Wondershare Filmii includes over 100 transition effects broken up into 7 categories: basic, slide, dissolve, warp, stylized, cartoon, and shapes.

locate transitions in filmii

When you are creating with a smart template, the template will add transitions automatically.

To locate the transitions in Filmii’s Advanced Editing mode, click on the icon in the right of the interface that looks like two arrows.


How to Add a Transition

To add a transition in Advanced Editing, click on it and drag it into the timeline between two video clips or images.

You can choose to place your transition fully on either clip, or have it equally on both.

add transition in filmii

Transition Duration

Double click on a transition in your timeline and you will see an option to change its duration. You can apply the same duration to all of the transitions in your timeline by clicking Apply to All Transitions.

transition duration

How to Remove a Transition


Select a transition in the timeline and hit delete on your keyboard to remove it. Deleting either of the clips touching the transition will also remove it.

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