TikTok videos have been a rage and continue to be popular among the young generation, especially among teenagers, young adults, and creative media people. It has become a cheap and effective way to create videos, especially selfies for which this application offers several features. If you have been exploring the different ways to make TikTok videos more appealing, you might consider the illumination effects. A handy accessory to get professional exposure for your shoots would be the TikTok ring light.

Have you ever wondered if more exposure effects on your face would add more drama to your videos? You could get uniform exposure to your face and surroundings when shooting selfie videos? For all such effect enhancements, a ring light with a stand is the key. Here we explore the ways you can use such an accessory, how to source one, and the best seller models in the market.

Why Use a Ring Light?

Did you know that such accessories were originally used in dental clinics? However, they have had a more glamorous association, mainly being the illumination source used by professionals for glamor shots, portraits, and videography for a single subject. The modern accessories are made less bulky and portable as well as more affordable. For that reason, if you wish to perfect your selfies, beauty shots, or are shooting a selfie video, opt for a ring light for TikTok.

The main purpose of such an accessory is to cast even illumination onto the person or a specific area. It helps reduce shadows as well as capture focus of the eyes in case of selfies or videos with a single person in it. These also help add warmth or coolness to photos or videos as per the finishes required. They are handy accessories that amateurs can also use and get a professional finish for their photoshoots or videography.

There are ways to experiment with such an accessory as well. Some selfie ring light products are fitted with tripod stands which allow one to take shots from different angles and distances. High-end products allow one to shoot under low exposure conditions and across longer distances. They also help prevent distortion to the final image and reduce the time for processing.

Why Use Ring Light

With high end, bulky models to inexpensive, portable basic models, there is a wide range in this category to choose from.

Things to Consider about Selecting a Ring Light

There are certain factors that one should consider before making such a purchase:

Power Consumption

This should be the primary factor to consider, especially if you wish to attach a less bulky application to your smartphone. Many are of nominal weight and powered with rechargeable batteries. That makes them inexpensive and portable. However, these are effective when you are shooting in small confined spaces and need basic illumination power. Larger models that offer high power illumination usually require a power supply that is best supplied from a wall power unit.

Color Temperature

This is a factor to consider when you are picking up a product for selfies or for professional shoots. The color temperature range will allow you flexibility in terms of warm or cool lighting effects. Some products come with snap filters or dimmers. These help one to make videos or photos appear warmer or help to make them appear cooler. If you want to take beauty shots primarily then opt for products with a color temperature in the range of 4800K to 5000K. This ensures that illumination is neither too warm nor too cool. ‘K’ or Kelvin is the unit used for describing light’s color temperature. For lightweight applications, 2700 to 3000K is also adequate.

Brightness Adjustability

This is another feature that is present in most high-quality products. Indeed, most of these products come with a dimmer. It helps with continuous illumination in the case of video as well as photography. Many have a dimmer function that users can control. One can adjust brightness between 30% and 100%.


The lightweight accessories that act as a clip on to smartphones are in demand these days. If you simply want to take better selfie portraits or TikTok videos, then such a portable device would work well. However, remember that such devices come with limited power supply, usually requiring rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, the ones fitted with larger LED bulbs and providing high power illumination would need a larger power source and would have to be plugged in.

The above factors are the basic parameters for choosing such an appliance. There are other aspects that often determine the purchases such as tripod stand, a remote which are often bundled into the purchase as a complete kit. These help professional photographers to have all the necessary accessories in the right place. Other factors to consider are the durability of the product, warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer, and user-friendly features.

Best Tiktok Ring Light 2020

The following are the best selling ring light or accessory kits for the same:

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

This particular product emphasizes on even brightness, something that is a requirement in beauty shots. You get 3 lighting levels that are adjustable, helping users get flawless shots. If you are trying to capture professional-looking selfies, this is the product you would want to invest in.

Tiktok Ring Light Qiaya

Source: amazon.com

AIXPI Ring Light

This product has gained popularity this year due to several handy features and accessories that it comes with. Understanding the need for amateur or professional photographers, this product not only features high quality LED bulbs with 10 types of brightness levels, it also includes shooting in three different brightness modes. You can use it for makeup photography with a dimmable desk feature as well as the link to YouTube videos directly for live streaming. To make the setup complete one can use the phone holder and tripod stand that comes with it.

Tiktok Ring Light Aixpi

Source: amazon.com

Kodak Smartphone Portrait Light

This brand needs no introduction in the market when it comes to photography products. Hence, it is of little wonder that one can find a portrait light product by Kodak that promises several premier features. These include 3 levels of brightness, 5600K in color temperature as well as provide the exposure that helps smartphones to get portrait photography right. You would want to look out for the KPL001 model that works with both rear as well as front camera.

Tiktok Ring Light Kodak

Source: amazon.com

Whellen Selfie Ring Light

This is also a handy product that comes with a budget price tag, making it a product of choice among amateur vlogger. It can be easily used with laptops and tablets besides smartphones. The model comprises rechargeable batteries and is a clip-on LED white light that is perfect for selfies.

Tiktok Ring Light Whellen


Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light Kit

If you are looking for a larger illuminating accessory in this category within a budget price, this is a product to consider. It comes with several features including a large size of 18 inches for brighter illumination of larger areas. It also comes with a silver lightweight stand and is fitted with LED bulbs that are dimmable and of 42W.

Tiktok Ring Light Neewer.jpg

Source: www.xxllashes.com

Wescott 18″ BI-Color LED Ring Light

Those who are looking for more than white and even illumination can opt to invest in this 18” product that flaunts bi-color LED. There is a built-in diffusion and comes with a power adapter as well as Lion batteries. It offers a temperature range of 3200 to 5600K. You find it operating smoothly without any flickers to 97 CRI. It is ideal for video applications as well as photography and is a popular product of choice for vlogging, headshots, beauty shots, portraits, and others.

Tiktok Ring Light Wescott

Source: amazon.com


If your interest in ring lights has started from shooting your favorite TikTok videos to perfection, you could probably start with a small 6-inch accessory that comes with at least 3 brightness or shooting modes. Those who wish to get a wider illumination range and more features can option for10 to 18-inch models. With dimmer features, up to 7 different brightness or shooting modes, you would be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right model. Of course, your budget and portability or size of the product would be determining factors.