Do you want to add the "wow" factor to your vlogs?

The best way to woo your audience these days is to present stunning aerial shots. For that, you will need a cheap drone with a camera in your initial days. Once you get some practice, you can shift to an advanced drone for professional shots.

You need to consider a few things before you buy your affordable drone. We will cover all these considerations and even recommend a few budget drones.

But first, let's see what you can do with drones. That's not possible with your regular camera.

Why You Need a Drone for Vlogging?

Vlogging Drone


Drones are slowly becoming a norm for professional vlogs. They are great for getting an aerial perspective of whatever you are shooting.

Like travel vlogging, some scenarios can use drones to take spectacular footage of mountains, beaches, or a group of islands. The shots you take using your drone is not possible unless you hire a helicopter. Naturally, drone shots mean more viewers and more subscribers to your channel.

Additionally, drones are also great for shooting urban landscapes and covering roadways. You can take cinematic shots and follow cars, bikes, and boats without leaving your spot.

How to Select a Drone with Camera for Vlogging?

Your Niche

Select Drone For Vlogging


What you shoot will decide the type of drone you need. For instance, if you shoot travel vlogs, you will want a durable and stable drone. A good drone should be your priority.


Drones are now much more affordable. You can get the best budget drone even without burning a hole in your pockets. If you have the money, don't compromise on quality. Otherwise, get a decent drone for the standard price.

Flying Performance

Wind resistance: Drones can withstand wind speeds of up to 10 - 30mph. Buy a drone with adequate speed to counter wind currents while you shoot.

Hovering ability:Drones can hover using multi-rotor motors. Some have auto-hover features to make matters simple.

Camera Features

Video resolution: Look for a drone that can shoot at least in HD.

Photo resolution: If you plan to take photos, choose a drone with decent image resolution.

File format: Ensure the drone camera shoots in formats your post-production equipment supports.

Stabilization: A good drone should be stable for eliminating jerks. It's better to choose a drone with a 3-axis-stabilized camera. If you don't have adequate money for that, a 2-axis-stabilized-camera can also let you enjoy aerial shooting.

Transmission Distance

Go for a drone with a long transmission distance if you plan to cover large areas.

Best Cheap Drones with Camera 2020


Ryze Tello

Cheap Drone Ryze Tello


Tello is the best cheap drone for vloggers. It's compact, cool, and takes off from your hands to capture videos in 720p. You can also take images at 5MP with a flight time of 13-minutes. Tello has an impressive transmission distance for the price, at 100m.

Tello is really easy to fly and comes with image stabilization. It can even perform flips in the air to capture innovative shots. Powered by a 14-core Intel processor, Tello is a powerful drone you can buy under $100.


  • Collision detection
  • Uses app to control


  • Not for professionals

Eachine E520S

Cheap Drone Eachine E520s


Eachine is the best affordable drone for professional results. You can shoot in 4K HD with a distance of 250m with great quality. The drone features GPS for tracking it and automatic returns. It can even pair up with your phone's GPS and follow you automatically.

The E520S comes with a flight time of 16-minutes driven by a 1200mAh battery. It sports advanced features like auto altitude hold and one-key takeoff to make your job easy. The foldable drone costs just over $100.


  • Real-time sync
  • 120 wide-angle


  • Poor customer service

Parrot Anafi

Cheap Drone Parrot Anafi.jpg


Parrot Anafi is one of the best drones for vlogging at around $900. The camera is something to die for with 4K videos and 21MP photos. Plus, you get advanced camera features like timer and burst modes.

Parrot's flying performance is also excellent, and it can reach up to 55 km/h. You can expect a flying time of 25-minutes and impressive wind resistance capabilities.

Parrot sports all advanced features like return to base and track your drone. The best of all, the drone supports a range of 4kms!


  • 3x zoom
  • Countless flight modes


  • Expensive

DJI Spark

Cheap Drone Dji Spark

DJI Spark is another beauty you can use for your vlogs. It shoots 1080p videos and captures images at 12MP. Additional perks include a top speed of 31mph and 16-minutes flight time with one-tap fly controls. Spark also comes with GPS tracking and navigability for convenience.

You can use your smartphone to control the drone with a range of 1.2miles. However, you can even take pictures just by making hand gestures without any remote!

It costs around $500.


  • Good wind resistance
  • Auto hovering


  • Connectivity issues

DJI Mavic Mini

Cheap Drone Dji Mavic Mini


Mavic Mini should be your choice if you want the cheapest DJI drone. It offers all the features you need to shoot professional vlogs with 2.7K, FHD video. The drone has a maximum flight time of 30-minutes and can reach a maximum speed of 29mph.

Mavic Mini is lightweight and can be controlled using your smartphone. It costs around $400 and supports Android 6.0 and iOS 10.0 and above.

Beginners who want to use this drone will surely love the Flight Tutorial feature. However, the drone is really simple to fly.


  • Travel-ready
  • Great stability


  • Faulty software


A cheap drone with a camera is great for gaining experience. Some of the drones we covered offer more, and let you shoot professional vlogs. Choose your drone carefully so that you can use it for a long time without needing an update. And ensure to practice well before you try flying your drone in challenging areas.