What if I need to locate the missing files?

Filmii needs to be able to access your original footage and other media where it is saved on your computer. Because the path to locate your footage is saved with your project changing that path by moving, deleting, or renaming footage will result in the files being ‘missing’.

If this happens, you will be prompted to relocate the files. After you’ve let Filmii know where to access your footage from you’ll be able to continue with your project normally.

First, click the search icon to open the file explorer.

relocate missing files

Find your footage or other media using the file explorer and select it. That’s all you need to do! If the issue was just that the files had been moved to a different folder you could also move them back to their original location and re-open your project.

To avoid this issue in the future, you can save your project and media files together in the same folder by going to File > Archive Project instead of File > Save Project.  

Where the project will be saved to?

If you go to File > Save Project As then your project file will be saved locally on your computer in the location you select.

If you go to File > Archive project then your project file and all of the included footage and other media will be saved as a zip file locally on your computer. The default location is C:\Documents\Wondershare Filmii\Archive, but you can choose a new location.

Can I open .miiproj projects with other software or video players?

Files with the .miiproj extension can only be opened with Filmii. If you want to watch your video in a player you will need to export it as a video file first.

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