There was a time when before Netflix and chill we all used to enjoy watching TV so much and we always wanted to skip the commercials all the time too. We watched a mixture of best commercials and bad ones too but we cannot ignore that some of them were best and such best commercials ever still we cannot forget.

So don't miss out to rememorize the best commercials of all time with this article:

Part 1: Why are Those TV Commercials Amazing?

Many factors play a major role in creating a TV commercial amazing and appealing. If you are thinking that what exactly it takes to make the best commercials of all time then below are the reasons:

  1. If we observe then we would realize that the funniest commercials focus on creating a storyline. Those best Superbowl ads just don't sell a product or services but they include a small dose of humor to grab the attention of viewers and promote their brand.
  2. Also, one most important thing is that those best commercials are always kept simple. This means rather than adding complex things simple ads are always easy to grab attention. So those best commercials of all time are kept simple always.
  3. Those best commercials have added one specific character or a theme throughout an ad. So through that viewers can connect to the brand and later on whenever they see such a character or a theme they could easily guess the brand.

Part 2: 20 Best Commercials of All Time

Now it's time to find some of the successful best commercials of all time.

Funniest Commercials

We do realize that creating humor through an ad is not at all an easy task and along with that selling your product too. Here are the top funniest commercials below:

1. McDonald's- Ball pit

McDonald's is one of the global brands and with this ad they have tried to blast their competition and it was a risky call for sure but a brand like McDonald's handled it so nicely and attracted people.

2 . Snickers- Hungry Betty White

This ad is surely favorite among all and it has been so many years still it is one of the funniest commercials not at all forgotten.

3 . Mountain Dew- As Good as the Original

It is one of the known soft drink brands and they delivered a concept of Zero sugar phenomenally here.

4 . Cheetos- Can't touch this

This commercial of Cheetos has won so many hearts and made all of the audience laugh so much. Along with an iconic song and brilliant concept, we could surely say that it is one of the best commercials ever.

5 . Amazon- Before Alexa

It has broken so many records till now and has views near to 61 million. This ad will surely make you smile at the end and the reason is creativity. There is no doubt that this is among the funniest commercials so far.

Best Superbowl Ads

1. Coca-Cola: Mean Joe Greene

This is the commercial that got telecasted during the 1980 Superbowl time and it is considered one of the classic ones. It is also created so brilliantly and keeps viewers alive till the very end of an ad.

2. Bud light- Last Year's Lemons

This ad showcases the year 2020 situation in a fun manner and explained that life handed the world a few lemons the previous year, so this beer company decided to make lemonade.

3. Always - #LikeAGirl

It is a 2015-year ad by a brand named Always which is a feminine brand and It has delivered the new rules for super bowl ads. This ad delivers a very moving message and empowered girls to be proud of themselves.

4. Pringles- Flavour Stacking Space Return

This commercial of Pringles is showing an innovation at its best. It has a fine-tune combination with the best storyline. Thus it is one of the best Superbowl ads for sure.

5. E-Trade – Baby

It has a kid in the eTrade commercial and that is a high risk the company decided to take, and it surely paid them off as well. Along with this best Superbowl ad that baby has caught a lot of attention too.

Most Touching Commercial Ads

1. Volvo- Lifepaint

This Volvo TV commercial shows a concept of a new reflective spray that cyclists could use to their clothes and bikes to increase visibility. Also, it has real figures added to give a real feel.

2. BuzzFeed/Purina – Puppyhood

Puppyhood ad is a brilliant example of the most emotional and touching TV commercials of all time. It showcases a bond between a dog and its owner. BuzzFeed has tried to show one of the unique commercial concepts and made us emotional too.

3. Edeka

It is a German supermarket brand which created one the most successful TV commercial. It shows an old man and his wish to celebrate a holiday with his family. It has more than 43 million views and one of the best commercials ever too.

4. Sainsbury's Christmas ad

This ad uses a movie clip of Mog's Christmas Calamity a Christmas Classic-esque along with snowflakes and a soft-spoken narrator. This ad grabs emotions by delivering a very touchy story and surely triggers an emotional part of people.

5. Dove- You are beautiful than you think

Dove always delivers comes with an amazing concept and here with this ad message was to treat themselves beautiful. It is encouraging women to be proud of their beauty.

Most Effective Commercials

1. Ariel- Share the Load

Ariel had run a campaign where it encourages fathers or male figures to help women with household work especially laundry with Ariel. It turned out to be one of the most successful campaigns for Ariel ever.

2. SPC - # MyFamilyCan

SPC a canned fruit company showed an issue they faced in sales due to cheaper imports and they created a campaign for that. It increased sales by 8% and labeling legislation too.

3. Reebok -Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

These are the best commercials along with the best one-liners. Also, this ad has been effective in increasing sales as well and attract people too.

4. John Lewis – The Bear and the Hare

It is one of the most appealing animated TV commercials so far. It tells an emotional story that increased sales by 55% to the brand and won many awards as well. So surely it is one of the best commercials of all time.

5. Tigerair - Infrequent Flyers

This is an ad from Australia focusing on some real. Also initially they created a club and now it has more than 500,000 members and generated $1.5 million in sales in less than 3 months.


I hope that the above lists of best TV commercials would be fun reading to you and from above mentioned best commercials ever we understood the power of creativity for generating revenue. Here we have included the funniest commercials of all time, the best Superbowl ads, etc. Thus TV commercials always should be created looking from the perspectives of viewers.