“Why don’t people watch my videos?" – Anonymous.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a Home movie maker on YouTube, you might have felt that frustration at some point. YouTube is a very tricky platform, and you need to have some tricks up your sleeve before you put your content out there. Above all, you should know how to add tags to YouTube videos. Hashtags are clickable words with a hash (#) sign before them that you can add to your video. There are hashtags all around our social media platforms. If you are serious about getting your content noticed, hashtags are a must. So, don't lose your views and money just because you don't know how to put hashtags on YouTube.

Part 1: What are YouTube hashtags and their importance?

Hashtags are the SEO Keyword equivalent on YouTube. They are user-generated tagging that you can add to your video. If it's still difficult for you to understand the concept, consider this example. You go to a supermarket to buy a new pair of shoes. That "Footwear" signage helps you to reach the section faster. Hashtags work the same way. It allows YouTube to categorize your content by understanding what it is about. It allows users to find the content quickly, just like how signage helps you in a supermarket.

Hashtags are all about increasing the discoverability of your video. Many YouTubers make separate playlists for their content; hashtags work similarly. It helps viewers find a specific type of video, and if your video is tagged, the visibility of your video automatically increases. So, it's essential to understand how to add tags to YouTube videos.

There are two ways how people can use hashtags to find the content

  1. Click on the hashtag of a video to find the related content
  2. Search on YouTube using a specific hashtag.

Either way, hashtags can help you get more views with a simple click. Thus, it is no guarantee for success on YouTube. You need to make relevant and engaging content to draw the attention of your audience. And by increasing the number of subscribers, hashtags tend to increase the views even further.

Part 2: Best tools, YouTube hashtags, and practices

Now that we understood how YouTube hashtags work, we need to learn how to effectively add tags to YouTube videos. You can do it two ways. Manually, by analyzing all related content on YouTube and finding the best hashtags, or if you are smart enough, by using freely available tools for hashtags. Before we move into "how to add hashtags to YouTube videos," allow us to introduce you to some of the best tools for YouTube hashtags.


List of best tools to find YouTube hashtags

  1. Rapidtags
  2. Keyword Tool
  3. TagsYouTube
  4. Tag Keywords
  5. SEO Book
  6. Better Way to Web
  7. YTube Tool
  8. Kparser

We have given a list of free and online tools for you to find the best YouTube hashtags for your video. So next time, don't worry about how to add hashtags to YouTube videos; let these tools help you do it. You can do it in a few quick steps by just adding your video URL or even by giving your YouTube Channel name.


Best YouTube hashtags of 2021

We are also providing you with the ten most popular YouTube hashtags of 2021. Do try them on your next video.

  1. #youtube
  2. #youtuber
  3. #youtubechannel
  4. #subscribe
  5. #youtubevideo
  6. #like
  7. #follow
  8. #gaming
  9. #love
  10. #music

“hashtag search”


Best practices or tips for YouTube hashtags

So, by now, you are aware that hashtags are an essential part of your YouTube video, no matter what your content is. This tutorial also provides you with some valuable tips for adding YouTube tags to your video. Check them out.

Check them out.

  1. Hashtags can include letters, digits, and underscores. Use any of the preceding tools to generate tags. Do not put hashtags irrelevant to your video; YouTube might identify it as spam.
  2. It's advisable to add 3-4 hashtags to your video. You can add as many as 15 tags. But the more tags you add, the less relevant your video becomes for someone searching with one of your hashtags. So, stop over-tagging.
  3. You should put your core tag at the beginning of the tag list. This way, YouTube algorithms will quickly detect and categorize your video

    “core tag”

  4. Does a YouTube search use # to see what is trending now? You can also search using your chosen hashtags before uploading to see what comes up. This way, you can ensure your video hashtag doesn't belong to spams or irrelevant content.
  5. You can make your personalized hashtags. But don't overuse them. One advantage of branded or personalized hashtags is that it creases the chance of your video appearing on top of the search results.
  6. Follow and learn from other YouTube influencers making similar content. They might know the platform better, and you can make use of their hashtags as well.

Part 3: How to add hashtags to YouTube videos?

So, how to add tags to YouTube videos? There is more than one method to add a hashtag to your video. We are giving you detailed instructions on how to put hashtags on YouTube.

  1. Go to your YouTube Studio Editor if you have already uploaded the video and find the video for which you want to add a hashtag.
  2. To upload a new video with hashtags, click CREATE.
  3. In the Basic Info section, you can add hashtags in multiple locations in a video. You can add them in 3 below ways.
  1. Video description – Add them at the end of the video description.
  2. Video Title – In any part of the video title after #.
  3. Above the video title – Automatically shown if you don't have title hashtags.

“types of hashtag”

Source: www.tubics.com

  1. If you add the hashtag on the video title, make sure that the hashtag doesn't ruin the title by being a random word.
  2. By default, title hashtags overrule hashtags above the video title, which means if you have title hashtags, you won't have hashtags above the video title.
  3. Hashtags in the title and description are also hyperlinked.
  4. If you don't add hashtags in the title, the first three hashtags in the description will show above the video title.
  5. Once edited, click on Publish (or Save Changes).

“add hashtag”

Hope this guide assisted you in understanding how to add tags to YouTube video. With YouTube, there's always a learning curve. But hashtags can help you to increase your viewership even if you are a beginner. Be sure to check out the tools we have mentioned.

Part 4: How to make wonderful videos for YouTube?

For a successful stint on YouTube, it isn't just enough to know how to add hashtags to YouTube videos; it's also about creating the most engaging content for your viewers. We are introducing you to Wondershare Filmii – the perfect video maker for anyone on YouTube. Whether you are a beginner content maker or someone who wants to showcase those ideal family moments, Filmii is here to assist you. This tool will help you take your videos to the next level, given you have good equipment for capturing your favorite moments.

Filmii is a beginner-friendly yet advanced video editor for Windows. If you want to style your videos without going through tedious editing processes, choose Filmii. Filmii has all the professional video tools and comes with a ton of themes to choose from. Filmii has an intuitive interface and an array of features, ready-made video templates, and other advanced editing tools.

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So, this was the tutorial on how to add tags to a YouTube video. Hashtags boost engagement in all social media platforms, and YouTube is no exception. It makes your content more accessible to viewers. When it comes to hashtags, it's crucial to identify which ones work best for your content. Thus, we have provided you with a list of online tools you can use to auto-generate hashtags for you.

Further, use the popular hashtags in the trending list to increase your views. Apart from learning how to put hashtags on YouTube, one should know the dos and don'ts with hashtags. We have provided some tips to do the hashtags the right way. And if your content still needs an upgrade, Wondershare Filmii is here to help you.