Email marketing might be one of the oldest running modes of marketing, but it has seen some drastic changes in the last decade. Gone are the days when a few simple texts were enough to get the attention of your readers. Now, marketers also take the assistance of GIFs, videos, and other dynamic content to make emails more enticing. To help you, I will let you know about some pro tips on video email marketing that would certainly come in handy.

Part 1: What is Video Email Marketing?

Have you ever come across a marketing email with any video, or a GIF attached that made you click on the provided link? Well, that is exactly what video email marketing is!

It is a popular email marketing tactic in which we include a clip, a snippet of the video, a GIF, a dynamic image, etc. in the email. In most cases, the video is embedded in the email so that the recipient can watch it without leaving the native interface. These days, marketers only include a snippet of the video so that it can load quickly and get the attention of the recipient right away.

video email marketing

Part 2: What are the Benefits of Video Email Marketing?

In the last few years, video email marketing trends have skyrocketed. Here are some of the major benefits of video email marketing that would make you explore it as well.

  • It has been noticed that an email with video content can improve its click-through rate by up to 300%.
  • Similarly, the un-subscription rate for video emails is almost 70% less than that of standard emails.
  • The open rate for emails with videos is also increased by around 8-12% compared to other emails.
  • Your customers are expected to retain 90-70% of the information shared via a video, which is not the case with texts.
  • Apart from click-through for improving traffic, emails with videos are more likely to be forwarded as well.
  • Most importantly, having videos in your emails would make them look more credible and your content can even go viral with its vast reach.

Part 3: Expert Video Email Marketing Tips You Must Follow

Now when know the overall benefits of video email marketing, let’s quickly understand how to devise better video email marketing tactics.

Tip 1: Come up with Stunning Videos with an Editor

The most important thing that you need before sending an email is to have the perfect video embedded in it. For this, I would recommend using Wondershare Filmii, which is an AI-integrated video editor. The application has hundreds of video editing elements like captions, transitions, stock files, filters, overlays, etc. that you can readily use.

There are also numerous advanced editing options like scene detection, pan-and-zoom, speed controls, audio mixer, etc. that you can further explore. The best part is that Wondershare Filmii is an extremely user-friendly application, letting you create and edit videos on the go.

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Tip 2: Research the Target Email Service

Before you create a video embedded email, you should do some research about the target devices and email services. For instance, most of the email services these days support video embedded emails (like iOS, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and more).

Though, there are some services like Yahoo!, AOL, Lotus, Windows Mail, etc. where the embedded videos might not work. In this case, you can insert the video URL instead to redirect your audience.

Tip 3: Use a Reliable Video Embedding Option

You might already know that to embed a video to an email body, you need to take the assistance of HTML5. If you want, you can just write the relevant embedding HTML5 codes to do the same.

Besides that, there are also professional third-party applications that you can use for embedding videos. Just make sure that your video is already uploaded on YouTube so that you can link it to the email body easily. Once the video is uploaded on YouTube, you can go to the “Share” option to copy the video embedding link from here.

video embedding option

Tip 4: Consider your Overall Marketing Needs

It is always recommended to have a dedicated video email marketing strategy in mind in advance. For instance, you should know if your aim is to create brand awareness, redirect your audience to a link, generate leads, and so on. Based on that, you can come up with a suitable video (like a testimonial or a promotional ad). Ideally, the overall tone and copy of the email would also be dependent on your needs and what you wish to achieve with your marketing emails.

Tips 5: Include Interesting Video Thumbnails

Ideally, your videos won’t start playing as soon as the email is loaded. Instead, its thumbnail would be displayed that the recipient can click to play the video. Therefore, it is recommended to come up with an enticing and high contrast email that would certainly catch the eye of your audience. Needless to say, the thumbnail should be a part of the video so that the recipient won’t feel misguided after watching the video.

email video thumbnail

Other Pro Tips to Consider

Besides that, you can also go through the following tips to get an effective video email marketing results:

  • Make sure that the subject line and the supported content in the email are also interesting.
  • It is recommended to use the word “video” in the subject line to improve the chances of getting the email opened.
  • Ideally, your video should not be too long (as it would take time to load). Most experts consider including a 90-120 second video instead.
  • Try not to include too many things in the video email marketing content and be clear and specific about what you wish to convey.
  • Be sure that the video should go with the overall tone of your brand and must be the highlighted part of the email content.
  • While coming up with your video email marketing campaign, include a CTA (Call to Action) link in every email (related to the video) to redirect your audience.
  • Most importantly, always shoot some test emails before launching the final video marketing campaign and make sure that the content is fun (and won’t offend anyone).


As you can see, video email marketing can certainly be one of the driving factors to generate more leads to get traction for your product. I have included all kinds of beginner and pro-tips here that you can further consider applying. To make sure that your videos are interesting, a dedicated tool like Wondershare Filmii would come in handy. Apart from email marketing videos, the tool can also be used to create and edit videos for other platforms without much trouble.