Filmii vs Filmora

Let's explore Filmii's wonderland and find out how Filmora is different
from its sister brand Filmii.

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Comprehensive Comparison between
Filmii and Filmora

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Best for


Beginner and intermediate
video editors

Pricing(Monthly Plan)

$9.99 / Month


Pricing(Annual Plan)

$34.99 / Year

$39.99 / Year

Available on


Windows & Mac


Extremely easy


AI-powered video editor



Automatically generate video



Ready-made Templates



Built-in video elements



Built-in Royalty Free Music



Motion Tracking






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What's New in Wondershare Filmii
Comparing with Filmora?

AI-powered Video Editor Make Your Editing
Process Faster and More Efficient

It is not easy to start from scratch for a beginner who hadn’t taken any video editing training. However, with Wondershare Filmii, you don’t have to waste time doing the primary editing step. Our AI-powered technology helps you express your ideas, fit your content to an eye-catching ready-made template, and find background music and additional elements that make your videos stand out.

Various Stunning Templates Suit Your
Different Needs

Whether you start your travel channel on YouTube, trying to post a vintage video on Instagram, or you want to share your cooking hacks on Pinterest, Filmii can be your first choice of video editing tools. Once you open Filmii, select one template from a variety of visually striking templates according to your needs and get started right away.

What Our Users Say ...

I am a vlogger and I have a parenting YouTube Channel. Filmii’s beautiful templates help me speed up my editing. Comparing with other video editors, I have to trim the useless part by myself. However, Filmii can do the trifle for me and it really saves a lot of time.

Evelyne | 2020-12-20

Filmii is so amazing, it allows me to create vlog videos automatically with filters and transitions. Like it so much.

Christine | 2020-12-10

I like cooking and I sometimes put my cooking videos on social media. The user-interface is an absolute pleasure to use and the feature set really does pack a punch. There is very little that you can't do with Filmii. So incredible!

Jumi | 2020-12-10

After testing several programs which I won’t name- I ll just say that they crushed a lot, were not intuitive to use, and needed more resources to run- I discovered Filmora, and it was that “huge step” for me. It improved my work and opened new frontiers which any creator loves! I use a lot of effects in my clips and I also use filmora for editing my animations.

Daniela | 2020-12-13

My association with Filmora is of almost Five years. It is sooo user friendly. It gives an opportunity to use all the options with free installation. This allows user to learn, try and understand the world of editing. With this one can easily decide on purchasing the software. In my view, it is one of the best software for beginners and medium level editors. Newly introduced KeyFraming and motion tracking features are super cool, and I liked it. Filmora is worth buying and no regrets... Happy Editing...

Shridhar | 2020-12-16

It is really suprising how easy to is to learn how to work with it. Editing made easy.

Pete | 2020-12-14

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