Here is how to navigate the start interface of Filmii. It will discuss all of the menu options in the first interface and explain the different editing modes.


On the left of the interface, there is a menu with the options ‘Log In’, ‘Create’, ‘Recent’, and ‘Open Project’.

Log In: click here to log in to your Wondershare ID account. In order to move off the free trial and export without a watermark, you will need to log in to an account associated with a paid plan.

Create: choose this to start a new video. You’ll see options for different ways to create on the right of the screen, and we’ll discuss those later in this guide.

Recent: choose this to see the videos you’ve been working on recently.

Open Project: choosing this option will open your computer’s file explorer and allow you to choose a Filmii project file to open.

Filmii Interface  Navigation

Two Ways to Create

If you choose Create in the left menu you will see two different ways to start a video.

Start From Scratch: choosing this option will open Advanced Editing Mode. You will be able to create a completely custom video from scratch using your imported clips as well as titles, motion graphics, and other effects in Filmii.

Filmii Start from Scratch

Templates: choose any of the other thumbnails (i.e. Instant Classic, Bon Appetit, etc.) to begin editing in Template Mode. In this mode, you will import your clips, arrange them in the order you want, and then click Auto Create. From there, Filmii will trim your clips and apply the titles, transitions, and other effects associated with the template you chose.

Filmii Template Preview

You will see a preview of what your chosen template looks like when you first click its thumbnail. You will have the option to either choose Use This Template or to click the ‘x’ and keep browsing other template options.

Aspect Ratios

At the top of the interface, you’ll see the options 16:9 and More. The aspect ratio 16:9 is the one most common to computer and television screens, as well as players such as YouTube.

Filmii Aspect Ratio

If you click More you will see other options such as 9:16, 4:3, 21:9, and 1:1. You can start from scratch and create a video in any of these dimensions using Advanced Editing Mode. However, templates can only be used to create a 16:9 video.

16:9 - the aspect ratio of widescreen televisions. The default YouTube media player is 16:9. If you want to create using one of Filmii’s smart templates, you will need to choose 16:9.

1:1 – a square aspect ratio that is commonly used on Instagram.

9:16 – an aspect ratio that is tall rather than wide.

4:3 – standard television. This is the aspect ratio of older TVs and may match to old family videos.

21:9 – the ultrawide aspect ratio use for CinemaScope. 

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