You have several options when starting a new project in Wondershare Filmii. The first choice is which aspect ratio you will use, and if you use the 16:9 aspect ratio then you’ll also be able to choose between several templates designed around creative themes and moods.

Templates in Auto Create Mode

Filmii Interface  Navigation

Clicking ‘Start from Scratch’ will open Advanced Editing mode. In this mode, you will be able to freely cut your clips, drag and drop video effects, color correct, and more. However, if you want to get started faster, Filmii also includes several smart templates that can trim clips for you as well as add transitions, elements, and other effects based on your chosen theme.

Previewing Templates

Click on the thumbnail of a template (i.e. Instant Classic or Pop of Color) to watch a preview of what the template looks like applied to a video. It will show you things like the text and motion graphics that will be applied. If you like the preview, click Use this Template in the preview window to get started on your video.

Filmii Templates Preview

Creating with Templates

Filmii Auto Create Templates

Clicking Use This Template while previewing a template will take you to Template Mode. Here’s how you make a video in this mode:

Step 1: Import your clips and/or images. Try to use at least 3 to get the best results from your template.

Step 2: Drag your clips and/or images into the timeline and put them in the order you’d like them to appear in your video. You can rearrange your clips by dragging them.

Filmii Import media to templates

Step 3: Click Auto Create to apply the smart template you chose. The template will add effects and trim clips down to the best parts.

Once the Auto Create process is done, you’ll be able to change the message in any text effects appearing in your video.

Filmii Auto Create Interface

Once the template has been applied, you’ll have the option to either export your video or move on to Advanced Editing Mode to make more changes.

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