For any business, people must be aware of what you are delivering to them and for that nothing but advertising plays an essential role. Also coming up with creative and unique advertising ideas would be able to make your business different than competitors.

This article will discuss the most creative advertising ideas to attract more and more audiences.

Part 1: What are the Types of Advertising?

Most of us are aware of an advertisement concept but not familiar with the various types of advertising ideas. Here are some of them:

creative advertising ideas

1. Social media advertising

It is a very cost-effective and popular choice among other creative advertising ideas. Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. kind of various platforms are used to promote the business and increase the growth of a company.

2. Print advertising

Print advertising is the most primary method of promoting a business. It includes banners, hoarding, and pamphlets, etc. Nowadays this method is being replaced by digital advertising ideas.

3. Native advertising

It is nothing but simple small ad content and they come as photos, blogs, videos, etc. forms to the viewers. This native advertising is also attracting more customers day by day.

4. Mobile advertising

It includes mobile search ads, display ads, various videos or app ads, etc. Here smart devices such mobile, tablet, etc. plays a major role for creative advertising ideas.

So for we could say that above are the various types of small business advertising ideas to make it successful and grow.

Part 2: What are the 5 Advertising Techniques?

Here are the topmost advertising techniques used by marketers to increase the sales and revenue of a business.

1. Emotional appeal

It is a very common technique to make customers relatable towards your brand. Here the need for the product is the key factor to make customers emotional and buy your product.

2. Facts and statistics

We have seen many big brand advertising ideas that focus on giving a real figure to the viewers. Such facts and statistics lead customers to know the depth of the facts and with that real-life example, they could relate themselves towards the brand.

3. Weasel words

Here advertisers don't deny that they are the best among all but also, they don't say it directly to customers as well. So they try to play with words and indirectly praise themselves. It is one of the best advertising ideas to attract more people.

4. Surrogate Advertising

Businesses that cannot directly promote their brand use this method to advertise. Here they use indirect ways and storylines to tell the customer about their real product and sell them.

Example: Liquor ads

5. Bandwagon Advertising

This technique is also one of the most creative advertising ideas used by brands. Here the brand promotes itself by using lines such as "More than 15 Crores women trusted canteen shampoo and when are you?" Thus they simply convince customers to join the existing group of customers.

These are the best techniques used by advertisers to promote their products to customers. Here depending upon the type of business you can choose the advertising ideas and techniques suitable to you at best.

Part 3: Creative Advertising Ideas to Boost Your Business

Now it is time for us to go through some of the best advertising ideas applied by the companies and helped them in boosting their business in less time.

There are different types of advertising ideas such are real estate advertising ideas, food advertisement ideas, school advertisement ideas, etc. Let's talk about them in detail:

Small Business Advertising Ideas

We understand that for a start-up it is not easy to invest heavily in advertisement purposes. So here are the best small business advertising ideas which they can adapt to grow their business.

1. Creating a social media account

Firstly, a business needs to create a social media presence. It is a freeway initially to build an online presence of your business and make it grow. You could build a customer base this way.

2. Be active on your social media

You won't start getting customers by just creating an account, but you should start posting frequently in a punctual manner. You can also start using various hashtags and tagging people which will eventually lead to attracting more viewers.

3. Google business account

All the small business advertising ideas always begin with creating a Google business account. Here you just need to provide basic details about your business and register yourself. So, with this whenever one searches anything related to your business this business account would help them and give information.

4. Create great content

Also, businesses should focus on creating catchy and real content. Such content always attracts an audience to a brand advertisement. Content is the key factor in differentiating your business from others.

5. E-mail marketing

For a start-up gathering, initial data of relevant audience is very important and that is where E-mail marketing comes into the picture. Here you should come up with content that makes viewers take the next step and give information about themselves.

Real Estate Advertising Ideas

For a business like real estate marketing and advertisement are the essential part of growth. Here are the best real estate marketing ideas one can look for:

1. Create a website

The real estate business surely requires a website showcasing its services to an audience. It is one of the major real estate advertising ideas company can think of starting. Along with that adding information in regards to real estate would add up a value to your brand.

2. Posting a detailed video informing about business

Videos are always a great medium to attract an audience and in the real estate field showcasing your business through a video and give some detailed information would surely increase a customer base for you.

3. Unique business cards

Creating an innovative image would surely help a business to grow and for that coming up with unique business cards is the best option.

4. Infographic Real Estate ads

Even coming up with a concept of Infographic real estate advertisement is a great way to deliver your message to an audience. Also adding clear and simple text with nicely edited video is considered a great real estate advertisement idea too.

5. Experimental marketing

Here holding a small house tour of a house, you are selling or a small talk session regarding the process of buying a house would be highly appreciated in engaging with a larger audience. You could refer to the below link for a better idea.

Food Advertisement Ideas

Whenever we are talking about food, creativity is mandatory. Here are the best food advertisement ideas you can inspire from:

1. Creativity

For a food advertisement coming up with catchy headlines, colors, attractive fonts, and elements, etc. things keep your advertisement look cool and amazing.

2. Create your USP

Food business needs to focus on a part which differentiates themselves to their competitors. Also, they should claim a real fact to consumers about food.

Example: "We are vegan-friendly! We use real and fresh ingredients only.

3. Catch trends

You need to focus on the updates and trends to make your content accordingly. Creating trending content is always considered creative advertisement ideas.

4. High-quality menus

A food business should be known for their food and to attract people for trying out a food High quality and awesome menu quality is very much needed.

5. Create your brand video

As we are aware that videos are the best medium to attract customers so creating a high-quality video of your food brand along with humor or trending topic would surely make an audience laugh and taste your food. Here is the best example of that:

School Advertisement Ideas

This a time of the internet and nowadays advertisement for school is considered very important because of the completions among schools too. Many school advertisement ideas are so attractive and engaging to parents. Let us talk about them below:

Build a good website

Nowadays having a website for a school is a common thing and it should be easy and simple to access by parents and kids too.

Also, try to focus on creating the best impression with a good speed.

school advertising idea


Video advertisements

You can shoot a small video for a simple campus tour, showing the experience of current students, talking about some of the data and figures related to your school, etc. Thus video is considered as the best School advertisement idea for attracting people.

Build a community on Facebook

You can create a group on Facebook to create a community. Also, such a school advertisement idea is the best way to spread any news or a message to people within less time and effectively.

school advertising idea facebook


Be Accurate and Informative with your content

Also, while creating any kind of content for school you need to make sure that it is accurate and informative. It should sound relevant and you should double-check before uploading it too.

Keep eye on the time

We should understand the importance of the right timing. So, whenever we are producing any content right time is always when the semester is beginning and the best-case scenario would be to start promoting a few months earlier than that. It is one the most necessary school advertisement ideas one can think of ever.


Thus, we should not deny the fact that the internet plays an essential role in today's world for any kind of advertisement purpose. Also above mentioned tips would surely help businesses to come up with the best advertisement ideas and increase the engagement of an audience. We hope that such creative advertisement ideas you would find helpful to try out to your business.