

To check Facebook page insights, open Facebook Page and click the "See All" button next to Insights. Additionally, Insights is also in the Manage Page toolbar.

facebook page insights

There are different sections of Page Insights listed on the left side and the right side. You will find the related graphical information of each section.

Open the 5 Most Recent Posts section of the Insights page. It will show you the graph that explains the time of engagement of your followers. You should also check the time zone. To get additional information, you can check the Page Views section on insights that shows the country-wise list of your Facebook page views.

Within your Page Insights, go to All Posts to find and sort posts by Likes, Comments, and Shares, etc.

You have to check the Published column to know when exactly your post was published.

5 most recent posts


Using Facebook audience insights

Audience Insights is about finding potential customers across Facebook, including their demographics and other related information.

facebook audience insights

Open your Audience Insights dashboard. Select either insight about Everyone on Facebook (all Facebook users) or People connected to your Page.

You can identify potential customers based on Location, Age, Gender, etc., on the left side of the Page and related graphs on the right side.

The Location tab allows you to categorize and prioritize the geographical area and time zones of users based on which you can decide the best time to post on Facebook.


Analyze and experiment with posting times

A spreadsheet might come in handy if you plan to improve your post timing. Keep an account of all your posts, likes, and comments to find the level of engagement. Find the days and time interval that shows the best result. This way, you create your own personalized Facebook analytics that helps you to find the best time to post on Facebook

analyze with a spreadsheet

Part 3: Platforms to schedule the best time to post on Facebook

There are various tools you can use to promote your Facebook page.



It is a visual social media marketing platform that helps to schedule your content. Later, assisting with media management and analytics is the best platform to plan or schedule posts on Facebook. You can customize the yearly plans according to your need.



  • Automated Publishing
  • Scheduling posts (including Quick Schedule)
  • Content Management
  • Multiple Account Management
  • Analytics


Another social media marketing tool intended for a wide range of consumers such as startup teams, non-profits, businesses, education, etc., is Buffer. Besides, you can also access a unified interface for social conversations and multiple account management abilities with Buffer. The free plan of Buffer lets you connect to three social media accounts.


  • Scheduling posts
  • Automated Publishing
  • Social listening and in-depth analytics
  • Creating batches of posts
  • Content Management


Loomly has powerful tools to improve your content and find the best time to post on Facebook. Media library and interactive content management are what make it a standout among others. It also lets you create customized team workflows.


  • Analytics
  • Scheduling posts
  • Calendar Management
  • Automated Publishing
  • Preferred audience selection


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools used across the world. It boasts a ton of features, including a content library, configurable alerts, and competitor monitoring. If you are looking for a feature-rich media management tool, this is it.


  • Automated Publishing
  • Calendar Management
  • Communication Management
  • Analytics
  • Collaboration Tools


PromoRepublic is another popular tool for business management. It includes some unique features such as color-coding content and autopilot mode and separating your workspaces besides an in-built design tool.


  • Automated Publishing
  • Calendar Management
  • Analytics
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Multiple Account Management

Part 4: Bonus tip: Make videos for Facebook easily

Wondershare Filmii is the best video editor for Windows. Styling and editing videos are a piece of cake for Filmii users. It's best suited for beginners, and yet Filmii comes with all the professional video tools. The attractive user interface and the easy-to-use video templates make it an excellent choice for novice and expert users. The exclusive Auto-create feature is for those who don't want to go through tedious video editing. Also, you have other options like voice-over, filters, motion elements, and many more.

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Thus, it is essential to regularly monitor your social media engagement to understand and analyze the best time for your next post. Weekdays, mainly Wednesday, is the best day to post on Facebook, and morning or break hours seem to be the best time to post on the Facebook marketplace. You can use Facebook's in-built tools to analyze your viewers and find the best time to post on Facebook. There are many media management tools available to support decision-making regarding your Facebook posts, and you have Filmii to help you with some valuable Facebook videos.