Wondershare Filmii includes over 300 motion elements – animated graphics ranging from arrows for tutorials to cute cartoon characters.

To locate the elements in Filmii’s Advanced Editing mode, click the smiley face icon in the left of the interface. The elements are broken up into 13 categories based on theme to make it easier for you to find the ones that match the kind of video you want to make.

locate elements in filmii

When you are creating with a smart template, any elements included in that template will be added automatically.


How to Add Elements

To add an element in Advanced Editing, click on it and drag it into the timeline above the clip you want it to appear on. Remember that layering anything above the element, such as another clip or image, will cause it to become hidden behind the higher layer.

add elements in filmii

Editing Elements

Elements are treated like video clips in Filmii. Double click on them in the timeline and you will see all of the same options for color correcting or rotating your element. Here are the tools you’ll see:

Brightness: use the slider to make your image brighter or darker. 

Contrast: use the slider to increase or decrease the contrast between the light and dark in your image. Dragging the slider right will result in an image with bright whites and dark shadows and dragging it left will make things more even. 

Saturation: use the slider to control how saturated your image is. Dragging the slider right will increase the intensity of your colors and dragging it left will result in a greyer image. 

Temperature: use the slider to change the temperature of the light in your image. Dragging the slider right will result in a more orange colored light and dragging it left will result in a more blue colored light. 

Tint: drag the slider to add a colored tint to your image.  

3D LUT: choose from a dropdown menu of color settings inspired by Hollywood movies and tv shows. 

edit elements in filmii

You can also add effects like 3D LUTs, distortions, or shakes to elements by locating them under the magic wand icon and dragging them either directly onto an element in the timeline or into a track above an element.


How to Remove an Element

Select an element in the timeline and hit delete on your keyboard to remove it. Deleting a clip an element is associated with will also remove the element.

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