You can make your clips up to 100 times faster or slower in Wondershare Filmii’s Advanced Editing mode, or you can even play them backwards. Here’s how to access the speed controls.

First, select a video or audio clip in your timeline. Then, click on the speed gauge icon in the right of the timeline toolbar. You could also right-click and choose Speed and Duration.

filmii speed control

The Custom Speed window will open. Drag the speed slider right to speed your clip up or left to slow it down. If you need your clip to last for a specific length of time, you can also type in a new duration for your clip next to Duration and the clip will either speed up or slow down to match that length.

At the bottom of the Custom Speed window, you will see a Play Video in Reverse option which you can select if you want to play your clip backwards.

filmii adjust video speed

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