In this section you will learn how to divide one clip into multiple clips as well as how to remove unwanted portions of a clip using the tools Trim, Split, Delete, and Scene Detection.


To trim a clip is to remove portions from the beginning or end. If you recorded for longer than you needed to, or if the most interesting part of your clip happens a few moments in, you can trim your clip to include only the most exciting part.

If you are creating with a template, Wondershare Filmii will analyze your footage and trim your slips automatically to highlight the best parts.

If you are creating in Advanced Editing mode, you can trim manually by clicking on the bar at the beginning or end of your clip and dragging it in past the part you want to remove.

trim filmii video


When you make cuts in a clip to divide it into two or more shorter clips, that is called splitting.

You can split clips in Filmii’s Advanced Editing mode by selecting a clip in your timeline and dragging the red playhead to the place in the clip you want to make a cut. Then, use the scissors icon on the timeline toolbar to split your clip.

split filmii video


Auto Creation: before clicking Auto Create, if you change your mind about a clip or image you’ve added you can select it in the area you’ve ordered your clips and then click the trashcan icon to remove it.

click trashcan icon

If you’ve already gone through the Auto Create process, you can still delete clips and images in Quick Edit mode. You won’t see a list of thumbnails here, but hovering over sections in the progress bar beneath the preview will cause thumbnails to appear. Select the clip or image you want to remove in the progress bar and click the trashcan icon that appears over its thumbnail. 

delete preview video

Advanced Editing: if there’s a clip or other piece of media in your timeline you no longer want to include in your video, simply select it in the timeline and hit the delete key on your keyboard. You could also right-click and choose Delete.

delete video in advanced editing

Scene Detection

Scene Detection is a feature available in the Advanced Editing mode. It will automatically split a video clip into multiple clips by analyzing the footage to determine when new scenes start.

To use Scene Detection, right-click on a clip in your Media Library and choose Scene Detection. After the analysis is complete a folder icon will appear in your clip’s thumbnail. Click it to see all of your new smaller clips and choose which you want to drag into the timeline.

filmii scene detection

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