According to Marketing Insider Group, the B2B video marketing services are evolving more than ever in this 21st century. All its credit goes to technological advancements taking place so far in each field of digital marketing. So, you can't overlook the significance of video marketing, especially when there is a trend of high-tech videos like 360-degree videos, project mapping, and other VR (Virtual Reality) based projects. Videos are, in fact, more cost-effective and drive multiple times of engagement than other mediums.

Therefore, it's ideal to invest your time and efforts in the right kind of B2B video marketing strategies and campaigns. We'll take you through our step-by-step guide, starting with the importance of implementing the best campaigns and tools for the purpose.

Part 1: Why is it essential to use video in B2B marketing?

Video is the ultimate key to grab the audiences' attention quickly. And, you can even prove the impact of videos yourself by surfing the web. That curious Play button, besides videos with attractive thumbnails, says a lot!

Here are some other interesting stats on using videos in business marketing practices as per the Video Marketing Landscape in 2020 research by Motioncue.

  • More than 86% of businesses plan to include videos in their future marketing strategy.
  • More than 77% of enterprises believe in videos as the most successful tool to achieve business objectives.
  • Around 76% of businesses claimed a positive ROI after investing in the best B2B video marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • 70% of people believe that video is the topmost kind of brand communication than any other method.
  • And, more than 57% of people feel more connected to the brands that present themselves through social media videos.

Benefits of the use of video in B2B marketing

  • Cost-Effective: The best part is that publishing high-quality videos is reasonable and cost-effective nowadays. The evolving technology contributes to this fact. Most SaaS companies are continuously building ideal tools to ease your life.
  • Long-Term Optimization: Another significant benefit is the long-term strategies for B2B video marketing. Nowadays, marketers can easily plan video content in multiple layers than working for a single layer. Thus, it's great to develop a mixed strategy approach such as brand awareness videos on top of the funnel to the direct response videos from the bottom of the marketing funnel.
  • Better Target: Emerging technology also helps to make your videos better targeted other than being cheaply available. That is why positive ROI comes because of better audience targeting, improved accuracy, and contextual video placement.
  • Promotes Storytelling Trend: The brands like Nike, Dollar Shave Club, and Dove are doing great at connecting their audience with storytelling trends. And, telling stories can be more attractively implemented in the form of videos. Thus, you're giving your customers a reason to invest in your brand by telling these creative video stories content.
  • Highly Approachable: The most common reason for the boom of the video marketing industry is ease to access. Yes, you can now easily approach the video editing and video marketing tools than ever before, and you don't even have to look for professional production houses unless it's a super high-end project. We must say that hiring in-house video editors is an ideal step for custom branding than paying expensive bucks to high-end production houses.

Part 2: Best B2B Video Marketing Campaigns

B2B video marketing contains a creative, funny, and vital essence that you can check after considering the following best campaigns of all time.



The above is quite a fantastic video content by Slack that shows how an unorganized team benefits from their organized tool. It also depicts the scenario of how the group agreed to use Slack. They have used the central idea to present the benefits of Slack when employees of the same organization are dependent on different mediums of communication.



b2b video hubspot


This particular video by Hubspot introduces their software operation. Plus, the video has a clear impact on the target audience. The content states how the effective software solution of Hubspot helps bridge the gap between problems faced by marketers.

The storytelling concept followed by Squarespace is incredible even though they're a website hosting service. Right now, we don't have any other similar company in mind that has taken such an excellent concept of the story. Apart from Jeff Bridges, an Oscar-winning actor, the nocturnal atmosphere appeals to the audience the most. And, his explanation of the usage of Squarespace is a bit impressive.



It's the best example of how you can create engaging ads right from the beginning to end. It also gives viewers' an assurance that something brilliant is around the corner and the inclusion of marketing analytics is another creative element that most companies tend to forget or ignore.



The engaging character, witty copy, and lots of other dragons and dungeons make the video content very creative. We liked the most about the breakage of content into pieces instead of fitting everything into one bowl. Even though it's a bit old content, you can still have an idea of a better organization.

Part 3: Best B2B Video Strategies

Let's look at some of the best essentials to craft the best B2B video marketing strategy in 2021!

Make it customer-centric!

Whether these are brand videos, educational series, webinars, product explainers, or case studies, including the customer's lifestyle in each stage is a whole next-level feel. Thus, you can plan content according to the different stages of customers' right from their awareness stage to the feedback after buying stage.


Let's start by repurposing your existing content if you're pretty confused about where to get started. So, you can begin repurposing your current blogs into slideshows or some live-action videos. And, for this purpose, you can use various AI-based editors that do the entire work on your behalf.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professionalized manner for BB2 marketers. And, the platform is said to be 277% more impactful in generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. Thus, you can start publishing native videos on LinkedIn and attract great leads.

Event Videos are a great idea!

You can record and share the events you attend with the target audience. You can also capture the interviews of attendees before the events, a great idea to adopt.

The script is a must!

By all means, the core of the video is the script only. It helps engage the audience from Scene 1 to Scene 2 and eventually leads them to CTA. Always make sure to create a fluid script as it attracts a high level of engagement than before.

Include CTA

Call-to-Action must be there after you finish the video creation part. CTA is the ultimate guiding aspect for the audience to tell them to share or like your videos. Besides, the creation of CTA must depend on the kind of goal your campaign is having right now, whether it's leads, sales, or engagement.

Have some promotional planning!

Meanwhile, you also have to jot down some other promotional tactics for B2B video marketing. And, we've some great tips such as embedding website pages, blog posts, including landing pages, optimizing video content, sharing in newsletters, etc.

Measure the Results

You can only measure results if you've pre-defined goals or objectives. And that's the proper practice of the best B2B video marketers. For reference, you can look upon metrics such as watch time and video view counts. Besides a lot more factors upon which you can form the ideas.

Part 4: Best Tool to Make B2B Videos

Most importantly, don't overlook using the best B2B video marketing tool. As already discussed, you can consider using AI-based video editors as it's basic stuff to create brand videos nowadays. Still, we can't rely upon the basic scenario and thus have to look for the professional side. Keeping in mind these facts, we've come up with the professionalism-oriented video editor, i.e., Wondershare Filmii. It's the most renowned and recently launched product of Wondershare with a lot of exciting things.

The fundamental reason why we've counted it as the best B2B tool is the presence of AI-based editing elements. For this purpose, you only have to upload your media, and Filmii will auto-create the project in a matter of few minutes only. However, there's an option of advanced editing to rejuvenate your creative editing skills into this worthy B2B project.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Key Features

  • Inbuilt set of creative video templates.
  • Advanced video editing elements.
  • AI-Based integration for Auto-Create mode.
  • Ready-made Presets for various social media handles.


Hence, that's all about the best B2B video marketing tactics! Fortunately, you have a list of professional mediums, like Filmii, while living in the 21st-century technological era. And, it is high time to grab your pace in one of the booming fields of digital marketing, i.e., video marketing. Also, note down the key benefits of videos before deciding to overlook this extraordinary aspect. Videos are a highly accessible, engaging, and attractive form of content than any other medium. Yet, other forms of content presentation create the basis for the right kind of B2B video marketing.