If you click the magic wand icon in Wondershare Filmii’s Advanced Editing interface you’ll see a wide variety of effects including:


Utility: masking, mosaics you can use to blur parts of your video, blurs for around the edges of videos with different aspect ratios, and other useful effects can be found here.

Shake: effects that make it look like the camera is shaking.

Retro: effects to make your footage look older /aged.

Distortion: effects to distort your footage in a variety of ways.

Frame: frames you can add around your clips or images.

Overlays: animated graphics you can layer over your clips or images.

LUT: filters and color presets you can drag onto your clips or images.

effects library

When you are creating with a smart template, any LUTs or other effects included in that template will be added automatically.


How to Add Effects

To add an effect in Advanced Editing, click on it and drag it into the timeline above the clip you want it to affect. You can adjust the length of the effect by dragging its left and right edges.  

add affectsOr, you can drag an effect directly onto a clip in the timeline instead of into a track above it. This will apply the effect to the entire clip.

Editing Effects

Double click on an effect in your timeline to see which of its properties you can adjust. Or, if you’ve applied an effect directly onto a clip, double click on that clip and then switch to the Effect tab to see your options.

Options will vary depending on which effect you are using.

In most cases there will be an Alpha slider you can use to adjust the intensity or opacity of an effect.

Effects where there is movement in a specific direction may allow you to change that direction. Some effects, like Image Mask, will have shape options to choose from.

iamge mask effect

How to Remove an Effect

After selecting an effect, you can drag it to the timeline to see whether it is appropriate for this video. If you want to remove the effect, just click “close” button on the right side of the player.

remove effects

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