Smartphones now have excellent cameras with an array of lenses to shoot amazing vlogs. Top-end Android mobiles or iPhones are even suitable for small scale professional work. It's without a doubt that smartphone cameras have evolved to become much better. However, you still can't compare them with a decent DSLR or digicam.

Fortunately, you now have mobile lenses to bridge the gap! You can order yourself a mobile camera lens and take your videos to another level.

Photographers can get a range of lenses for their phones like fisheye and macro lenses. Some brands even sell lens kits with multiple lenses to shoot in varied situations.

Today, we are going to explore how you can choose the right smartphone lens for your needs. Along with that, we will also present the 6 top phone lenses you can consider buying.

So. let's start without any more delay!

What to Look for in Good Mobile Camera Lenses?

Keep the following factors in mind while selecting your mobile lenses-


Some lenses are universal and support all smartphones. You can buy a clip-on lens and pair it with your mobile to start shooting quickly. However, there are also phone lenses designed for specific models. Do your research and choose a compatible lens for your smartphone.

Image Quality

Don't go for cheap lenses that are a complete waste of money. You are better off with your mobile camera compared to lenses that don't guarantee image quality.

Additionally, low end wide-angle may lead to distortions. Go for a quality lens that improves your results.


Most vloggers won't be willing to spend more than $100 on a smartphone lenses. You can also get decent smartphone lenses at a much lesser price. However, you should invest a bit if you plan to record your vlogs using your phone for a considerable time.


Your mobile lens should be durable enough to withstand regular use. You will need to attach and take off the lenses continuously, so look for a robust build.

Along with that, the durability of the lens is also important. Expensive lenses use quality glass to provide extra longevity. Look for a lens with durable materials.

Types of External Lenses

Telephoto Lens

Telephoto Lens


Telephoto lenses help you shoot subjects that are far away. It has a long focal length, much more than the length of the lens. Clip this to phone, you can record long-focus shots as how the photographer does with a DSLR. Telephoto lenses are ideal for shooting sports or wildlife, where you can't get closer to your subject. But here is the thing to be noted. Telephoto lenses have a great effect on picture quality. Only extremely good telephoto lenses can guarantee the picture quality while they are costly.

Macro Lens

Macro Lens


Macro lenses for phones are great for capturing details of small objects. The close-up shots of flowers and insects you see are mostly shot with a macro lens. These lenses can produce an image with great magnification, sometimes even 5-times the actual object (5:1).

Wide-Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens


If the focal length of the camera lens is less than 35 mm, then it can be considered wide angle lens. Wide-angle lenses have a wider field of view compared to regular lenses. As a result, you can accommodate more objects in a single frame.

Wide-angle lenses come with varying focal lengths for shooting different scenes.

Fisheye Lens

Fisheye Lens


Fisheye lenses are known as “ultra wide” lenses. They enable you to shoot super-wide-angle shots, even up to 180-degrees. The image looks a bit circular and creates an artistic sense. You will find the use of fisheye lenses in many abstract or dynamic projects.

Best Mobile Lenses 2020

Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Pro

Best Mobile Lenses Xenvo


Xenvo is a set of professional and an expensive lens for your iPhone and Android. You get two lenses, one 15x macro lens, and one 0.45x wide-angle lens to improve your shots. The build of the lenses is impeccable with rubber pads to protect your phone. You also get a clip-on LED to illuminate your subjects with three brightness settings.

Xenvo is comparable to any SLR when it comes to image quality. You can take excellent close-up shots using the macro lens at just 1/2-inch distance from your subject. The wide-angle lens is also impressive and uses TruView technology for stunning shots. However, you may find a bit of smudging around the corners.

Moment Lenses

Best Mobile Lenses Moment


Moment is one of the best brands for mobile lenses. The company is top-rated by leading names like Tom's Guide and Wirecutter for its excellent image quality. You can always expect world-class performance from any lens you buy from Moment.

Coming to Moment's offerings, you can get yourself a whole range of phone lenses. Macro, wide-angle, telephoto, fisheye- the company sells all types of lenses, suiting iPhones and Android phones.

Using Moment lenses will help you shoot stunning vlogs and attract more viewers. You can also check out some customer reviews to find out what people think. The brand even sells lenses for drones and cameras.

You won't need anything else when you have a Moment in your kit. They are really easy to use and compact enough for traveling. The lenses are also handmade using cinema-grade glass.

Aukey Ora Lens

Best Mobile Lenses Aukey


Aukey Ora lenses are an affordable choice for smart vloggers. The lenses come at around $20 and offer sharp and quality images. You get a wide-angle and a macro lens in the kit that suits a number of smartphones.

The wide-angle lens can increase the coverage of your phone by 45%. You can capture a wider field of view with minimum curvature appearing on your footages.

The 10x macro lens is also powerful enough to capture even the minutest details. Along with that, you have a nice blur to the rest of the image for an artistic feel. The lens also works well to reduce lens flare in sunny conditions.

Aukey Ora lenses are also quite sturdy and use an aluminum alloy for the build. It's a simple solution for vloggers that provides impressive flexibility.

CamKix Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit

Best Mobile Lenses Camkix


CamKix is a 3-in-1 lens kit that suits most smartphones available in the market. In fact, you can even use the lens with really old phones.

The kit contains a fisheye lens that lets you shoot ultra-wide frames with a circular appearance. Along with that, you get one wide-angle and one macro lens. These two lenses are housed together for easy operation and reducing storage space.

When it comes to performance, the lenses improve your phone's image and video quality by many times. Each lens works like promised to help you create amazing vlogs that your viewers love. Whether you use the macro or wide-angle lens, you always get a professional performance.

CamKix has made the lenses using aluminum to last a long time.

Shuttermoon Camera Lens Kit

Best Mobile Lenses Shuttermoon


Shuttermoon is a complete solution for your mobile lens needs. The kit comes with 5 lenses that include a macro lens, wide-angle lens, fisheye lens, telephoto lens, and a polarized lens. All the lenses provide outstanding quality and improve your smartphone camera's capabilities.

Shuttermoon lenses are universal with a clip-on system. Putting on and taking off the lenses from the clipper is easy and quick. Everything fits nicely inside a carry bag that completes your vlogger kit.

The price of the kit is quite affordable, considering the wide range of lenses you get. The product is suited for vloggers who want great results with minimum hassles.

The build is also impressive with metal body and optical glass.

Olloclip Lenses

Best Mobile Lenses Olloclip


Olloclip is the champion of mobile lenses. The brand sells patent-pending lenses that instantly upgrade your mobile camera. You can buy all sorts of lenses with exceptional quality and performance. Olloclip has even released a brand new pack of lenses for the iPhone 11.

Images and videos shot with Olloclip lenses are easily discernable from a regular phone camera. The quality of your shots even beat other phone lens manufacturers. Olloclip is popular and well-known for its studio-grade results. You can use the lenses to suit varied shooting conditions, from virtual shows to news anchoring.

You do need to spend a bit as Olloclip lenses are not cheap. But you can consider it a sound investment that will bring value for years to come.


Mobile lenses are the right choice when you don't want to invest in an expensive camera. They are also ideal for shooting great vlogs without the added weight. Phone lenses are very portable and can fit your pockets without any troubles. We suggest you go for a quality lens as you will be using it for a considerable time. Along with that, check out the quality of videos before you place your order.