"How do you add a timestamp to a YouTube link?"

Being the second-largest search engine globally, YouTube has a pretty staggering audience, especially around the US. And, its popularity can't be overlooked in other regions as YouTube is available in almost 80 different languages. That's pretty incredible. It also means that content creators at this platform are outstanding in their work and are determined to retain their audience as much as possible. And, we're sure that you also want to do that because you're here to learn how to add a timestamp to the YouTube link. Yes, that's the best way to retain your YouTube viewers and keep them up with the correct information they're looking for.

Let's know more about YouTube timestamps in the following sections, along with how to put a timestamp in the YouTube link.

Part 1: What is and why are YouTube timestamps important?

A YouTube timestamp is a way by which you can link a specific moment in the video. Often, the users will bounce or navigate from video content if they couldn’t fund what they’re searching for. And that is what leads to an obstacle to your YouTube growth. The first thing that gets improved after adding a timestamp is the retention rate, as we've already mentioned above. Thus, the YouTube timestamp or video timestamp is a part of YouTube itself.

What's better about these timestamps is that you can refer to the content in minutes and hours wherever necessary. Overall, adding timestamps is a great practice that you must follow and enhance your ranking results in search engines.

Importance of YouTube timestamps

  • They direct viewers to the relevant information in the video content and thus helps avoid the bounce rate.
  • It's a great way to retain viewers, mainly when the video contains long-form content.
  • It enhances viewer experience and hence video SEO.
  • Then click on timestamp is counted as an extra click apart from the video. So, it's excellent to increase YouTube views!
  • It is an invaluable feature, especially for researchers, students, and journalists.
  • It offers a reason to your YouTube subscribers to tune in and check your video as per their requirements. That means timestamp acts as a hook to keep them interested!

Part 2: Possible ways to add a timestamp to a YouTube link

We already discussed that YouTube timestamps are more than necessary, especially when hooking the audience in your content.

This section will cover three possible ways in detail by which you will know how to add a timestamp to the YouTube link.


Steps to add a timestamp to YouTube link via YouTube’s Share feature

Here, use the share function of YouTube to add a timestamp to a YouTube link.

Step 1: Open the YouTube video and load it until you reach the point where you'd like to share from and pause at that moment exactly.

Step 2: There's a small box called Start At beneath the video URL on the share link section. Now, the generation of YouTube timestamp will happen automatically.

“youtube timestamp”

Step 3: Now, you can copy and share this updated URL. Anyone opening the same URL will reach the specific moment for which you created the timestamp.


Steps to add a timestamp to YouTube link via Comments

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account and select the video you'd like to edit.

Step 2: Search the time you'd like to stamp over the video. Remember that you can timestamp an embedded video as well.

Step 3: Play the video and pause at the specific moment you'd like to add a timestamp to a YouTube link.

Step 4: Right-click and check the Copy URL at the Current Time option. The format here is Hours: Minutes: Seconds.

Source: www.designrr.io

Step 5: The video format must resemble this example 4:14 (414), in our reference above. (Minutes: seconds) for the current timestamp.

It means that the eight-minute video paused at 2 minutes fifty-eight seconds.

You can add the description in the comment box and a comment heading below to add a timestamp, as shown in the video. A link then will be served along with the video while offering from that point only.


Steps to add a timestamp to a YouTube link manually

Step 1: Open the YouTube video on the browser and locate its URL as shown below.

“youtube video url”

Source: www.designrr.io

Step 2: Use this format to add a timestamp to a YouTube link.

The time represented by t gets followed by the seconds you'd like to play from. For instance, t = 1m45s. You need to use the ampersand (&) before the timestamp if it contains a question mark at the end.

Always use whole numbers while adding timestamps without initial zeroes, i.e., use 5, not 05.

Part 3: How to put a timestamp in YouTube link?

The best way to know how to put a timestamp in a YouTube link is by adding them to the video description. For this purpose, the steps are below.

“youtube timestamp description”

Source: www.audiencegain.net

The chapter title will be shown as segments in the scrubber bar while scrubbing through a particular video on the device. And, this function will automatically enable you to add chapter information to the video's description.

Steps to know how to put a timestamp in YouTube link via video description

Step 1: Open the description of the YouTube video and add a list of titles and timestamps.

Step 2: The three titles and timestamps are at least compulsory in your list.

Step 3: Mark the first timestamp as ‘0:00’, then tap the spacebar and enter your chapter title. You must also remember to separate seconds, minutes, and hours within a colon. Here’s your example: 'hours: minutes: seconds.

Step 4: Enter the time stamp on the following line where your next chapter will start.

Step 5: Each chapter is required to be at least 10 seconds in length with quite descriptive and short chapter titles.

Step 6: Save the changes after you finish adding the chapter titles.

Note: You must pay attention to the exact time interval while moving to the next step or starting a new section.

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Part 5: FAQs


Why doesn’t YouTube timestamp work at times?

The YouTube timestamps may not be working at certain times due to disabling by YouTube or Google itself. Yes, there's a lot been done nowadays by the users where they find different ways to escape YouTube ads. Thus, it can be the primary reason your timestamps are not showing. It deteriorates the YouTube revenue somehow when viewers try to jump on the content without even viewing the ad directly.


Is adding timestamps in all YouTube videos necessary?

No, it's not necessary to add a timestamp in each of your YouTube videos. You can consider adding timestamps only in specific YouTube videos where you feel it a bit tough to retain the viewer due to the dynamic nature of the content contained within.


For what type of YouTube video is timestamp essential?

We've almost discussed the application of timestamps to specific videos in the above answer. Still, you can reference Tutorial Videos, Listings videos, Q&A videos, and similar other content containing a bit dynamic element.


So, this was how to add a timestamp to a YouTube link using different possible ways, including the manual one. Adding timestamps can further benefit you in retaining the audience or providing them with the relevant information. However, these YouTube timestamps may get disabled sometimes if YouTube or Google predicts that they're losing the revenue when viewers direct themselves to what they want automatically without even viewing the ad. Well, that's rare and won't disturb the genuine creators!