Are you ready to create your vlog? Do you have all you need in your vlog kit?

Vlogging is now a full-time profession for many content creators. They have to compete with big names and media houses that are also coming into vlogging. Naturally, shooting with your smartphone doesn't cut the cake anymore!

You need professional gear to beat the competition and create a name for yourself. Today, we will explore the things you must-have in your starter vlogging kit. Along with that, we will provide our recommendations for the best gears of a vlogger kit.

What are Essential Gears in Vlogging Kit for Beginners?

Try to arrange the following gears to include in your vlogger kit-

  • Camera
  • SD card
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Lighting accessories
  • Spare batteries

Next, we will take up each component in detail to show you what you need.

Best vlogger Kit for Beginners 2020

You should have the following products in your kit to shoot high-standard videos. You can add more stuff to your kit, but these are the bare minimum, even for beginners.



Serious vlogging needs a good camera. You can't expect to shoot mind-boggling content with your smartphone. We recommend the Sony ZV-1, a solid camera built for vlogging.

  • Sensor: 20.1MP CMOS
  • Lens: ZEISS 24-70mm
  • Video: UHD 4K30p
  • Display: Flip-Out touchscreen LCD
  • Mic: Directional 3-capsule

Serious vlogging needs a good camera. You can't expect to shoot mind-boggling content with your smartphone. We recommend the Sony ZV-1, a solid camera built for vlogging.

You can find several features on the Sony vlogging camera meant for vlogging. For example, the Background Defocus instantly maximizes background blur without changing any settings. Another great feature is the Product Showcase, which allows the camera to maintain focus on any product throughout the recording.

ZV-1 also comes with a three-mic array with filtering for background noise.


SD Card

SD cards are the next important element of a vlogger kit. You need to keep enough cards in your stock to store the hours you record. Additionally, the speed of your SD Card must match the speed of your camera. Else, you will end up with skipped frames in post-production.

Here are some quality SD cards you can consider-

SanDisk Extreme PRO: SanDisk is a popular name in the storage industry. The Extreme Pro comes in various capacities and supports 4K videos with speeds up to 170mb/s.

Sony SF-G Tough SDXC: With write speeds of 299mb/s, Sony Tough is great for high-speed videos and burst photography. The card is bendable and can resist 18KG of pressure without breaking.

Transcend SDXC UHS-II U3: Transcend is another great SD card that supports speeds up to 180mb/s. However, the maximum space you can get is 64GB, which might be a bit less for 4K.



A good microphone can be a valued addition to a vlogging starter kit. The three-capsule mic on Sony ZV-1 is not bad but doesn't provide professional results. We suggest you use a standard microphone if you plan to record dialogues or ambient sounds.

Here are some great choices-

Boya MM1: Boya is a versatile mic that supports a range of devices apart from cameras. The shotgun microphone is designed to reduce noise and vibration. You can get it for below $40.

Deity D4 Duo: Coming at around $90, Deity is ideal for sound interviews and fast-paced action. You can even hook a wireless transmitter using the 3.5mm aux input.

Rode VideoMic Pro+: Rode is a professional mic that provides exceptional audio quality. You can reduce low background noises and record distortion-free dialogues. It's a bit expensive and can be yours at around $300.



You want your camera to be as stable as possible while recording specific shots, especially the long ones. Additionally, you need to keep your camera stable while using HDR or shooting in low-light conditions.

Human hands are not the most stable thing, as we all know. As a result, a tripod becomes a must in your vlog kit.

Here's what we prefer-

Joby Gorillapod Tripod: Joby range of Gorillapod tripods are handy and flexible. You can take stable shots on various uneven surfaces with high efficiency. Choose a tripod that supports your camera for the best results.

SwitchPod: If you want a solid iron tripod, SwitchPod is a sweet deal. It's durable and switches between travel and setup mode quickly. However, the rigid build of the SwitchPod makes it less flexible.

Both the tripods are compact and support vlogging. So, you can get any one of them without worries.


Lighting Accessories

Do you need lights in vlogging kit for beginners?

You will need lights to shoot in low-light conditions and at night. This is true for both indoor and outdoor shots. You do have regular lights indoors, but they may not be great for shooting a vlog.

Here's what you may consider using-

Aputure Amaran MC:These mini RGB LED cubes are ideal for shooting in the absence of light. You can get them in several colors to suit your needs. The light cubes also come with a cover that makes the glow much warmer. You can place the cubes anywhere you want to create instant lighting for your shots.

Neewer LED Ring Light 18" Kit: Great for portrait shoots, the Neewer LED ring is full professional lighting setup. You can use your smartphone to create various light settings for interviews and continuous shots.


Spare Batteries

Most batteries on vlogging cameras don't provide enough juice to last throughout the day. Even the Sony ZV-1 has a maximum backup of 45-minutes, which is not adequate.

Any serious vlogger will have one or two sets of spare batteries to charge up quickly. Consider how long you are going to shoot and prepare ahead to prevent running out of power.

And obviously, don't forget to charge your batteries to full before you leave your house!


Camera, mic, SD card, tripod, lights, and spare batteries are the things you need in your vlog kit. You can always use our suggested products or choose the ones you like. Please make sure they are compatible with each other and provide reliable performance. Don't compromise on your kit as it will impact the quality of your videos.