Wondershare Filmii includes over 300 text effects including titles, openers, lower thirds, subtitles, and credits. Text effects will be added to your video automatically when you create with a template, or you can add and customize them manually in Advanced Editing.

titles texts in filmii

How to Add Titles

drag drop title to timeline

Find a title you like and drag it into the timeline and drop it in a track above the clip you want it to appear over.

Media on higher tracks is layered higher in your video, so if there is an image or video placed above your text in a higher track your text will be hidden behind it.

Once you’ve added your text effect above your video clip you can move it by dragging it in the timeline, or by dragging the clip below it which will cause all of the associated text, audio files, and other effects to move with the clip.

You can drag your title without effecting the clip below it, but dragging the clip will always move the title too. Deleting the clip will delete the title.


How to Edit Text

Double click on a text effect in your timeline to see the text editing tools. They’ll appear in the right of the interface, next to the video preview.

Many title options include multiple elements such as separate text fields and graphics. Separate text fields will need to be edited separately.

edit text in filmii

Text: a box under the heading ‘Text’ will display the default message of the text effect. You can delete that message and type in your own in this box.

Font: a dropdown menu under the text box will allow you to choose a font.

Size: a dropdown menu under the text box will allow you to choose your font size.

Bold: click to make your text bold.

Italics: click to italicize your text.

Spacing Icons: you can choose between four options for how to align your text: align left, align right, centered, and justified.

Text Color: click to choose a color for your text.

Text Opacity: drag the slider left to make your text transparent.

Text Space: drag the slider to allow more or less space between letters.

Line Space: drag the slider to allow more or less space between lines of text.

Position: to adjust the position of your text you can either drag it to a new location in the preview window or click the position box in the menu and choose which region of the screen it should sit in.

Animation: choose an animation for how the text will appear and disappear.

Shape Fill: add a shape behind your text.

Fill Color: choose the color of the shape you’ve added.

Fill Opacity: make the shape you’ve added behind your text transparent by dragging the slider left.

Shadow Color: add a drop shadow to your text and choose its color.


How to Delete Text

To remove a piece of text from your video, select it in the timeline and hit the delete key on your keyboard. If you delete the video clip or image a title is associated with then the title will be deleted as well.

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